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Dauphine de Rémusat, Dame de Saint-Ferreol MP (b. - c.1415)

Aubert (1765) begins his genealogy of the Péllissier family with Rodolphe, living in 1400, married to Alasie du Teste (no children). On 22 Oct 1407, he contracted marriage in Saint-Ferreol with Dauphin...

Françoise Crespin du Bec, Dame de Buhy et du Grand-Plessis-Marly MP (c.1529 - 1591)

Du Plessis' mother was a daughter of the Vice- Admiral du Bee Crespin, Sieur de Wardes, and Normandy where all her kinsfolk lived was specially open to outside influences through its ports. It was a na...

Mathilde (II) de Sicile MP (1070 - 1144)

Hauteville family From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Coat of Arms of the Hauteville family The family of the Hauteville (French: Maison de Hauteville, Italian: Casa d'Altavilla, Sicilian: Casa d'A...

Rotrude Dame de Gallardon (du Perche Comte de Gatinais) MP (deceased)

ROTRUDE From Medlands: The primary source which confirms her parentage and marriage has not yet been identified. Dame de Gallardon. m AUBERT de Dreux, son of ---.

Dame MP (deceased)

(Baby)Alphonsine Dame MP (1911 - 1913)

? Dame (Spray) MP (deceased)

A. Oswald Dame MP (deceased)

a. Dame MP (deceased)

<private> Dame (Plummer)

Abbie Dame MP (deceased)

Abbie dame MP (1882 - 1884)

Abby Young (Dame) MP (1826 - d.)

Abby Dame MP (1850 - 1850)

Abigail Edwards (Dame) MP (1825 - 1902)

Abigail Dame MP (1791 - 1859)

Abigail Dam / Dame (Huntress) MP (1694 - 1739)

Find A Grave I memorial Birth: 1694 Portsmouth Rockingham County New Hampshire, USA Death: 1739 Dover Strafford County New Hampshire, USA Family links: Spouse: Moses Dam (1673 - 1754)* ...

Abigail Tuttle (Dame) MP (deceased)

Abigail Dame (Guppy) MP (c.1772 - 1813)

Abigail Dame (Page) MP (1792 - c.1820)

Abigail Dame (Ham) MP (deceased)

Abigail Tuttle (Dame) MP (1759 - 1853)

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Abigail Trafton (Dame) MP (1817 - 1908)

Abigail Dame (Hunckins) MP (deceased)

Abigail Rundlott (dame) MP (1790 - d.)

Abigail Dame (Reed) MP (deceased)

Abigail Wiggin (Dame) MP (1845 - 1907)

Abigail Edwards (Dame) MP (1811 - 1902)

Abigail Catherine Dame (Coulter) MP (deceased)

Abigial Dame (Nutter) MP (deceased)

Abraham Dame MP (1805 - d.)

Adda Frances Carkin (Dame) MP (1860 - 1944)

Addison dame MP (deceased)

Adelaide Bishop Barnes (Dame) MP (1879 - 1939)

Adelais/Alix de Crésecques Dame de Heilly MP (deceased)

Adele Dame MP (deceased)

Adelice dame de Launay MP (deceased)

Adeline Espie (Dame) MP (1878 - d.)

Adrianus Andreas Adriansen Dame MP (1695 - d.)

Aélis (Alix) de Sérans, dame de Croisset (de Séran) MP (1196 - d.)

Dame de Sahus

Aelis/Alixe de Crésecques (Dame de Heilly) MP (deceased)

Aerie Ella Dame (Boyd) MP (deceased)

Agathe Dame MP (c.1600 - 1645)

Agnes Lair (Dame) MP (1908 - 1987)

Agnes de Warfusée (dame d'Awirs) MP (deceased)

Agnieta Dame MP (deceased)

Aina Dāme MP (1927 - 1972)

Albert Dame MP (deceased)

Albert W. Dame MP (c.1872 - d.)

Albina Dame MP (deceased)

Alexander Dame MP (c.1820 - d.)

Alfred M. Dame MP (1880 - 1967)

Alfred Dame MP (1812 - 1812)

Alice Buck Dame (Lang) MP (1902 - 1984)

Alice Dame MP (deceased)

Alice Smart (Dame) MP (c.1881 - 1937)

Alice Dame (Foss) MP (deceased)

Alice Rollins (Dame) MP (1699 - 1754)

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Alix de Rossoy (de Rozoy Dame de Chaumont-Porcien) MP (c.1190 - d.)

Allegonda Smits (Dame) MP (deceased)

Allen McDonald Dame MP (1867 - 1931)

Alma Dame MP (deceased)

Alma J Dame (Hicks) MP (1918 - 2004)

Alma Dame (Hicks) MP (deceased)

Almeda Dame (Stoel) MP (1895 - 1911)

Almeda Dame MP (deceased)

Almira Page (Dame) MP (1831 - 1915)

Almira Page (Dame) MP (1831 - 1899)

Almira Nutter (Dame) MP (1830 - 1901)

Alonzo Dame MP (deceased)

Alphonse Charles Dame MP (deceased)

Alphonse Dame MP (c.1854 - d.)

Alta Belle Dame MP (deceased)

Althia Irene Dame MP (1900 - 1977)

Alton Dame MP (1910 - d.)

Alvera (Toots) Joyce Dame (Dahl) MP (1918 - 1977)

ALVIN DAME MP (deceased)

Amanda Dame MP (c.1843 - d.)

Amasa Dame MP (1819 - 1919)

Amedee de Faucigny, dame di Maurienne MP (deceased)

Amelia Page Dame MP (1885 - d.)

Amelia dame (Callahan) MP (b. - 1892)


America Dame MP (c.1852 - d.)

America Dame (Worthington) MP (1854 - 1934)

America Josephine Cates (Dame) MP (1851 - 1929)

Amos Dame MP (1833 - 1900)

1900 Newspaper Archive Text: ".. Tho funeral of AmosDame of was held in tho Congregational church in tint town at 2 o'clock this baing conducted by the

Amy Elizabeth Dame (Smith) MP (c.1888 - c.1964)

Andreas Dahme (Dame) MP (b. - c.1610)

Andreas Adrianse Dame MP (deceased)

Andrejs Dāme MP (1929 - 1993)

Andrew Dame MP (1824 - 1864)

Andrew was in the Civil War with Union Co. 36th Infantry. He faced his brother Elisha ( a Confederate soldier D 8th Reg. KY) during the war and both walked away. He died as a POW in a Southern War Camp...

Andrew Dame MP (1903 - 1962)

Angie Agnes Rogers (Dame) MP (1866 - 1953)

Angus Allen Dame MP (1832 - 1924)

Angèle Foisy (Dame) MP (deceased)

Ann Eliza Dame MP (1849 - 1905)

Ann Dame MP (b. - c.1783)

Ann Dame MP (deceased)

Ann A. Dame MP (c.1838 - d.)