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De Monte-Acuto, Nun At Shaftsbury (deceased)

(unk) de monte acuto (deceased)

Drogo de Monte Acuto (deceased)

Drogo de Monte-Acuto (c.1040 - 1125)

was born about the year 1040. He became the trusted companion, follower, and intimate friend of Robert, Earl of Moriton (or Mortain), the favorite brother of William, Duke of Normandy. Drogo and the ...

drogo de monte acuto (1040 - 1125)

Drue Juvenis" De Monte-Acuto, Knight (c.1125 - 1196)

IV. DRUE DE MONTEACUTO upon the assessment of the aid for marrying the King's daughter, 12th Henry II. (ii67) certified his Knight's fees to be in number-nine, a half and a third part of the old feos...

Wife of Drogo De Monte-Acuto (Unknown) (1040 - d.)

Wife of William de Monte Acuto (Unknown) (1190 - d.)

William de Monte-Acuto (1066 - 1156)

Drogo was succeeded by his son and heir--- II. WILLIAM MONTACUTE 1 who erected a Monastery at Montacute Mountain and endowed it with the borough and Market of Montacute. An ancient record written a...