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John de Fynemere MP (c.1278 - c.1378)

LDS Records - also - Below is copied from that site: ----------------------------------------------------------- The earliest deed in the Filmer papers mentioning the name, Fynmere, is one execut...

Simon de Fynemere MP (c.1250 - d.)

Source: 1308-09. The earliest of the East Statton deeds is something of an enigma because there is no name in it remotely resembling Filmer or Fynmer. It mentions 'Waterdych' and Waterditch Farm is s...

Edward de Fynemere MP (c.1255 - c.1311)

Joanne de Fynemere (-) MP (deceased)

John de Fynemere MP (c.1250 - c.1325)

NN de Fynemere (NN) MP (deceased)

NN de Fynemere MP (c.1228 - d.)

Sarah de Fynemere (birth name unkown) MP (c.1253 - d.)

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