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Agnes de Meschines, Lady of Chartley MP (c.1174 - 1247)

Agnes Keveliok married William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby. She and her husband had the castle and manor of Chartley, in Staffordshire, and inherited from her late brother all the lands which lay between...

Agnes de Meschines, of Chester MP (c.1094 - c.1128)

Not to be confused with her sister Alice From Medlands: AGNES ([1098/1105][97]-bur Saint-Evroul[98]). "Agnes" is named as first wife of Robert de Grantmesnil by Orderic Vitalis, who also names he...

Agnes (Adeliza) de Meschines, de Bayeux MP (1078 - d.)

Daughter of Ranulf (Ranulph) II le Meschin Vicomte de Bayeux and Maud (Margaret) d'Avranches (Le Goz). Wife of Robert de Trivers. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH her niece Agnes who married Robert de Grantmesnil.

Alice Tempest (de Meschines) MP (c.1132 - 1222)

Amicia Mainwaring (Kevelioc de Meschines, of Chester), of Chester MP (c.1167 - 1200)

Amicia de Meschines b. circa 1171? Amicia de Meschines|b. c 1171?|p57.htm#i6893|Hugh de Kevelioc, 6th Earl of Chester|b. 1147\nd. 1181|p376.htm#i6940|N. N. (?)|b. c 1147|p168.htm#i18789|Ranulph de ...

Joanna de Meschines MP (1141 - 1169)

Mabel of Chester MP (1172 - 1233)

William d'Aubigny, 3rd Earl of Arundel From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Marriage and Issue After 1196 and before 1200 William married Mabel of Chester (born c. 1173), daughter of Hugh de K...

Matilda of Chester MP (1171 - 1233)

PLEASE NOTE: Maud of Chester was ONLY married to David Earl of Huntingdon. She was NOT married to William d'Aubigny--that was her sister Mabel. She was NOT married to William de Braose--that was Maud d...

Matilda de Meschines MP (c.1077 - d.)

Ranulf de Blundeville, 4th Earl of Chester MP (c.1172 - 1232)

Ranulf died childless, though he was a stepfather to Arthur of Brittany, who was declared successor to the throne of King Richard I but then died of mysterious circumstances Ranulf/Randle de BLUNDERV...

Ranulf de Gernon, Earl of Chester MP (1099 - 1153)

Ranulph de Gernon (1128-1153: Earl of Chester- changed sides in the Stephen/Matilda War) from ChesterWiki: Summary Apparently pious early in his life, the loss of lands to the Scots (in 1136) led...

Renaud I de Bourgogne MP (c.986 - 1057)

Renaud Ier de Bourgogne (986-1057) fut 2e comte de Bourgogne (1er comte palatin de Bourgogne) de la Maison d'Ivrée au XIe siècle. Fils de Otto-Guillaume, Comte de Macon & Bourgogne-Co...

William FitzRanulf Meschin MP (1100 - 1130)

William le Meschin, Lord of Copeland1 M, #107717 William le Meschin, Lord of Copeland||p10772.htm#i107717|Ranulf, Vicomte de Bayeux|b. c 1050\nd. Nov 1120|p4881.htm#i48804||||Ranulph, Comte de Baye...

Adeliza De Clare (De Meschines) (deceased)

Adeliza Or Alice De Meschines (1096 - 1135)

Agnes de Meschines (c.1174 - 1247)

Agnes de Meschines (c.1174 - 1247)

Albreda de Buron (de Meschines) (1150 - d.)

Albreda de Meschines (c.1126 - 1166)

No documentation on parents is known.

Alice FitzGilbert (de Meschines) (deceased)

Alice (Adeliza) de Meschines (c.1094 - 1128)

Alice de Meschines (1112 - d.)

Alice De Meschines (c.1094 - c.1128)

Alice (Adeliza) de Meschines (c.1094 - 1128)

Alice de Meschines (1112 - d.)

Alice (Adeliza) de Meschines (deceased)

Alix De Meschines (Plantagenet de Normandy) (1021 - 1050)

Amicia de Meschines (c.1167 - d.)

Amicia Le Mesnilwarin (De Meschines) (deceased)

Amicia de Meschines (c.1167 - d.)

Bertrade de Meschines (de Montfort) (c.1138 - d.)

Bertrade De meschines (De M everux) (1159 - 1186)

Geoffrey De de Meschines (c.1074 - d.)

Hawise De Meschines, Lincoln (1180 - d.)

Hugh De meschines (1147 - 1181)

Isabel De Huntington (De Meschines) (1147 - d.)

Mabel De Meschines (1121 - 1166)

Mabel De Meschines (1173 - 1285)

Mabel de Meschines (c.1173 - 1233)

Mabel de Meschines (c.1173 - 1233)

Mabel d'Aubigny (de Meschines) (c.1173 - d.)

Margaret de Meschines, I (de Avranches) (1053 - 1136)

Matilda de Trevors (de Meschines) (1169 - d.)

Matilda Estrivers (De Meschines) (1084 - d.)

Matilda de Meschines (1163 - d.)

Matilda de Meschines (1163 - d.)

Matilda Mabel De Meschines (c.1170 - 1200)

Maud de Meschines (deceased)

Maud De Meschines (La Zouche) (deceased)

Maude De Meschines (1144 - d.)

N.N. Bacon (de Meschines) (c.1161 - d.)

Nichola de Meschines (c.1184 - d.)

nn de Meschines of Chester (deceased)

Nn De Meschines, Daughter (1102 - d.)

Ranulf De Meschines (deceased)

Ranulf de Meschines (c.1172 - 1232)

Ranulf de Meschines (c.1050 - 1089)

Ranulf de Meschines (c.1050 - 1089)

Ranulf de Meschines (c.1050 - 1089)

Ranulf De Meschines (1007 - 1080)

Ranulf Le Briquessart De Meschines (1050 - 1129)

Ranulf de Meschines (c.1108 - d.)

Ranulf of Bay De Meschines (deceased)

Richard de Meschines (c.1185 - d.)

Richard de De Meschines (Meschines) (c.1143 - d.)

Robert De de Meschines (c.1076 - d.)

Rohaise De Meschines (deceased)

Visc. Ranulph de Meschines, II (1050 - 1128)

Wiliam De Meschines (deceased)