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Adam fitz Godebert de la Roche MP (c.1160 - d.)

Adam de la Rupe (Roche) Adam was the first to hold Roch(e) Castle, Pembrokeshire. He was married to Blandina and founded Pill Priory. : Little is now known of the origins or chronology of the Roche...

Adémar, seigneur de La Roche MP (952 - c.1037)

: Adémar de La Roche Adémar de La Roche (ou Amaury ou Esmerin) (v952-av1037) seigneur de La Roche, père de Foucauld Ier de La Roche, fondateur de la Maison de La Rochefoucauld....

Alix de La Roche-en-Régnier MP (c.1273 - 1311)

Countess of Kildare Blanche FitzGerald (de La Roche) MP (1255 - 1329)

As a result of her marriage, Blanche de la Roche was styled as Countess of Kildare on 14 May 1316

Eleanor "Helen" de la Roche, Lady of Castle Bromwich MP (1395 - 1440)

Ellen "Helen" Roche, Lady of Castle Bromwich, d. 4 Nov 1440. 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Thomas Roche, of Castle Bromwich, co. Warwick, by his wife Elizabeth Birmingham, dau. and hrss. of Sir Thomas Birmin...

Foucauld I, seigneur de la Rochefoucauld MP (c.978 - 1047)

FOUCAUD [I] de la Roche (-after 1037). ["Fulcaudus et mater mea et fratres mei" donated property "in pago Alienense in viccaria Santi Joannis Baptistæ in villa…Antezanis" to Saint-Jean ...

Guillaume, comte de La Roche-en-Montagne MP (b. - c.1291)


Guy I, seigneur de La Roche Guyon MP (c.1168 - d.)

GUY [IV] de la Roche From Medlands: Seigneur de la Roche-Guyon. “Guido de Rupe...Agnes uxor Guido filius meus” donated property “de nemore de Taleboth” to J...

Henri I de Namur, comte de La Roche MP (c.1070 - 1138)

John de la Roche MP (c.1342 - c.1375)

Jourdain II de la Roche-Tesson, vicomte de Cotentin MP (1125 - 1178)

Margaret de La Roche (Reade) MP (1224 - 1315)

need documentation. Record suggests she was perhaps widow of Thomas and mother of Reynold de DENE: see 'The Complete Peerage', vol. 11 p. 43 fn. (e).

Mathilde de la Roche-Tesson, Dame of Saint-Saveur le Count of Auvers MP (1186 - 1242)

Maud (le Waleys) de la Roche MP (1224 - 1315)

Radulphus (Raoul, Ralph) III Tesun or Tesson or Tyson (de la Roche-Tesson), III MP (c.1045 - 1096)

"Tyson or Tisson, a baronial name.The Tessons were commonly said to have possessed a third of Normandy. The name of this family was originally Ticio, and it is stated to have been seated in the vicinit...

Thomas de la Roche MP (1372 - 1440)

Thomasse de La Roche-Bernard MP (c.1245 - 1310)

de la Roche-Jagu (1160 - d.)

de la Roche-Jagu (1130 - d.)

(unk) de la roche (deceased)

(unk) de la roche (deceased)

? De La Roche (deceased)

? de la Roche-Tesson (deceased)

? De La Roche (1322 - d.)

Adam fitzRodbert de la Roche (c.1225 - d.)

Agnes de la Roche (1841 - 1926)

Agnès DE LA ROCHE BERNARD (deceased)

Alain I de la Roche-Bernard (1170 - d.)

Alain de La Roche de La Touche (1435 - d.)

Alard Marie Paul Casimir de La Roche Aymon (deceased)

Alexander de la Roche (deceased)

Alexander Augustus Boucher De La Roche (1850 - d.)

Alexander de La Roche (c.1255 - d.)

Alexander de La Roche (c.1255 - d.)

Alexander de La Roche (c.1255 - d.)

Alexander de la Roche (deceased)

Alexandre Du Jarrys de la Roche BR (1826 - 1893)

Alfred de la Roche (1844 - 1896)

Alfréd De La Roche (deceased)

Alice De La Roche (1237 - d.)

