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Armand de Béthune, III. duc de Charost MP (1662 - 1747)

Armand Joseph II de Béthune, duc d'Ancenis MP (1738 - 1800)

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François de Béthune, duc d'Orval MP (b. - 1678)

François Joseph de Béthune, duc d'Ancenis MP (1719 - 1739)

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Guillaume I, seigneur de Béthune MP (c.1095 - 1138)

Jean Baptiste de Bethune MP (1821 - 1894)

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Jeanne de Bethune MP (1398 - 1459)

Jeanne de Béthune, Viscountess of Meaux, Countess of Ligny (c.1397- late 1450), was a French noblewoman, the suo jure Viscountess of Meaux, having inherited the title upon her father's death in 1408. H...

Louis de Béthune, I. duc de Charost MP (1605 - 1681)

Louis Armand, II. duc de Charost MP (1640 - 1717)

Louis Pierre Maximilien de Béthune, duc de Sully MP (1685 - 1761)

Golden Fleece - Knights: Spanish Branch - Louis Pierre Maximilien de Bethune world - Louis Pierre Maximilien de Bethune

Mahaut de Béthune, vrouwe van Kalken, Laarne en Wetteren MP (1182 - 1252)

Maximilien I de Béthune, duc de Sully MP (1559 - 1641)

Maximilien de Béthune, first Duke of Sully (13 December 1560 – 22 December 1641) was the doughty soldier, French minister, staunch Huguenot and faithful right-hand man who assisted Henry IV of France...

Maximilien Antoine de Béthune, duc de Sully MP (1730 - 1786)

Maximilien François de Béthune, duc de Sully MP (1615 - 1661)

Maxmilien Gabriel de Béthune, duc de Sully MP (1756 - 1800)

Maximilien Henri, duc de Sully MP (1669 - 1729)

Maximilien Pierre de Béthune, duc de Sully MP (1640 - 1694)

Maximilien Nicolas de Béthune, duc de Sully MP (1664 - 1712)

Paul François de Béthune, IV. duc de Charost MP (1682 - 1759)

Robert V "le Roux", seigneur de Béthune MP (c.1129 - 1191)

Robert V, seigneur of Béthune and justice officer (avoué) of the Abbey of Saint-Vaast of Arras (in today's Pas-de-Calais), who died at the siege of Acre in 1191.

de Béthune MP (deceased)

? de Bethune MP (c.1015 - d.)

Adalelm de Béthune van Vlaanderen MP (deceased)

Adam I de Béthune, seigneur de Bethsan MP (1072 - c.1155)

A member of the Artois family, Adam, son of Robert III de Béthune (died 1100), went as a knight on the First Crusade in 1099 with Robert II, Count of Flanders, and was rewarded with the seigneurie of B...

Adam de Bethune MP (c.1137 - d.)

Adam II de Béthune, seigneur de Bethsan MP (deceased)

Adelaide Françoise Léontine de Béthune-Pologne MP (1761 - 1823)

Adrien Joseph, comte de Béthune MP (1736 - 1794)

Adélaide de Bethune MP (1756 - 1790)

Baron Alain de Béthune-Sully MP (1933 - 1993)

Albert de Béthune-Hesdigneul MP (deceased)

Albertine Marie-Georgine-Charlotte de Béthune des Planques MP (deceased)

Alexander de Béthune MP (1260 - 1332)

Alexandrine-Catherine-Joséphine-Marie-Solange de Béthune des Planques MP (deceased)

Aleyde de Béthune MP (1202 - 1253)

Alix de Bethune MP (1202 - 1216)

Alpin de Béthune MP (b. - c.1544)

Alpin de Bethune MP (deceased)

Anne de Bethune MP (deceased)

Anne de Béthune MP (1543 - 1627)

Anne de Béthune MP (deceased)

Antoine de Béthune MP (1142 - 1208)

Armand de Béthune, duc de Sully MP (1656 - 1752)

Armand Louis de Béthune MP (1711 - 1735)

Armand Louis de Béthune MP (1711 - 1778)


Armande Jeanne de Béthune MP (1753 - d.)

Baudouin de Bethune MP (1197 - d.)

Baudouin de Béthune, comte d'Aumale MP (c.1170 - 1211)

Baldwin of Bethune or Baldwin de Béthune (French: Baudoin de Béthune Dutch: Boudewijn van Bethune) (c. 1158-1212), a knight from the House of Bethune in Artois and a crusader, was close companion to su...

Baudouin, seigneur de Béthune MP (c.1111 - d.)

