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Ace Vergel MP (1952 - 2007)

Ace Vergel, was a Filipino actor known for playing "bad boy" leading men. He comes from the show business family -- his father Cesar Ramirez, his mother Alicia Vergel and his sister Beverly Vergel all ...

Alfonso "El Grande" Fernández de Córdoba y Aguilar, VI Señor de Aguilar de la Frontera y de Priego MP (1450 - 1501)

murió peleando contra los moros en 1501 , en Sierra BermejaFernández de Córdova y Olmos de AguileraEs habitualmente aceptado el concepto de que los primeros europeos pobladores y conquistadores de las ...

Alfonso Fernández de Córdoba y Carrillo, II Señor de Aguilar MP (b. - c.1424)

Alonso Jayme Rael de Aguilar MP (1661 - 1735)

From To the End of the Earth: A History of the Crypto-Jews of New Mexico by Stanley M. Hordes (Columbia University Press, 2005, paperback edition, page 180):"[New Mexico] Governor Otermín was replaced ...

Alonso Rael de Aguilar MP (1697 - 1745)

From the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico's Great New Mexico Pedigree Database: RAEL DE AGUILAR [276]*1697 - ____*BIRTH: 1697*EVENT: Criminal proceedings against Alonso for the stabb...

Alonso Aguilar y Córdoba MP (deceased)

Amalia Isabel Aguilar (Rodriguez Carriera) MP

Aguilar (born July 3, 1924) is a Cuban and Mexican film actress and dancer of the Golden age of Mexican cinema in the 1940s and 1950s. She was considered one of the icons of the Rumberas film.She was b...

Amelia Díaz (Aguilar) MP (1879 - d.)

Antonio de Aguilar y Correa, VIII. marqués de la Vega de Armijo MP (1824 - 1908)

Antonio Aguilar y Correa, marqués de la Vega de Armijo (Madrid, 30 de junio de 1824-Madrid, 13 de junio de 1907), fue un político español, presidente del Consejo de Ministros entre 1906 y 1907.* geneal...

Antonio Aguilar MP (deceased)


Cesar Ramirez MP (c.1925 - 2003)

Arlen Aguilar, known as César Ramírez, was a Filipino actor and a leading man for Sampaguita Pictures. He was famous for his portrayal of the mythical Filipino hero Bernardo Carpio. He moved to Los Ang...

Berenguela González de Aguilar MP (c.1275 - 1337)

Carlene Aguilar MP


Carlos González de Aguilar MP (1760 - d.)

Order of Santiago * Family trees: 1 | 2 * Baptismal certificates: 1 | 2

Da. Catalina de Córdoba, III marquesa de Priego MP (deceased)

III Marquesa de Priego, hija del Conde de Feria. Casó con su tío paterno D. Alonso Fernandez de Cordoba, Marqués de Villafranca, de cuya union proceden por varonia legitima los Excmos. Duques de Medina...

Charlotte Elizabeth Aguilar (Sayers) MP (1891 - 1953)

Christian Aguilar MP (1993 - 2012)

Cynthia Villar MP

Cynthia Aguilar Villar is a Filipino politician and wife of billionaire businessman Manny Villar. She served on the House of Representatives for the Lone District of Las Piñas and is currently a senato...

Diego Navarro Navarrete y Gutierrez de Aguilar, Capitán MP (1570 - d.)

Baron Diego Pereira d'Aguilar MP (c.1696 - 1759)

text below is copied from(Moses) Lópes d'Aguilar. Baron of the Holy Roman Empire (cr.1726). Born Portugal 1699. Died 10 August 1759. He was a Marrano. To avoid the Inquisition, in 1722 he left Lisbon a...

Elvira Rodrigues de Aguilar MP (c.1589 - c.1665)

Emanuel Abraham Aguilar MP (1824 - 1904)

Judaica article by Bathja Bayer: - p.509.

Esmond Aguilar MP (1915 - 2006)

Eugenio Aguilar y González, Presidente de El Salvador MP (1804 - 1879)

Feliciana Rael de Aguilar MP (1727 - d.)

Felipe Ponce de León MP (1772 - d.)

Ferdinand Aguilar MP (1853 - 1938)

Portrait taken from The Philippine Congress 1987-1992: Original file: This work is in the public domain in the Philippines and possibly other jurisdictions because it is a work created by an officer or employee of the Government of the Philippines or any of its subdivisions and instrumentalities, including government-owned and/or controlled corporations, as part of his regularly prescribed official duties; and consequently any work is ineligible for copyright under the terms of Part IV, Chapter I, Section 171.11 and Part IV, Chapter IV, Section 176 of Republic Act No. 8293 and Republic Act No. 10372, as amended, unless otherwise noted. However, in some instances, the use of this work in the Philippines or elsewhere may be regulated by this law or other laws.

