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Corrado I conte d'Ivrea MP (c.937 - c.998)

Gerberga d'Ivrea MP (c.945 - 986)

Gilberga did not bear any known children according to FMG.

Guido, Marchese d'Ivrea MP (c.935 - 965)

Rozala d'Italie, reine consort de France MP (950 - c.1003)

Rozala Susanna de Provence, d'Italia, Gravinne van Vloandern, Reine de France Rozala of Italy (also known as Rozala of Provence, or Susannah of Italy) (c. 937–7 February 1003) was the daughter...

Urraca d'Ivrea MP (c.965 - c.1007)

Urraca of Ivrea – (960 – c1007) Princess of Italy Urraca was the daughter of Berengar II of Ivrea, King of Italy and his wife Willa of Arles, the daughter of Boso of Arles, Marquis of Tus...

Adalberto d'Ivrea (b. - 1014)

Adalberto d'Ivrea, conte di Pombia (920 - 988)

Adelaide D'Ivrea (c.1035 - 1113)

Amedeo, conte d'Ivrea (b. - 1097)

Amedeo d'Ivrea (b. - c.965)

Andocino II D'Ivrea (c.1015 - d.)

Andocino D'Ivrea (c.960 - 1015)

Andocino D'Ivrea (c.980 - 1029)

Anscario d'Ivrea, Marquis de Camarin (c.915 - c.940)

Assassinated, c. 940. The duchy of Spoleto passed as a reward to his assassin (Saribono), and then to Hubert (Uberto), illegitimate son of King Ugo & Wandelmoda [Anscario's possible half-sister]. One...

Ardicino, marchese d'Ivrea (deceased)

Ardoino II, conte d'Ivrea (b. - 1089)

Arduino (Ardoino) d'Ivrea (955 - c.1015)

Bertha d'Ivrea (980 - 1037)

Dado, marchese d'Ivrea, conte di Pombia & Milan (940 - 980)

Gisla d'Ivrea (c.940 - 965)

Said to have married Ramboldo II da Treviso; but also said to have become a nun before 965.

Guiberto d'Ivrea, conte di Pombia (c.965 - 1014)

Guntilda di Auriate (c.935 - 962)

Maria Tardiola (d'Ivrea) (deceased)

Williburg d'Ivrea (c.965 - d.)