Baudouin de Béthune, seigneur de Carency MP (c.1035 - d.)

Baudouin de Béthune, seigneur d'Espréaux-les-Hersin MP (1398 - 1465)

Boudouin de Bethune MP (c.1078 - d.)

Baron Bruno de Béthune-Sully MP (1942 - 1985)

Catherine de Béthune MP (1405 - d.)

Charles Jacques François de Béthune MP (1646 - 1673)

Charles-Louis-Marie-François de Béthune des Planques MP (deceased)

Clemence de Bethune MP (1178 - d.)

Colart de Béthune, Seigneur Desplanques MP (b. - 1415)

Conon de Béthune, seigneur d'Andrinople (Adrianopolis) MP (c.1150 - 1218)

A famous troubadour and crusader. (There is a wide consensus that his birth date was c. 1150.) Conon de Béthune (c. 1150 [1] in the former Artois region, today Pas-de-Calais - 17 December 1219 or 122...

Daniel de Béthune MP (c.1194 - 1227)

Elbert II de de Bethune MP (c.1131 - d.)

Elbert I de Béthune, seigneur de Carency MP (c.1085 - d.)

Elisabeth de Béthune, dame d'Harponlieu MP (1225 - 1295)

Emma Ferdinande Marie Josephine Ghislaine de Béthune MP (1830 - 1889)

Emmanuel Marie Jean Baptiste François de Sales Ghislain de Bethune MP (1869 - 1909)

Emmanuel Pierre Marie Ghislain de Bethune MP (1930 - 2011)

Ermentrude de Béthune MP (1085 - d.)

Baron Etienne de Béthune-Sully MP (1899 - 1978)

Eugene Ghislain Marie Joseph de Béthune MP (1822 - d.)

Eugèn François Leon de Bethune MP (deceased)

Eugène de Bethune Hesdigneul MP (deceased)

Eugène Adolphe de Béthune Hesdigneul MP (1798 - d.)

Eugène François de Béthune MP (1671 - 1761)

Eugène-Charles-Philippe-Marie de Béthune des Planques MP (deceased)

Baron Felix Ghislain de Bethune MP (1855 - 1922)

[From Dutch Wikipedia article] De Bethune was the fourth of nine children in the family of the architect and art historian Jean Bethune (1821-1894) and Emilie d'Outryve Ydewalle. He is remembered in ...

Felix Achille Laurent de Bethune MP (1789 - 1880)

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Félix Antoine Joseph de Béthune MP (1789 - 1880)

Francois I de Béthune, baron de Rosny MP (1552 - 1575)

François de Bethune MP (1936 - d.)

François-Annibal de Béthune MP (deceased)

François de Bethune MP (deceased)

François Eugène de Béthune des Planques MP (1693 - 1760)

François Gaston de Béthune, marquis de Chabris MP (1638 - 1692)

Markiz Franciszek Gaston de Béthune – poseł króla francuskiego Ludwika XIV na dwór Jana III Sobieskiego, ambasador francuski w Polsce (1676-1692) . Wikipedia PL

Françoise de Bethune Hesdigneul MP (deceased)

Françoise de Béthune MP (b. - 1744)

Baron Félix de Béthune MP (deceased)

Georges de Béthune, seigneur d'Hostel MP (deceased)

Ghislaine Félicité Marie Jeanne Corneille de Béthune MP (1889 - 1969)

Gilles de Béthune MP (deceased)

Guillaume II 'le Roux', seigneur de Béthune MP (1160 - 1214)

He was a member of the influential House of Bethune, who had their ancestral seat in Béthune in the Artois region. He was the second son of Lord Robert V, nicknamed Robert the Red, and his wife Adelaid...

Guillaume VI de Béthune, heer van Lokeren MP (1270 - 1340)

Guillaume III de Béthune, heer van Meulebeke en Lokeren MP (1202 - 1243)

Guillaume V de Béthune, heer van Lokeren MP (1240 - 1279)

Guillaume III de Béthune MP (1190 - 1243)

Guillaume IV de Béthune van Lokeren MP (1225 - 1240)

Guillaume IV de Béthune MP (1220 - 1247)

Guillemette de Béthune MP (deceased)

Hector Albert Marie Joseph Ghislain, graaf de Béthune Hesdigneul MP (1832 - 1914)

Henri de Béthune comte de Selles MP (1632 - 1690)

Herbert Felix de Bethune MP (1897 - 1981)

Found in Dutch Wikipedia article about his father. The England & Wales death index indicates that Herbert Felix de Bethune, who was born on 23 June 1897, died in the final quarter of 1981 in the New ...