Filemon Aguilar MP (1914 - 1995)

Filemon Aguilar was a Filipino physician and politician who served as mayor of Las Pinas and congressman. References "Cynthia Villar." Wikipedia, 23 July 2018. . Retrieved: 28 July 2018. de Leo...

Francisca Gutierrez de Aguilar MP (1546 - d.)

Francisco de Elizondo Aguilar MP (deceased)

Francisco Ramón de Jesús Aguilar Barquero, Presidente de Costa Rica MP (1857 - 1924)

Ramón de Jesús Aguilar Barquero (21 May 1857 – 11 October 1924) served as President of Costa Rica for eight months between 1919 and 1920.His main achievement was successfully steering the country back ...

Gaspar Alonso de Aguilar MP (deceased)

Gonzalo Yañez de Aguilar, I señor de Aguilar MP (c.1240 - 1283)

D. GONÇALO ANNES fº. de João Gomes do Vinhal N 4 do § 1 chamou-se de Aguiar por ser Sr. da vila de Aguiar em Castela que lhe deu o Rei D. Afonso o Sábio de quem foi muito válido em cujo tempo passou de...

Gonzalo Pizarro Rodriguez de Aguilar MP (1458 - 1522)

Gonzalo Pizarro y Rodríguez de Aguilar (1446–1522) was a Spanish Captain from the region of Extremadura who participated in several campaigns in Italy and Navarre. He is most famed for fathering the fo...

Grace Aguilar MP (1816 - 1847)

Aguilar (2 June 1816 – 16 September 1847) was an English novelist and writer on Jewish history and religion. She was delicate from childhood, and early showed great interest in history, especially Jewi...

Isabel Vargas Rodríguez de Aguilar MP (1434 - 1502)

Pedigree Resource Filename: Isabel de Vargas /Rodriguez de Aguilar/ sexo: female defunción: Matrimonios (1) cónyuge: Fernando Alonso /Pizarro/ Ocultar hijos (1) hijo 1: Gonzalo Pizarro Rodriguez ...

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Japeth Aguilar MP


Jessie Aguilar (Symes) MP (1914 - 1989)

Jose V. Aguilar MP (1900 - 1980)

Wikipedia Marriage registers: Bacolod, Negros Occidental Cadiz, Negros Occidental

Josefa Rael de Aguilar MP (c.1712 - d.)

Joseph Rael de Aguilar MP (1734 - 1813)

José González de Aguilar MP (1759 - d.)

Order of Santiago * Family tree * Baptismal certificates: 1 | 2

João de Melo Coutinho MP (c.1565 - 1601)

Um estudo sobre a Genealogia de um dos próceres argentinos, levado a público em 1995, por González Bonorino[4], membro do Instituto Argentino de Ciências Genealógicas, nos remete ao Espírito Santo, ao ...

Juan Andres Rael de Aguilar MP (1740 - c.1776)

Juan Diego Pizarro de Aguilar MP (1479 - d.)

Juan Manuel Cardenas Aguilar MP (deceased)

Capitán Juan Tirado Cabello de Aguilar MP (aft.1655 - d.)

Juan Rodriguez de Aguilar y Altamirano (Rodríguez de Aguilar) MP (c.1420 - d.)

Julian Lorenzo Rael de Aguilar MP (1718 - 1799)

Leonor de Aguilar MP (deceased)

Manuel Aguilar Chacón, Jefe de Estado de Costa Rica MP (1797 - 1846)

Séptimo Jefe Supremo del Estado de Costa Rica y cuarto Presidente de la Corte Suprema de Justicia. Nació en San José, Costa Rica, el 12 de agosto de 1797. Era hijo de Miguel Antonio Aguilar y Fernández...

Manuel Aguilar MP (deceased)

Manuella "Mae" (Aguilar) Gammill MP (1938 - 1999)

Baltazzar Sotelo Aguilar married Ursula Reyes, born October 21, 1916. They had 9 children--Cipriano, Conrado, Manuela, David, Ilario, Mary (the youngest), Antonio, Luis, and one who died at birth, I be...

Martim Rodrigues Tenório Aguilar MP (aft.1580 - 1603)

Titulo Tenórios – Vol. 4.o – pág. 428 Revisão de Marta Amato Martim Rodrigues Tenório de Aguiar , e não Martim Fernandes, como escreveu Silva Leme, antes de 30 de julho de 1589 estava C.c. Suzana Rodri...

