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Adelais NN, comtesse de Bourgogne MP (deceased)

Anne Christian (Macon) MP (1685 - 1732)

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Ann Hunt Alston (Macon) MP (1745 - 1798)

Ann Hunt Alston (Macon) MP (deceased)

Arabella Atherton Macon (Alston) MP (1803 - 1864)

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Aubry II, comte de Mâcon MP (c.932 - c.982)

- II Count of Macon, & Salins 1 2 3 3* Born: ABT 949 in Macon, Saone-et-Loire, Bourgogne, France* Died: 978 in Salins, Seine-et-Marne, Ile-de-France, France 1* Died: ABT 980 3* Father: Letalde (Lietaud...

Bertha de Troyes MP (c.915 - c.935)

Blismodis de Mâcon MP (c.885 - d.)

Uncle Dave Macon MP (1870 - 1952)

Dave Macon (October 7, 1870–March 22, 1952), born David Harrison Macon—also known as "The Dixie Dewdrop"—was an American banjo player, singer, songwriter, and comedian. Known for his chin whiskers, plu...

Elizabeth Macon (Moore) MP (1724 - aft.1779)

Elizabeth Moore, daughter of Augustine Moore & Elizabeth Todd, m. 1st Mr. Lloyd; 2nd Col James Macon. Elizabeth Moore Lloyd's will is dated 1779. It was found in the papers of Col. William Aylett of Fa...

Elizabeth Washington (Macon) MP (c.1729 - c.1760)

Parents: William Macon b: ABT 1700Married:# 1 DEC 1747 in "Mount Prospect," New Kent Co., VA to Warner Washington b: 22 SEP 1722 in Bridges Creek, Westmoreland Co., VA, as his first wife; he married Ha...

Ermengarde de Chalon (de Châlon) MP (c.896 - 931)

According to the MedLands Project, she was the first wife of Lietaud de Macon and the mother of Aubry II de Macon.

Ermentrude of Roucy, countess of Mâcon and Burgundy MP (952 - 1003)

Ermentrude de Roucy (d. 1005)She was a daughter of Renaud of Roucy and his wife, Alberade of Lorraine, daughter of Gilbert, Duke of Lorraine.[2]Ermentrude married Alberic II of Mâcon and thus became a ...

Étiennette de Longwy, countess consort of Bourgogne MP (c.1030 - aft.1088)

. 1025-d 10/19/1088. Parentage uncertain, with no solid evidence (though many theories). Please see notes. Do not assign parents. Married to Guillaume I Count Palatin of Burgundy (Bourgogne).= = Étienn...

Gerberge de Mâcon MP (c.947 - 968)

There is no agreement about the identity of her mother. Winkhaus shows Ermengarde, Moriarty shows Berthe, and ES shows either Berthe or Richilde.

Gerberga de Borgonha, comtessa consort de Provença MP (985 - 1023)

1002, he married Gerberga, daughter of Otto-William, Count of Burgundy, and Ermentrude, Countess of Mâcon and Besançon. =--------------------= [III] de Provence, son of GUILLAUME [II] Comte de Provence...

Gideon Macon MP (1637 - 1701)

He was a lawyer and represented New Kent County in the Burgesses (1693-1702). He was a colonel in the county militia. He was an early vestryman of Bruton parish, Williamsburg, Virginia, from 1668 to 17...

William I "the Great" count of Burgundy MP (1028 - 1087)

Guillaume I was Count Palatin of Burgundy (Comte Palatin de Bourgogne). See I, Count of Burgundy

Henry Macon MP (1727 - 1785)

DAR # A072981 Member of Comm. of Safety, Cumberland County, VA.2 wives named: 1st Rebecca Mayo and 2nd Frances Netherland Carlisle.

Henry Isham Macon, M.D. MP (1803 - 1870)

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Col. James Macon MP (1701 - 1768)

James Macon was made Commissioner of Peace, King George County, on June 10, 1741; and Commissioner of Peace, King William County, on June 17, 1744; and Sheriff of King William County, on June 11, 1746....

Liétaud I, comte de Mâcon MP (c.895 - 965)

- (Lietaud) I Count of Macon 1 2Born: ABT 910 in Macon, Saone-et-Loire, Bourgogne, FranceDied: 17 SEP 965 in Macon, Saone-et-Loire, Bourgogne, FranceDied: 971 1Father: Alberic I Vicomte de Narbonne, Co...

