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Cecilia Radcliffe (de Ashton) MP (c.1372 - d.)

Dulcia Gerard (de Ashton) MP (1433 - 1460)

A genealogical and heraldic history of the extinct and dormant baronetcies ... By John Burke, Sir Bernard Burke 4 Nicholas m Mary daughter of Lord Brook 1 Dulcia m to Sir Thomas Gerrard of Bryn ...

Edmund de Ashton MP (c.1415 - c.1440)

'A genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great ..., Volume 4 Pg. 248 EDMOND TRAFFORD, who was knighted by HENRY VI. at Whitsuntide, in 1426. He m. Alice, eldest daughter and co-he...

Emma de Ashton (de Gresley) MP (1100 - d.)

Joan Davenport (de Ashton) MP (1377 - 1443)

Joan de Ashton (Radcliffe) MP (1419 - d.)

John de Ashton, Knight MP (c.1282 - c.1345)

Source 1: Franc Entries: 38367 Updated: 2010-08-06 19:43:22 UTC (Fri) Contact: Samuel Email **************************************** ID: I16613 Name: John De AS...

John de Ashton MP (1305 - 1360)

Ormeus Magnus fitz Ailward de Ashton, Of Kirkby MP (c.1090 - d.)

Sir Robert Assheton of Pitney MP (1303 - 1384)

Robert de Ashton From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sir Robert de Ashton, also called "Robert Assheton" or "Robert de Assheton" (died 1385), was a civil, military, and naval officer under Edward I...

Sir Robert de Ashton MP (c.1240 - d.)

Roger I de Ashton, of Kirkby MP (c.1120 - d.)

Sir Thomas de Ashton, Knight MP (c.1195 - c.1270)

Sir Thomas "the Alchemist" de Ashton MP (c.1397 - 1460)

Sir Thomas de Ashton or Assheton (fl. 1446), was an English alchemist. Ashton was born in 1403, the son and heir of Sir John de Ashton, of Ashton-under-Lyne, who died in 1428. His half-brother Ralph ...

Alice de Ashton (1440 - 1507)

Eleanor De Ashton (D'Ashton) (1320 - 1363)

Eleanor de Ashton (1303 - 1363)

Elizabeth de Ashton (1428 - 1465)

Married ~1448 Lancashire, England

Elizabeth de Rishworth (de Ashton) (deceased)

Gilbert de Ashton (c.1305 - d.)

Hawise de Ashton (Ashton) (c.1285 - d.)

Joan de Ashton (Standish) (1351 - 1405)

Joanna Jodrell (de Ashton) (1346 - d.)

Johanna de Ashton (c.1363 - d.)

john de ashton (deceased)

Sir John de Ashton (c.1342 - d.)

Nicholas de Ashton (c.1419 - 1465)

Orm II fitz Roger de Ashton, II, de Ashton (c.1145 - 1201)

Ralph de Ashton (deceased)

Richard de Ashton (1402 - d.)

Robert de Ashton (deceased)

Sir Roger de Ashton (Assheton) (deceased)

Roger II de Ashton, of Wrightington (c.1165 - 1238)

Unknown De Chetham (De Ashton) (c.1195 - d.)

Unknown de Ashton (Assheton) (c.1425 - d.)

Wife of Orm II de Ashton (deceased)

Wife of Roger I de Ashton (1125 - d.)

Wife of Roger II de Ashton (deceased)