María Apolonia Aguilar MP (c.1750 - 1801)

María Francisca Rael de Aguilar MP (1706 - 1778)

María Luisa Ruíz de Aguilar MP (1655 - 1705)

María Manuela Rael de Aguilar MP (1722 - 1758)

María Rafaela Archuleta (Aguilar) MP (1811 - d.)

María Teodora Rael de Aguilar MP (deceased)

Signature taken from his retirement record: Original file:

Miguel Ravasco MP (1821 - 1888)

Retirement record Baptismal certificates: Copy 1 | Copy 2 Immigration from Cádiz, Cádiz to Manila, Philippines (1842) Marriage certificate

Rabbi Moses Raphael D'Aguilar, Chacham of Maurícia - Recife and Amsterdam MP (c.1611 - 1679)

Moses Raphael de Aguilar (c. 1611- 15 December 1679) was a Sephardic-Dutch Rabbi, Hebrew Grammatician and scholar, who wrote some 20 books on a series of talmudic and Hebrew language topics. He was als...

Pedro Fernández de Cordoba, conde de Aguilar MP (1424 - 1455)

Pedro de Elizondo González MP (1672 - 1740)

Pedro Elizondo González Paredes === GEDCOM Note ===_CRE DATE 30 SEP 2016 TIME 13:28:00 === GEDCOM Note ===de Elizondo, Pedro (general)Pedro de Elizondo ( 1681 - 1749 ) b. 1681 Saltillo, Coahuila, d. 30...

Pedro Antonio de Aguilar Ponce de León MP (1612 - bef.1672)

Order of Santiago Baptismal certificate

Pete Aguilar, U.S. Congress MP

Rey Aguilar, a Representative from California; born in Fontana, San Bernadino County, Calif., June 19, 1979; B.S., University of Redlands, Redlands, Calif., 2001; business owner; interim director & dep...

Peter Aguilar MP

Peter "Bangus" Cruz Aguilar is a Filipino former professional basketball player. He is the father of current Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) player Japeth Aguilar.

Signature taken from (p. 1) Original file: or or

Rafael María de Aguilar MP (1753 - 1806)

Wikipedia Biography Order of Alcántara Family trees: 1 | 2

Ramona Díaz (Aguilar) MP (1885 - 1953)

Salvador Aguilar MP (deceased)

Servillano Aquino MP (1874 - 1959)

Servillano Aquino was a Filipino general during the Philippine Revolution (1896-1898) and the Phil-Am War (1898-1902). He was also a delegate to the Malolos Congress.-----------------------------------...

Tomasa Rael de Aguilar MP (c.1730 - 1766)

Uldarico Alviola MP (1883 - 1966)

A well-known Cebuano Visayan novelist, he was considered the dean of Cebuano writers. Also a distinguished lexicographer, he was the editor of Ang Suga, and several other Spanish language publications....

Vergel Ampaya Aguilar MP

Vergel Aguilar is a Filipino politician who served as mayor of Las Pinas.===References===* "Cynthia Villar." Wikipedia, 23 July 2018. . Retrieved: 28 July 2018.

Zorro Aguilar MP (1942 - 1984)

The common folk of Zamboanga del Norte loved human rights lawyer Zorro Aguilar because they could always count on him to take up the cases of poor people, especially those who suffered from oppression ...

Aguilar (Apache) (deceased)

Aguilar (1957 - bef.1959)

Source:* Son of Generoso Aguilar and Patricia Buhain's Birth Certificate (1959):

Aguilar (deceased)

Little is known about him, except that he was a Spanish military officer.

de Aguilar y Velazquez (1716 - d.)

Salado de Aguilar (1720 - d.)

Aguilar (deceased)

Aguilar (deceased)



de Aguilar (deceased)

de Aguilar, Señor de Gayape (deceased)

Luis Aguilar Pacheco (deceased)

"China" Aguilar (deceased)

"Lequieda" Pérez Aguilar (1907 - 1907)

GEDCOM Note ===Fallecida con 5 meses

"Párvulo" Pérez Aguilar (1900 - 1900)

GEDCOM Note ===Fallecido a los cinco minutos de haber nacido; bautizado a socorro por dársele pocas esperanzas de vida

( ) Aguilar (deceased)

*Ana Ramírez Aguilar, G13 (deceased)

*Bartolomé Ramírez Aguilar, G13 (deceased)

*Catalina Ramírez Aguilar, G13 (deceased)

*Juan Ramírez Aguilar, G13 (deceased)

*Juan Aguilar Sotomayor, G14/G13 (deceased)

*Juan Aguilar Sotomayor, G14/G13 (deceased)

*María Aguilar Sotomayor, G14 (deceased)

*Mencía Ramírez Aguilar, G13 (deceased)

- Minchaca (Aguilar) (deceased)