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Adélaïde de Namur MP (1061 - 1124)

Medlands (7 Sep 2022) Namur names her Alix de Namur. [Ida von Sachsen] Gender: Female Birth: circa 1030 Sachsen, Germany Death: July 31, 1102 (68-76) Namur, Wallon, Belgium Place of ...

Albert II, Comte de Namur MP (c.997 - 1037)

Count Albert II of Namur and Regilinde of Lorraine might also have had a daughter (Ermengarde?) who married Herman I van Malsen, Heer van Cuyck . See for argumentation N.N. Adalbert I, Count of Namu...

Albert III de Namur, Count of Namur MP (1035 - 1102)

Adalbert III, Count of Namur, b abt 1035, Namur, Belgium, d 1102. He md Ida Billung of Saxony abt 1060, daughter of Bernard II, Duke of Saxony, and Elica von Schweinfurt. Children of Adalbert III and I...

Alice of Namur, Countess of Hainaut MP (1116 - 1169)

[edit] Family:In 1169, Marguerite de Lorraine married Baldwin V, Count of Hainaut, who became her co-ruler. They had the following issue:Isabelle of Hainaut (Valenciennes, April 1170 – 15 March 1190, P...

Berengar van Namen, Comte de Namur MP (c.875 - bef.946)

Count Berengar de Namur Graf von Lommegau=* Son of Berengar Graf der Hattenhuntare and Friderun * Berengarius of Namur (born circa 875 - 946) was mentioned in 908 as count of the Lommegau, that would a...

Bertha De Namur (de Durbuy) MP (c.994 - 1078)

Around 1000 AD, Tutbury castle in Staffordshire didn't exist. Durbuy in the Ardennes did exist. In that era , before William the Conqueror, it was extremely improbable that two generations of noblemen ...

Blanche de Namur MP (1320 - c.1363)

Blanche of Namur==* Blanka of Namur Blanka av Namur Blanka av Namur is unknown how it came that the Swedish/Norweigan king married a woman from Namur. In June 1334 he travelled from Norway to Namur to ...

Béatrice de Namur MP (c.1115 - c.1160)

Clementia de Namur MP (c.1110 - c.1158)

Clemence de Bourgogne, Comtesse de Burgundy MP (1071 - 1129)

ë Clemence de Bourgogne born about 1078 died about 1133 Married: Robert de Flandres Godefroi V Duke of Lower Lotharingia Clemence and Robert de Flandres had three children: Baldwin VII,...

Elizabeth de Namur MP (c.1090 - c.1160)

1. ELISABETH de Namur (-after 1148). The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines names "Elizabeth filiam comitis Godefridi Namucensis" as wife of "frater…Balduini de Burgo Gervasius" (recording that...

Ermengarde MP (c.970 - c.1013)

ERMENGARDE de Lorraine or Lower Lotharingia ([970/75]-after 1013). According to the FMG Medieval Lands database :*The Genealogica comitum Buloniensium records that "Karolus dux" was father of "Ermengar...

Ermesinde II de Namur, countess of Luxembourg MP (1186 - 1247)

of Luxembourg (also known as Ermesinde of Namur) (1186 - February 12, 1247) was the Countess of Luxembourg, Laroche and Durbuy between 1197 and 1247. She was the only child of Henry IV, Count of Luxemb...

Ermesinde II, Comtesse de Luxembourg MP (1075 - 1143)>> ERMENSENDE de Luxembourg (-26 Jun 1141). The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines names "comitem Guilelmum de Luscelenburg…et Ermensendem…...

Godefroi I, Comte de Namur MP (1066 - 1139)

Count Godfrey was also known as Godefroy. >> GODEFROI de Namur, son of ALBERT III Comte de Namur & his wife Ida von Sachsen (-19 Aug 1139). The Chronicon Huberti names "Godefrido filio Alberti comitis ...

Hedwige of Lorraine (Alsace) MP (c.1025 - 1067)

Gerard, Duke of LorraineFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaHe was married to Hedwige of Namur (or of Flanders), daughter of Albert I, Count of Namur, and Ermengarde, daughter of Charles, Duke of Lowe...

Henri de Namur, comte de Luxembourg MP (c.1127 - 1196) would have been 50 years old when he was born. She was detached as his mother.------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Henri I de Namur, comte de La Roche MP (c.1070 - 1138)

His father, Albert III, through his wedding with Ida, received the county of La-Roche-en-Ardenne (Belgium) which he gave to his son Henry. é_de_La_Roche

Ida van Leuven (de Chiny Namur) MP (c.1078 - 1125)

Field Main Profile Alternate DataFirst Name Ida Ida Ida Nn Ida D. Louvain, and Ida of Namur) (w. of Henry I, King of England) 1138 Unknown Ida Ide Ide de Chiny et Namur Of Ida Ida de Chi...

N.N. MP (deceased)

The name of the spouse of Herman of Malsen is not mentioned in any primary or secundary source. Coldeweij supposed a marriage with a sister of Godfrey of Bouillon, but that hypotheses is rejected in mo...

Liutgarde de Namur, dame de Hanret MP (c.955 - 1021)

This Luitgard de Namur de Hanret has to be the sister of Albert I de Namur, not his daughter of the same name. She married Arnold of Cambrai and after his death Rudolf I of Haspinga, the precursor of t...

