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Adrienne Isabel Duffus (de Marillac St Julien) (1921 - 1991)

Sr Adrienne de Marillac (1615 - 1629)

Carmelite nun in Paris Adrienne, born 1615. Buried at fauxbourg St. Jacques in Paris. Entered the Carmelite convent at Paris Carmel, at age 13, au Faubourg St Jacques, Named Marie de Saint Michel

Alice Maud Lilian De Marillac St Julien (Blunden) (1896 - 1951)

Amable de Marillac (deceased)

Andre de Marillac, Dean Of St Emilion (deceased)

Ann Antoinette Bertha de Marillac St Julien (1884 - 1970)

Anne de Marillac (1621 - d.)

Anne de Marillac (b. - c.1615)

Note that there are 2 Anne de Marillacs- an aunt and niece and are both held to have married Blaise d'Albait Lord of Combaude. His parentage and offices are detailed only for the aunt and show no men...

Anne de Marillac (1599 - 1646)

Anne Barbe Elisabeth Philippe de Marillac (1757 - 1840)

Anne Marie de Marillac St Julien (1872 - d.)

Monk Antoine de Marillac (deceased)

P 499 Antoine, monk at the abbey of Le Moutier at Thiers. This was probably the same abbey where his brother Bertrand lived for a while before becoming the Bishop of Rennes

Antoine de Marillac, Sr. (deceased)

Nun at Theirn perhaps the same as the monk Antoinne? Confusion of this persons gender?

Antoinette de Marillac (deceased)

Antoinette Burgi (de Marillac St Julien) (1928 - 2012)

Anton Ernst de Marillac St Julien (1928 - 2001)

Auguste de Marillac St Julien (deceased)

His father was Charles Francois Louis de Marillac, but there where two CFL de Marillacs born in Gap, only a year apart, and much confusion between the two. Not sure if this son is part of the correct f...

Bertrand de Marillac (1506 - 1573)

Bertrand de Marillac 1566-1573 Bishop of Rennes Cordelier. Becomes Abbot of the abbey for the benedictines of Thiers. Cordelier, then Abbe of Thiern and Bishop of Rennes, died on 31 March 1573. La vie ...

Bertrand de Marillac (deceased)

AKA Sebastian I? Bertrand, Seigneur de la Vastrie. The terre of Marillac was near the city of MAURIAC in the haut Auvergne. The property was alienated by his son, (Some doubt about which one) Sebasti...

Catherine de Marillac (1555 - d.)

Catherine de Marillac (deceased)

La Vie 499 note 53 Catherine died without having been married. Sans Alliance- without alliance (wedding ring)- unmarried

Catherine de Marillac (b. - 1643)

Charles Alexandre de Marillac St Julien (deceased)

sans alliance-no marriage (Source: Rue du Bac church in Paris)

Charles de Marillac, seigneur de Beaulieu et De Bicon Danon (b. - 1615)

Also of La Mothe d'Hermant Charles, (son of Julien V-7) ecuyer, his children shared his succession on the 27 October 1615. His wife, Marguerite de Gueldrop, was the daughter of Charles de Gueldrop,...

Charles de Marillac (1620 - d.)

Charles Francois Louis de Marillac St Julien (1736 - d.)

Godparents : 1. Mathieu François d'Hugues Sources- individual: Jean CUNY - BMS/NMD de Gap (05) - 15/11/2009 2. Marie Louyse de Renard 1711-17 MARILLAC de Charles François Louis 08...

Charles Antoine de Marillac St Julien, Comte, Lt. au Régiment de Languedoc (c.1691 - 1770)

Titles: Alter französischer aus der auvergne zählt unter seinen ahnen hohe wurdentrager des Reichs wie z. B unter König Ludwig XIII, zwei bruder zugleich der eine als marschall, ...

Charles de Marillac, Sgr De St Genes, French ambassador, Archbishop of Vienne (c.1510 - 1560)

La Vie p497 A Barrister at the parliament in Paris at age 24. Secretary to and then the ambassador to Constantinople 1534 to 1538. Ambassador to England 1539 to 1543 Maitre des Requets 1541...

Charles de Marillac, Seigneur de la Brelandière et du Châtelier (deceased)

Date : 13/10/1677 Number/Source : PAROISSE ST-DIDIER Husband Last Name : DE MARILLAC Husband First Name : Charles Husband Place of Birth : Poitiers (St-Didier) Husband's Date of Birth : Wife Last Name...

Charles Godfrey Marie de Marillac St Julien (1889 - 1947)

Charles de Marillac, Seigneur De Ferrier (1553 - 1580)

COUNCILLOR IN PARLIAMENT Died without children,

Charles de Marillac (deceased)

Imbecile boy on whose behalf, Michel de M gave 4800 livres on 31 Aug 1631 to the R.P. Jean Martin, the oratorian superior at Riom This boy could be a grandson of Michel, but dates are not known. Char...

Charles de Marillac St Julien (1732 - d.)

