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Nicetius, Bishop of Lyons MP (c.513 - 573)

Alice De Lyons (De St. Liz) (c.1380 - d.)

eleanore de porhoet (de lyons) (deceased)

Emma de Lyons (c.1244 - c.1312)

George de Lyons, Duke of Clarence (1443 - 1478)

John de Lyons (De Lyoun) (1250 - 1335)

John de Lyons was a feudal baron in 1316 and one of the lords of the township of Begbroke, about 5 miles northwest of Oxford. He answered the King’s summons in 1323 to march against the Scots. B...

Sir John de Lyons, of Warkworth (c.1167 - d.)

Margery de Lyons (de Oakley) (c.1267 - 1293)

Daughter of Hugo de Oakley

Sir Richard de Lyons, of Warkworth (c.1242 - c.1288)

In 1294, summoned for service against the Scots, when Edward I imprisoned King John Baliot

Sir Roger de Lyons, of Warkworth (c.1192 - d.)

Roger de Lyons, of Warkworth (c.1217 - d.)