Alice de la Roche, Baroness l'Arcedekne (1287 - 1320)

Alice de la Roche (deceased)

Alice de Rede (de la Roche) (deceased)

Alina Horwatt (Paulsen de la Roche) (deceased)

Alix Pean,de la Roche-Jagu (Pean) (1235 - 1311)

Alix de La Roche-sur-l'Ognon, dame de Beyrouth (c.1232 - 1277)

Alix de La Roche Aymon (deceased)

Ana Sofia García de la Roche (deceased)

Andrea II Barozzi de la Roche (deceased)

Andrew (Jr.) de la Roche or Roach (deceased)

Anna de la Roche (deceased)

Anna Maria Svensson Berg (De La Roche) (deceased)

Anna de la Roche (deceased)

Anna de la Roche (Fleming) (deceased)

Anne LE ROUDIER (DE LA ROCHE) (deceased)

Mariée avant 1719

Anne Grillet de La Roche-Breteau (deceased)

Antoinetta Grillet de la Roche-Breteau. Zij is een dochter van François Grillet

Anne de Roquemaurel (de la Roche) (deceased)

Anne de La Roche (deceased)

Anne Treourret de Kerstrat (de la Roche) (b. - 1747)

Anne de la Roche (1603 - 1655)

Anne de la Roche Aymon (deceased)

Anne Jane Belt de la Roche (1826 - 1891)

Anne Jeanne Amable de la Roche (de Caulet), Marquise de Gensac (1734 - d.)

Anne Jeanne Therese de Montmorency-Laval (de la Roche), Comtesse de Montmorency-Laval (1754 - 1823)

Anne-Therese de la Roche du Ronzet (de Reminiac) (1750 - 1810)

Antoine de LA ROCHE (deceased)

Antoine de Bourgogne, heer van Beveren (1421 - 1504)


Antoine de la Roche (deceased)

Antoine Guibal de la Roche, II (deceased)

Antoine de La Roche Aymon (b. - 1697)

Antoine de La Roche Aymon (1714 - 1789)

Antoine de La Roche (deceased)

Antoine de La Roche Aymon (1751 - 1831)

Antoine Paul Casimir de La Roche Aymon (1779 - 1862)

Antoine de la Roche Chandre (deceased)

page 350 of The Scots Peerage: Founded on Wood's Edition of Sir Robert Douglas ..., Volume 5 edited by James Balfour Paul

Antoinette de La Roche Aymon (ROCHE (DE LA)) (deceased)

Antoinette Françoise Claudine de La Roche Aymon (1750 - 1838)

Antonette Augusta de Creque de La Roche (deceased)

Antonin de la Roche-Fontenilles e Crespin (b. - 1905)

Antonius Pedersson DE LA ROCHE (b. - 1615)

Antonius Claudii de la Roche (deceased)

Armand de la Roche du Ronzet (deceased)

Armand François de la ROCHE du RONZET (1805 - 1862)

Armande de Sereys (de La Roche) (deceased)

Arnaud Renaud de La Roche Aymon (deceased)

Auguste Armand de la ROCHE du RONZET (1770 - 1866)

Auguste René Gaston de la ROCHE du RONZET (1808 - 1880)

Auguste René Victor de la ROCHE du RONZET (1811 - 1864)

Augustin de la Roche (c.1827 - 1874)

Augustin Charles Marie Casimir de La Roche Aymon (deceased)

Augustina Juliana Evelina Auger (Lemort de la Roche) (1802 - 1853)

Augustine Béatrix Françoise Xavier Josèphe Lucie Marie de La Roche Aymon (deceased)

Aymar de la Roche (960 - 987)

Aymar De La Roche (b. - 1140)

Aymon de La Roche (c.1060 - d.)

Aymon de La Roche (deceased)

Aymon de La Roche Aymon (deceased)

Aymond de La Roche Aymon (1362 - d.)

Bartolomé de la Roche (deceased)

Beatrice (Jeanne) de la Roche-Guyon, Seigneur de la Faluière (deceased)