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Alice de Clifford MP (c.1370 - d.)

Not in FLOWER'S VISITATION OF YORKSHIRE, 1563 (Harl.16) p. 86. as a wife to Richard Dalton, son of Robert & Margaret - history and photos of Brough Castle.

Anne St. John MP (c.1484 - 1552)

Anne de Clifford (Moleyns) MP (1408 - 1440)

Sir William de Moleyns1,2,3,4,5 M, #16272, b. 7 January 1378, d. 8 June 1425 Father Sir Richard de Moleyns6,7,8 b. b 1357, d. 14 Dec 1384 Mother Eleanor de Beaumont6,7,8 Sir William de Moleyns ...

Anne de Clifford (Lee) MP (c.1731 - 1802)

Anne de Clifford, Countess of Pembroke MP (c.1590 - 1676)

Lady Anne Clifford, Countess of Pembroke Find A Grave Lady Anne Clifford (January 30, 1590 – March 22, 1676) was the only surviving child of George Clifford, 3rd Earl of Cumberland (1558...

Catherine de Greystoke (de Clifford), Baroness Greystoke MP (c.1353 - 1418)

Katherine de Clifford1 F, #176148 Katherine de Clifford is the daughter of Roger de Clifford, 5th Lord Clifford and Maud de Beauchamp. She married Ralph de Greystoke, 3rd Lord Greystoke, son of W...

Catherine de Waller (de Clifford) MP (1307 - c.1365)

Children: 1. Thomas WALLER b: 1346

Elizabeth de Clifford (Savage) MP (1386 - 1451)

Also listed in other profiles as Eleanor de Clifford, Baroness Cobham (born Savage) and also Eleanor Savage (De Clifford). *************************************************************************...

Lady Frances Clifton MP (1594 - 1627)

Lady Frances Clifford is the daughter of Francis Clifford, 4th Earl of Cumberland and Grisold Hughes.1,2 She married, secondly, Sir Gervase Clifton.1 Her married name became Clifton.1 Child of La...

Francis De Clifford MP (1585 - 1589)

Francis CLIFFORD (b. 1584 - d. 1589) Links

Henry de Clifford, 5th Earl of Cumberland MP (c.1591 - 1643)

Idonea de Clifford, Baronness Percy MP (c.1303 - 1365)

.. Birth: 1300 Clifford Herefordshire, England Death: Aug. 24, 1365 West Yorkshire, England

Idonia de Percy (de Clifford) MP (deceased)

Joan de Heaton (de Clifford) MP (c.1335 - 1382)

CLIFFORD2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ancestral roots of certain American colonists who came to America before ... By Frederick Lewis Weis, W...

John de Clifford, 9th Baron Clifford MP (1435 - 1461)

From Luminarium entry JOHN DE CLIFFORD, 9TH BARON CLIFFORD, son of Thomas, eighth baron Clifford, was born in 1435 or 1436.1 He makes his first appearance in February 1458, when, together with Some...

John de Clifford, 7th Baron Clifford MP (1389 - 1422)

Buried: Bolton Abbey / Friars Minors, Ipswich, Suffolk, England Notes: Knight of the Garter. Only three years old when his father died in 1391. He married Elizabeth Percy - Harry Hotspur's daughter, ...

Joyce (De Clifford) Scudamore MP (1062 - 1095)

*I do not believe Titus was the half sister of Joyce, as Jane died 10 years before Joyce was born, and I have found no evidence that Jane was married to de Clifford. Joyce was indeed Titus' wife...kvn*

Matilda "Maud" de Clifford MP (c.1442 - 1491)

Matilda de Clifford is the daughter of Thomas de Clifford, 8th Lord Clifford.1 She married Sir Edmund Sutton, son of John Sutton, 1st Lord Dudley and Elizabeth Berkeley.1 Her married name became Su...