Mathilde de Namur, comtesse de La Roche en Ardennes MP (c.1115 - 1169)

Regilinde of Lorraine MP (c.994 - 1064)

Children of Gozelon I of Lorraine , Duke of Lower Lorraine, Count of Verdun, b abt 988, d 1044:* Oda b abt 1012, d 19 Apr 1044. She md Lambert II, Count of Louvaine , abt 1026, son of Lambert I, Count ...

Robert I, count of Namur MP (c.925 - c.981)

. ROBERT [I] ([920/25]-before 981). Robert succeeded as Comte de Namur, maybe as direct successor to Berengar as no documentary record has been found of another intervening count in the area, although ...

Robert, comte de Namur MP (c.1323 - 1392)

of Namur, KG (1323 – April 1391) was a noble from the Low Countries close to King Edward III of England. He was made Knight of the Garter in 1369.His was the son of John I, Count of Namur, and Marie, L...

Abdul Latif Namur (deceased)

Adalbert III Comte de Namur (c.1048 - 1102)

Adelaide Namur (de Lorraine) (991 - 1036)

Adelheid Irmgard van Neder-Lotharingen (deceased)

Adeline Séverine NAMUR (1819 - 1854)

Agnès de Namur (b. - aft.1658)

Agnès de Namur (c.1433 - d.)

D'après Casimir de Sar de Solmon: Généalogies, Notes, Epitaphes des provinces du Nord. Bibliothéque Municipale de Valenciennes

Agnes VON METIS/METZ(?) (Haus von Flandern und Namur de Dampierre?) (born VON HOHENFELS (HHR Kurpfalz) (?)) (deceased)

Albert De Namur (c.968 - c.1004)

Albert de Namur (b. - aft.1125)

Albert I von Namur (deceased)

Albert II Comte de Namur (1000 - bef.1064)

Albert II. von Namur (deceased)

Albert IV de Namur (1112 - c.1135)

Albert de Namur, IV (1070 - 1122)

Albert I de Namur (959 - 1011)

Alfred Namur (1879 - 1966)

Alice of Namur (1108 - 1165)

Alix de Chiny (de Namur) (1068 - 1124)

Anna Pierre (de Namur) (1914 - 1985)

Anna Benini Namur (1636 - 1690)

Anne-Marie de Namur (1745 - 1786)

Anne de Namur d"Annevoie (deceased)

Anne de Namur d'Annevoie (deceased)

Anne de Namur de Dhuy (deceased)


Anne Cécile Alys (Namur) (1740 - 1822)

Anne de Namur (deceased)

Antoine de Namur (1698 - d.)

Antoine de Namur (c.1450 - d.)

Antoinette de Namur (deceased)

Antoinette Aldegonde de Namur de Dhuy (deceased)

Antoinette Charlotte de Joncret De Namur (c.1675 - 1735)

: there is no definitive proof of her parents

Aparecida Namur (deceased)

Aspasie Fanny Félicité Picquot (Namur) (deceased)

Augusta Namur (c.1876 - d.)

Aziz Namur (deceased)

Badia Namur (deceased)

Badia Namur (deceased)

Badia Namur (deceased)

Badouin de Hannoy Namur (deceased)

Bady Namur (deceased)

Bady Namur (deceased)

Bady Namur (deceased)

Bahij Namur (deceased)

Balduino V Hainaut Namur (1150 - 1195)

Béatrix de Namur, dame de La Roche (c.1099 - c.1160)

Beatrix de Namur (c.1085 - d.)

Benjamin NAMUR (1988 - d.)

Benoit Comte de brouchoven de bergeyck de Namur d'Elzée (1897 - 1956)

Beranger I de Namur (c.885 - 946)

Berengar III de NAMUR (deceased)

Berengerde de Namur, Count of Namur (888 - 946)

There is no proof of his parentage.Not to be confused with BERENGER I (King Italy) TITLE: King Italy BIRTH: 840-845 DEATH: 7 Apr 0924, Verona

Bertha Namur (1881 - 1955)

Bérengère NAMUR (1987 - d.)

Carl Arthur Namur (1896 - 1970)

Carolina Christina Dofeldt (Namur) (1792 - d.)

Caroline Léopoldine de Namur (1815 - 1884)

Catherine de Namur (1558 - 1584)

Catherine de Namur (deceased)

Catherine de Namur de Dhuy (deceased)

Cathérine de Namur (deceased)

Catherine Namur (deceased)

Cedonia Barbiaux (De Namur) (1867 - 1944)

Celia B. Carson (Namur) (1881 - 1980)

Charles Theodore Namur, II (deceased)

Charles de Namur, baron de Berzée (deceased)

Charles de Namur; Baron de Berzée (b. - 1665)

Charles Claude de Namur, vicomte d'Huy (1710 - 1768)

Charles Robert de Namur, baron de Berzée (deceased)

Christina Regina Josephina Namur (1880 - 1962)

Seigneur Claude de Namur de Dhuy (b. - 1588)

Claude de Namur de Dhuy (deceased)

Claude Gilles Antoine de Namur, Baron de Joncret, Seigneur de Berzée (b. - aft.1703)

Claude Maximilien Philippe de Namur, Baron de Joncret, Seigneur de Berzée (1677 - d.)