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Gilbert de Bereham MP (c.1229 - d.)

Gilbert de Bereham MP (c.1200 - 1255)

In the chaper library at canterbury is the original charter by which "Gilebertus filius Warini de Berham granted to the prior and convent of Christchurch Canterbury a rent-charge upon a portion of his ...

Henry de Bereham, III MP (1285 - 1352)

- In the library of the societh of Antiquaries there is a 16th century copy of the assessments in Kent of the aid for knighting the black Prince in 1346, the entry relating to Barham "Barrham court - d...

Henry de Bereham, Jr. MP (1258 - 1289)

1276 Register of John Peckham, Vol III pg997 - SAC pg114 - "The heir of Henry de Bereham was a minor in 1276 in the custody of William de Apelton; he was admited to his fathers land 1 Jul 1279 when he ...

Henry de Bereham, Sr. MP (c.1225 - 1289)

1254 Archeology Cantiana Vol XII pg 203 - SAC pg114 - Henry de Berham son of Gilbert paid the aid assessed upon his lands at Barham (Kent) (that is half a Knight's fee held of the Archbishop of Canterb...

Richard de Bereham MP (c.1345 - d.)

b) Marriage record - SAC pg115 constance dau of _____ Gibun. 1365 Dover plea rolls see Steatfield's annotated copy of Hasted's Kent at the British museun Vol pg 755 - SAC pg115 - Richard de Bereham s...

Warin de Bereham MP (c.1175 - c.1210)

1203 Pedes Finium 5 John Archeology Cantiana Vol IV pg276 - SACpg112 - Warine de Berham's name occurs in a Recongnizance of great assize dated 15 Jun 1203 - "Intertinenciis in Hammes". 1210 Liver Rus...

Warrin de Bereham MP (c.1227 - d.)

(unk) de bereham MP (deceased)

Catherine de Bereham MP (c.1349 - d.)

Constance de Bereham (Gibun) MP (c.1347 - 1373)

Elizabeth de Bereham (Colepepper) MP (aft.1285 - d.)

Richard de bereham MP (1250 - 1299)