Acte de naissance/baptême Commune/Paroisse : Gap Départ./Province : 05 Nouveau-né : MARILLAC de Charles Acte daté du : 24/04/1732 Père : Charles Mèr...

Charles Ange de Marillac (1759 - 1783)

Charles Ange (son of (Illegible ?- Ange X - 4), born in 1759, died in 1783 without issue (sans posterite).

Charles Francois Ange de Marillac, Knight Of St Louis, Hero Of 7 Yr War (c.1722 - 1759)

Name is also spelt as charles francois auger/auguste de Marillac 1759 Charles-François Ange de Marillac French army officer, born in 1722. Son of Jean-Baptiste Ange de Marillac, commanding off...

Charles Godfrey Ernst Marie de Marillac St Julien (1874 - 1900)

Charles Louis Marie de Marillac St Julien (1897 - 1959)

Last name First name Born Died Event Record set Location DE MARILLAC CHARLES 1896 — 1935 Passenger Lists leaving UK 1890-1960 Cape, South Africa

Charles Scipion de Marillac St Julien (1730 - d.)

Acte de naissance/baptême Commune/Paroisse : Gap Départ./Province : 05 Nouveau-né : MARILAC de Charles Scipion Acte daté du : 17/01/1730 Père : Charles M&#...

Charlotte de Marillac St Julien (1899 - 1900)

Charlotte Gabrielle de Marillac (1717 - d.)

Charlotte Gabrielle de Marillac St Julien (c.1732 - d.)

Charmain Marie de Marillac St Julien (1932 - 2011)

Charmain Marie De Marillac South Africa, Church of the Province of South Africa, Parish Registers Name: Charmain Marie De Marillac Event Type: Baptism Event Date: 01 Sep 1932 Event Place: Natal, South ...

Clauda de Marillac (deceased)

Clauda de Marillac (deceased)

La Vie p 504

Cornelie de Marillac St Julien (deceased)

sans alliance - no marriage (Rue du Bac church in Paris-source)

Dorothy Marie de Marillac St Julien (1894 - 1991)

Elisabeth Renee de Marillac (deceased)

Elizabeth Lillan Marie de Marillac St Julien (1880 - 1880)

Elizabeth Lilian Marie De Marillac St Julien South Africa, Church of the Province of South Africa, Parish Registers Name: Elizabeth Lilian Marie De Marillac St Julien Event Type: Baptism Event Date: 12...

Elizabeth Maria de Marillac St Julien (1873 - d.)

Captain Ernst Anton Marie de Marillac St Julien (1886 - 1938)

Farmer from Ceres. Farm was called 'Auvergne' named after the family name origins in France. He says he was 35 on his married certificate, yet he was actually 39 and therefore 14 years older than his w...

Eugene Michel Marie de Marillac St Julien (1925 - 2015)

Florentin de Marillac St Julien (deceased)

se relica et se relica a rome -(Source: Rue du Bac church in Paris)

Francois de Marillac (b. - 1575)

Francois de Marillac (deceased)

Comte Francois Marie de Marillac St Julien (1766 - c.1846)

DICTIONNAIRE BIOGRAPHIQUE ET GENEALOGIQUE DES CHEVALIERS DE SAINT-HUBERT DE LORRAINE ET DU BARROIS (1416-1852) P. de VILLEPIN Marillac ([F.M. ?]( comte de), 1816-1824 Les ordres de Saint Lazare de ...

Francoise Louise de Marillac St Julien (1809 - d.)

Françoise de Marillac (Sallard Pollart) (deceased)

Date : 10/04/1677 Number/Source : ME ROYER LE JEUNE Husband Last Name : DE MARILLAC Husband First Name : Charles Husband Place of Birth : Paris Husband's Date of Birth : Father's Name of Spouse : DE...

Frederick Albert Leonard de Marillac St Julien (1916 - 1958)

Name: Frederick Albert Leonard De Marillac Event Type: Baptism Event Date: 17 Dec 1916 Event Place: Durban, Natal, South Africa Gender: Male Age: Birth Year (Estimated): Father's Name: Freidrich ...

Fritz Marie de Marillac St Julien (1897 - d.)

Farmer from Ceres, Cape (La Rochelle) Married first wife, Grace Wall, who was from Ceres and a widow. Both 27 years old . They divorced. Sister Dorothy and one of the Streets where witnesses. Accordi...

Gabriel de Marillac (b. - 1551)

Gabrielle de Marillac (deceased)

Georgina Ernestine Francis de Marillac St Julien (deceased)

Georgina Ernestine Frances Marie DE MARILLAC Frederick Sugden O'MOLONY 1910-05-07 TVL, Jo'burg, Jeppestown, St. Mary the Less Anglican Marriages 1906-1913 51 13 View Image Ellen Stanton

Gilbert de Marillac (1456 - d.)

Gilbert de Marillac, baron de Porsac, Seigneur de St Genest et Bicon (1495 - 1551)

Titles: Secretary to the Constable of Bourbon, an historian for Bourbon, Advocate General parliament of Paris, Auditor of accounts of Madame (Queen Mother) Louise de Savoy at Moulin. Captain Lord of Mo...