Maud Hilton (de Clifford) MP (1362 - 1442)

Maud de Clifford, Countess of Cambridge MP (c.1389 - 1446)

Did not marry Richard Wentworth Richard Wentworth - he was a seneschal in her household. ============== Maud Clifford1,2,3,4,5 F, #46811, d. 26 August 1446 Father Sir Thomas Clifford, 6th Lor...

Maud de Clifford, Baroness Giffard MP (c.1234 - c.1285)

Maud de Clifford b. circa 1234, d. after December 1282 Father Walter, 3rd Lord Clifford1,2 b. circa 1164, d. 1263/64 Mother Margred verch Llewelyn3,1 b. circa 1207, d. after 1263 Maud de Cliffo...

Richard de Clifford MP (c.1192 - 1245)

Robert de Clifford MP (1231 - 1285)

Robert DeClifford "Saint" DeBourchier Birth 1231 in England Death Living Death 1285 in Clifford, Herefordshire, England

Robert de Clifford, 3rd Lord of Skipton, Sheriff of Westmoreland MP (1305 - 1344)

Robert de Clifford, 3rd Lord Clifford1 M, #130448, b. 5 November 1305, d. 20 May 1344 Robert de Clifford, 3rd Lord Clifford was born on 5 November 1305. He was the son of Robert de Clifford, 1st Lo...

Robert de Clifford, 1st Baron de Clifford / Marshall of England MP (1274 - 1314)

Robert de Cliffords' Coat of Arms reflect kinsmanship to John Warren, Earl of Surrey.Arms: Chequy or and azure, a fesse gules. Robert de Clifford, 1st Baron de Clifford, also 1st Lord of Skipton (c...

Robert De Clifford MP (1037 - 1062)

Robert De Clifford MP (1585 - 1591)

Robert CLIFFORD (b. 1585 - d. 1591) Links

Roger de Clifford, 5th Lord Clifford MP (1333 - 1389)

Roger de Clifford, 5th Baron de Clifford Roger de Clifford, 5th Baron de Clifford, ninth Lord Clifford, fifth Baron of Westmoreland (10 July 1333[1] - 13 July 1389), was the son of Robert de Clifford...

Roger de Clifford, 2nd Baron Clifford MP (1281 - 1322)

Roger de Clifford, 2nd Lord Clifford1 M, #228068, b. 21 January 1299/0, d. circa April 1322 Roger de Clifford, 2nd Lord Clifford was born on 21 January 1299/0. 1 He was the son of Robert de Cliff...

Rosamond de Clifford MP (1136 - 1176)

Rosamund Clifford From Wikipedia Rosamund Clifford (before 1150 – c. 1176), often called "The Fair Rosamund" or the "Rose of the World", was famed for her beauty and was a mistress of King H...

Sarah Elye (de Clifford) MP (1544 - 1610)

Simon de Clifford MP (1276 - 1297)

Thomas de Clifford, 6th Baron Clifford MP (c.1363 - 1391)

From Thomas de Clifford, 6th Lord Clifford was born circa 1363. He was the son of Roger de Clifford, 5th Lord Clifford and Maud de Beauchamp. He married Elizabeth de Ros, daughter of ...

Sir Thomas de Clifford, 8th Baron Clifford MP (1414 - 1455)

Sir Thomas de Clifford, 8th Lord Clifford is Queen Elizabeth II's 13th great grandfather. ------------------------------- Sir John Clifford, 7th Baron de Clifford, also 7th Lord of Skipton (b. 1389...

Thomas de Clifford, Lord of Thomond MP (1337 - 1368)

Walter de Clifford, 2nd Baron Clifford MP (c.1170 - 1221)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Walter II de Clifford (c. 1160 - 17 January 1221) was a Welsh Marcher Lord and High Sheriff in England. Walter became Sheriff of Herefordshire and was a close as...