Marguerite de Bourgogne MP (c.1100 - 1164)

From Wikipedia (French) : = Marguerite de Bourgogne (née vers 1095/1100, décédée le 15 février 1163) est une princesse de la famille de Bourgogne, épouse de Guigues IV d'Albon et fondatrice de l'abbaye...

Martha Biggers (Woodward) MP (c.1661 - 1723)

According to 1704 Virginia Quit Rent Roos, Nathaniel owned 6370 acres in New Kent Co. and 2000 in King William Co.CAPTAIN, NATHANIEL WEST, of "Popular Neck" Virginia and son of Captain John West, of We...

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Martha Jones (Macon) MP (1687 - 1716)

Martha Macon Jones was buried at the Macon burial ground, Macon Island, Virginia. In 1906 her remains were removed to the chancel at Bruton Parish church, Williamsburg to preserve ithe stone. Martha an...

Martha Lucy Bland (Macon) MP (1722 - 1759)

Martha Macon , daughter of William Macon (1693 - 1773) and Mary Hartwell Macon (1703 - 1770), was born 12 August 1722. She died 8 August 1759, at the age of 26. She is buried at Saint Peter's Episcopal...

Mary Nelson (Macon) MP (deceased)

Mary Macon (Hartwell) MP (1703 - 1770)

Mary Hartwell Macon BIRTH 18 Jun 1703 Virginia, USA DEATH 19 Nov 1770 (aged 67) New Kent County, Virginia, USA BURIAL Macon's Island Cemetery New Kent, New Kent County, Virginia, Photo Anne Macon 172...

Mayeul I, vicomte de Narbonne MP (c.845 - bef.911)

PLEASE DON'T FOLLOW THE MedLands LINE-UP GIVEN BELOW. * It is kept here for reference, but the charters don't substantiate some of the connections. It seems far better to follow Pavillet in his "Histoi...

Nathaniel Macon, U.S. Senator, Speaker of the House MP (1757 - 1837)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor # A072984 Nathaniel Macon (December 17, 1757 – June 29, 1837 )was a spokesman for the Old Republican faction of the Democratic-Repu...

Otto Guillaume I, comte de Bourgogne et de Mâcon MP (aft.960 - 1026)

Otto Guillaume I, comte de Bourgogne et de Mâcon=* Otto “Count of Macon” Guillaume de Bourgogne I * Otto William (962 – 21 September 1026, born as Guglielmo di Ivrea) was a son of Adalbert, King of Ita...

Priscilla Ransom (Jones) MP (c.1729 - c.1802)

Biography Priscilla (Jones) Ransom was a granddaughter of a Huguenot emigrant (1540-1790). Birth Birth Date: 1720, VA[1] Birth Date: 1718, Granville, North Carolina, USA[1] Birth: 1718, Isle of Wig...

Raculf, Vicomte de Mâcon MP (c.864 - 915)

VICOMTES de MÂCONNOBILITY.htm1. RACULF (-after 893). A document of Lothar II King of Lotharingia dated 865 relating to the king's reacceptance of his wife Theotberga names "de comitibus Milo, Ratherius...

Raymonde de Rouergue MP (c.846 - bef.911)

RAYMONDE, daughter of --- (-[before 15 Jun 911]). A charter dated 15 Jun 911, under which Arnust Archibishop of Narbonne donated property to Saint-Paul de Narbonne, names "infantes Majolo vicecomite et...

Richilde de Bourgogne, Comtesse MP (c.915 - d.)

A Medlands 14 jun 2022 update does not list a Richilde as a daughter of Richard II "le Justicier". Richilde of Burgundy 1 2 Alias: Richilde de Chalons Born: ABT 915 in Auxerre, Yonne, Bourgogne, Fr...

Rosannah Stout (Macon) MP (1843 - 1884)

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Sarah "Sallie" Hawkins (Macon) MP (1747 - 1808)

Seignora Donald Eaton (Macon) MP (1787 - 1825)


Col. William Macon MP (1693 - 1773)

William was a Vestryman of Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg, Virginia, a Chief Justice of the Peace (1729) in New Kent County, Sheriff (1725), Member of the House of Burgess (1735-1746) in Williams...