Gladys Charlotte Ermen de Marillac St Julien (c.1887 - d.)

Note on marriage certificate that Frederick was a civil servant. Sister Lillian de Beer was a witness.

Godfrey Rheinhard Wehr de Marillac St Julien (1887 - 1933)

Guillaume de Marillac (deceased)

Guillaume de Marillac (deceased)

Canon Guillaume de Marillac (deceased)

Guillaume de Marillac (b. - c.1547)

Guillaume de Marillac, seigneur de Ferrières (1521 - 1573)

Birthdate 1518-1521? LA Vie p498 Chevalier- Esquire Maitre ordinaire en le Chambre des Comtes de Paris in 1555 - 1556 Conseiler des finances July 1567 Controller general of finances 6 Nov...

Guy Michel de Marillac St Julien (1920 - 1990)

Henri de Marillac (deceased)

La vie page 487 Henry died without issue. internet- died young

Hélène de Marillac (deceased)

Died unmarried?According to Rue du Bac church- sans alliance

I'Anson de Marillac St Julien (1883 - 1885)

Innocente de Marillac (1601 - d.)

Ivy Cornelia de Marillac St Julien (1966 - 1966)

Ivy Cornelia De Marillac St Julien (Alston) (1900 - 1941)

Marriage witnesses by her sister Alma Norbye.

Ivy Grace de Marillac St Julien (1891 - 1939)

Jacques de Marillac, seigneur de Vaugenon (deceased)

Jacques Victor Hyppolite de Marillac St Julien (1773 - 1812)

Onch'er La Legion d'honneur, Capitaine des Cuirassiers, tue a la Moschowa 1812. killed in Moscow source- Rue du Bac church in Paris Groom's Name: Jacques Victor Hyppolite De Marillac Groom's Birt...

Jacques de Marillac St Julien (c.1764 - d.)

source : Rue du Bac church in Paris Date: 14 Prairial year 2 of the French Republic (= 2 June 1794) husband Pierre Marillac, about 30 years old, driver "Charrois" (= cars) military army, born in Crem...

James Mills Webster de Marillac St Julien (1892 - 1895)

Jean Ann MacDonald (de Marillac St Julien) (1916 - 1992)

Jean de Marillac (deceased)

LORD OF BICON La Vie p 502 Squire and Sgr du Bicon de Rillac and de Vaugenes, Captain at Aigueperse during the league. In 1595 flag bearer of Vicomte de Canillac company. The bicone Castle was th...

Jean de Marillac, Advocate (deceased)

La Vie p 496 Conseiler of the Parliament of Paris, barrister, no marriage recorded. Also known as Jehan Advocat. Died before marriage without issue. morte sans alliance ( nathalie donkers source)

Jean Francois Ange de Marillac (1681 - 1704)

The genealogical study done by Prof Christoph Isolin from Basel University, indicates that the St Julien Counts descend from this line. This is not correct and he may have be confused with the fourth c...

Jean Jacques de Marillac, seigneur de Bicon (1596 - 1622)

Jean Pierre de Marillac (b. - c.1552)

Jean Baptiste Ange de Marillac, Commanding officer of the Regiment of Languedoc (c.1681 - c.1758)

Rue du Bac church source: 2e branche du dauphine (2nd Branch of heir apparent ) Pere de (father of): PIERRE ANGE Commanding officer of the Regiment of Languedoc Professor jacob Christoph Isolin fro...

Jeanne de Marillac (1601 - 1667)

Julien de Marillac (b. - 1556)

Julien de Marillac, seigneur de Bicon and Police Chief of Wars (1515 - d.)

Enobled in March 1577 And de la Mothe-d'Hermant (1515 to 1571) Commissioner of wars / POLICE CHIEF OF WARS First marriage:- There are three children recorded in La Vie - Guillaume, Charles and Pier...

Loranne de Marillac (1691 - 1727)

Louis de Marillac, seigneur de Ferrières-en-Brie et Farinvilliers (1556 - 1604)

Louis de Marillac, comte de Beaumont le Roger (1572 - 1632)

Naissance -1572 Décès - 10 mai 1632, Exécuté -(à ~60 ans), sur la place de Grève, Paris Origine - Royaume de France Allégeance - Royaume de Fr...

Louis Joshua Desmond de Marillac St Julien (1917 - 1942)

Louis de Marilac, Docteur De Sorbonne (b. - 1696)

He opened two houses for young monks to meet together with ecclesiastics for pious exercises. In his home he bult a chapel and cavern for devotions and this home became a seminary named St Pierre and t...

Louis de Marillac, Chevalier de Malta (1614 - 1635)

Chevalier de Malta Order of St John of Jerusalem 1614 to 12 May 1635

Louise de Marillac (b. - 1629)

La Vie p500 She was a Dominican nun at Poissy and died in 1629 at an "extremely" advanced age. P499 note 53 It is likely that she was at Poissy and welcomed her nephews illegimate child, the futu...