Walter FItzRichard de Clifford, 1st Baron Clifford MP (1127 - c.1187)

From Walter, a Norman Knight of Brevelais on the Welsh border, paid feudal service to Henry in his war in Wales. He is identified as Rosamond's father by Amy Kelly, "Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Fo...

William de Clifford MP (c.1390 - 1438)

William Clifford1 M, #61413, d. 1437 Father Sir Lewis Clifford b. c 1336, d. 5 Dec 1404 Mother Eleanor de Mowbray1 b. c 1330, d. b 18 Jun 1387 William Clifford married Eleanor Savage, daughter ...

" DE CLIFFORD (deceased)

" DE CLIFFORD (deceased)

Ada Florence De Clifford (1872 - 1925)

Ada Martha De Clifford (Caygill) (1879 - 1940)

Ada Frances Letitia De Clifford (1910 - d.)

Agnes de Clifford (1271 - 1332)

Agnes Edith De Clifford (1874 - 1962)

Alban Henry De Clifford (1832 - d.)

Alianore de Clifford (de Bohun) (deceased)

Alice Kendall (de Clifford) (deceased)

Alice Mary De Clifford (Clifford) (1862 - 1927)

Amy de Valletort (de Clifford) (deceased)

Andrew De Clifford (c.1309 - d.)

Ann de Clifford (Knight) (1635 - d.)

Ann de Clifford (Harwell) (deceased)

Anna de Clifford (Czechescu) (1729 - 1812)

Anna de Clifford (deceased)

Anna Kempe (de Clifford) (1459 - 1501)

Basilia de Clifford (c.1198 - 1223)

Bertha De Gifford (De Clifford) (1112 - 1167)

Blanche de Clifford (Hopkins) (1580 - d.)

Catherine de Clifford (Clifford) (c.1694 - d.)

Catherine (De Clifford) Greystoke (deceased)

Catherine de Clifford (c.1358 - 1413)

Catherine Mary De Clifford (Hancock) (1921 - 2004)

Cecil Dupre De Clifford (1912 - 1968)

Cecilia de Clifford (c.1198 - c.1223)

Charles de Clifford (1711 - 1719)

Charles de Clifford (Clifford) (c.1699 - d.)

Charles Dupree De Clifford (1876 - 1938)

Charlotte De Clifford (b. - 1837)

Doreen De Clifford (1906 - 1971)

Dupre De Clifford (1841 - d.)

Edward de Clifford (1758 - 1763)

Eleanor Maud De Clifford (1879 - d.)

Eleanor de Clifford (Clifford) (1489 - 1540)

Elizabeth De Clifford (Percy) (deceased)

Elizabeth De Clifford (1312 - 1340)

Elizabeth de Clifford (deceased)

Elizabeth de Clifford (Clifford) (c.1689 - 1721)

Ellen Joyce De Clifford (1953 - 1999)

Emily Letitia De Clifford (1868 - 1929)

Emily De Clifford (1835 - d.)

Eva de Clifford (de Whitchurch) (deceased)

Florence Irene De Clifford (Wilson) (1899 - 1975)

Francis de Clifford (Clifford) (c.1690 - c.1709)

Francis de Clifford (Clifford) (c.1686 - d.)

Francis de Clifford (1851 - 1909)

Francis de Clifford (deceased)

Frederick Henry De Clifford (1909 - 1962)

Frederick William De Clifford (1882 - 1917)

George William De Clifford (1907 - 1989)

George Clifford (de Clifford) (c.1697 - d.)

George de Clifford (1728 - 1741)

George Ledeskin De Clifford (1870 - 1941)

Gilbert de Clifford (deceased)

Sir Giles de Clifford (c.1190 - 1276)

Giles de Clifford (deceased)

Grace de Clifford (Foliot) (1419 - d.)

Guillaume de Normandie Fitzpons de Clifford (1034 - 1086)

Harriet ? (de Clifford) (deceased)

Henriette de Millet (de Clifford) (1755 - 1821)