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Aparacio de Hinojos MP (c.1630 - 1662)

Diego de Hinojos MP (1657 - d.)

Capitán Hernando de Hinojos MP (1561 - 1632)

Hernando de Hinojos and his brother Sebastián appear in the 1597 Casco roll of Oñate's forces as natives of Cartaya, Condado de Niebla, the sons of Juan Ruiz. He was thrity-six years old ...

Hernando de Hinojos MP (c.1638 - d.)

Juan Ruiz de Hinojos MP (1617 - 1643)

Juan was one of the soldiers beheaded in 1643 for the Rosas anti-faction affair. His father, Hernando was married to Beatriz Perez de Bustillo, and his brother Miguel acted as bondsman for Nicolas Orti...

María de Hinojos MP (c.1636 - 1673)

María Josefa de Hinojos MP (c.1662 - 1746)

Josefa de Hinojos born c. 1662 Married: Diego de Montoya, II Children of Maria Josefa de Hinojos and Diego de Montoya, II: Maria de la Rosa Montoya Juan Esteban Montoya

Miguel de Hinojos MP (c.1610 - d.)

Miguel acted as bondsman for Nicolas Ortiz, assassin of New Mexico Governor, Luis Rosas. Miguel de Hinojos, son of Fernando, held the Alcaldía of Jémez until Governor Mendizábal to...

Hernando de Hinojos (deceased)

Maria Josefa de Hinojos (deceased)