Macon (deceased)


(No Name) (deceased)

Macon (deceased)

Macon (deceased)

? DE MACON (c.970 - d.)

? Macon (deceased)

Abijah Macon (1836 - 1864)


Ada D. Macon (Cox) (1882 - 1954)

Alix de Dreux, dame de Salins (c.1189 - 1258)

Adelaïs de Semur (de Mâcon) (deceased)

Adèle Epelly (Macon) (1884 - 1965)

Individual Note===Transcription du registre des naissances de l'état civil de Saint-Amour, 1884, cote n°1.L'an mil huit cent quatre vingt quatre et le onzejanvier à trois heures de l'après midi, par de...

Aden Lucille Blue (Macon) (1916 - 1996)

Adrian Akers (c.1900 - d.)

Countess Aelis of Macon (de Chalon) (deceased)

- . [--- de Chalon (-before 1018). This possible origin of the mother of Othon [II] Comte de Mâcon is deduced from the undated charter under which "domnus Hugo comes Cabilonensium" donated property "in...

Agnes Macon (Mayo) (c.1798 - 1869)

Wife of Conway Catlett Macon, daughter of William Mayo & Elizabeth Bland Poythress.* Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Nov 28 2021, 15:36:53 UTC

Agnes De MacOn (deceased)

Agnes BLOND (c.1718 - 1783)

Agnes Delikat (Macon) (1897 - d.)

Ailsa Elizabeth Macon (Jacobs) (1831 - d.)

Aimericus Le Blanc de Macon (deceased)

Ces enfanls soul Rainaud ct Hulric, qui,en octobre 1220, cederent spontanement; au comte de Forez, tout ce qu'ils possedaient encore au-delà de Ia Loire, et specialement Crozet et ses appartenances, qu...

Albéric de Macon (880 - 946)

Albéric DE MACON (deceased)

Alberic II, Count Of MacOn (c.973 - 975)

Alberic II, Count Of MacOn (c.973 - 975)

Albert Macon (deceased)

ALBERT MACON (deceased)

Alberts Macon (Gonzales) (bef.1920 - aft.1968)

Aldene Macon- (deceased)

Alejandra Vázquez (deceased)

Alexandrine Macon (c.1158 - c.1242)

Alfred Isley Macon (1861 - 1939)

Alfred Macon (1849 - 1921)

Alfred Macon (1849-1921) was a son of Thomas Macon & Roseanna Moffitt. 1st married Sarah Ella Allen (1869-1901) in 1892. 2nd to Isabella Dora Hayes (1879-1907) in 1901. Source:

Alfred Rester Macon (1903 - 1984)

Alice Constance Holladay (macon) (1834 - 1925)

Alice Macon (Vining) (deceased)

Alice de Mâcon (c.1190 - d.)

Al Macon (1859 - d.)

Allam J. Macon (deceased)

Alleen Jay Macon (1882 - 1932)


Allen Jay Macon (1868 - 1939)

Allie Macon (Wilda) (1842 - d.)

Allie Smith (Macon) (1873 - d.)

Allie Macon (Hall) (1916 - d.)

Alma Othella Fleming (Macon) (1897 - d.)

Alphie Leon (Sam) Macon (1906 - 1975)

Althiah Macon (McKenzie) (deceased)

Alton (Dick) Cleo Macon (1910 - 1989)

Amanda Macon (1854 - d.)

Amanda Macon (McDonald) (1855 - 1930)

Amelia Yale Milly Macon (Slagle) (1876 - 1948)

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Amos Macon (1880 - 1926)

Ana Sedano (deceased)

Andrew C Macon (1859 - 1933)


Angèle MACON (deceased)

Annah Macon (1837 - d.)

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Anna Macon (Rook) (deceased)

Anne Augustine Bénigne Espiard De Lacour d'ARCENAY (c.1760 - 1827)

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Anne Emannuel De Macon (deceased)

Anne Macon (Hunt) (1696 - 1763)

Anne (Hunt) Macon was born ca. 1698, Charles City Co., VA and died Feb. 08, 1724/25, Charles City Co., VA.Daughter of William (III) and Tabitha (Underwood) HuntWife of John Macon, Sr. ~ married ca. 171...

Anne CHAUVENET (1738 - d.)