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Amice de Gaël (de Montfort), Heiress of Breteuil, Countess Of Leicester MP (1094 - c.1168)

Amice de Gael was heir of her father. She was betrothed in 1120 to Richard, son of Henry I, but he drowned off the coast of France in November and the marriage never took place. Robert de Beaumont, 2...

Emma of Hereford MP (c.1054 - 1095)

: EMMA . Guillaume de Jumièges records that the unnamed daughter of Guillaume FitzOsbern and Adelisa de Tosny married "comte Raoul né Breton" and that they both went to Jerusalem in t...

Ralph "The Staller" de Gael (le Guader), Lord of Gaël, Earl Of Suffolk and Norfolk MP (c.1011 - c.1068)

Ralph "the Staller" of Norfolk , also called Radulfus Anglicus (Ralph "the Englishman"), was part English by birth, given his cognomen "Anglicus". He was the first known lord of Gaël at Rennes C...

Ralph de Guarder/de Gael,1st Earl of Norfolk MP (c.1039 - 1096)

Also called Ralph Waher and Ralph de Guarder. Born in England, son of Ralph the Staller, Earl of Hereford, and Agatha. First Earl of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge. Responsible for beginning work on No...

Raoul de Montfort, Seigneur de Montfort et Gaël MP (c.1073 - 1143)

Ralph, Lord of Montfort (at Brittany) was attacked by William de Pacy, successor of the previous holder of Breteuil. Ralph was given Breteuil by King Henry I circa 1120. See "My Lines" ( ) fr...

Alain de Gael (b. - c.1096)

Amice de Gael (c.1108 - d.)

Amice de Gael (c.1108 - d.)

Amice de Gael Waiet de Montfort Harcourt (De Gael) (1108 - 1168)

Amicia de Gael (deceased)

Emma Fitzosbern de Gael (1059 - 1095)

Emma De Gael (Fitzosborne) (1059 - 1095)

Havoise De Gael (de Hede) (1082 - d.)

NN of Bourne (De Gael-Montfort) (deceased)

Ralph De Gael (1078 - 1143)

Ralph De Gael (1078 - 1143)

Ralph De Gael (1078 - 1143)

Ralph De Gael (1078 - 1143)

Ralph de Gael (c.1078 - d.)

Ralph de Gael (c.1078 - d.)

Raoul Earl of East Anglia Comte de Bretagne de Montfort de Gael (c.1044 - 1095)

Ralph De Gael (1080 - 1143)

Ralph (Seigneur) De Gael (1040 - 1095)

Ralph"The Staller" De Gael, I Earl Of Norfolk (1011 - 1068)

William de Gael (c.1076 - d.)

xxRalphxx Seigneur De Gael (1040 - 1095)