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Adélaïde de Namur MP (1068 - 1124)

[Ida von Sachsen] Gender: Female Birth: circa 1030 Sachsen, Germany Death: July 31, 1102 (68-76) Namur, Wallon, Belgium Place of Burial: St Aubin, Namur, Walloon Region, Belgium Immed...

Albert I, count of Namur MP (c.950 - 1011)

Wikipedia Engels Albert I, Count of Namur Frans Albert Ier de Namur Nederlands Albert I van Namen Deutsch Albert I. Namur

Albert II, comte de Namur MP (c.997 - 1037)

Adalbert I, Count of Namur (Albert II Comte de Namur) , b abt 975, of Namur, France, d 1012. Son of Albert I de Namur and Ermengarde of Lotharingia (Lorraine) NOTE:Albert II van Namen (1000 - tussen ...

Albert III, count of Namur MP (1035 - 1102)

Adalbert III, Count of Namur, b abt 1035, Namur, France, d 1102. He md Ida Billung of Saxony abt 1060, daughter of Bernard II, Duke of Saxony, and Elica von Schweinfurt. Children of Adalbert III and Id...

Alix de Namur MP (1112 - 1169)

[edit] Family In 1169 she married Baldwin V, Count of Hainaut, who became her co-ruler. They had the following issue: Isabelle of Hainaut (Valenciennes, April 1170 – 15 March 1190, Paris), married ...

Béatrice de Namur MP (c.1115 - 1160)

Blanche de Namur MP (1320 - c.1363)

Blanche (Blanka) av Namur, död 1363, svensk drottning 1335, dotter till greven Jean av Namur. Namur var ett litet grevskap, inklämt mellan hertingdömena Brabant och Luxemburg, i nutida Belgien. Det f...

Clementia de Namur MP (c.1110 - c.1158)

Elizabeth de Namur MP (c.1090 - c.1160)

Ermengarde MP (c.970 - c.1013)

ERMENGARDE de Lorraine or Lower Lotharingia ([970/75]-after 1013). According to the FMG Medieval Lands database : The Genealogica comitum Buloniensium records that "Karolus dux" was father of "Er...

Ermesinde de Namur, countess of Luxembourg MP (1186 - 1247)

Ermesinde of Luxembourg (also known as Ermesinde of Namur) (1186 - February 12, 1247) was the Countess of Luxembourg, Laroche and Durbuy between 1197 and 1247. She was the only child of Henry IV, C...

Godefroid, comte de Namur MP (c.1067 - 1139)

Count Godfrey was also known as Godefroy. Counts of Namur Adalbert I, Count of Namur, b abt 975, of Namur, France, d 1012. He md Ermengarde of Lorraine abt 996, daughter of Charles of Lower Lorrai...

Hedwige de Namur MP (c.1025 - aft.1074)

Gerard, Duke of Lorraine From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia He was married to Hedwige of Namur (or of Flanders), daughter of Albert I, Count of Namur, and Ermengarde, daughter of Charles, Duke o...

Henri de Namur, comte de Luxembourg MP (c.1120 - 1196)

Henry IV (c.1112 – 14 August 1196), called the Blind (l'Aveugle or der Blinde), was count of Luxembourg from 1136 and count of Namur from 1139 until his abdication in 1189. He was the son of Godfrey I ...

Henri de Namur, comte de Durbuy MP (1001 - 1080)

Henri I de Namur, comte de La Roche MP (c.1070 - 1138)

Ida of Namur(Chiny) van Leuven (de Chiny et de Namur) MP (c.1078 - 1125)

Field Main Profile Alternate Data First Name Ida Ida Ida Nn Ida D. Louvain, and Ida of Namur) (w. of Henry I, King of England) 1138 Unknown Ida Ide Ide de Chiny et Namur Of Ida Ida de ...

Irmgard de Namur MP (c.1040 - c.1106)

NN van Namen, tr. ca. 1065/70 Herman van Malsen, vermeld 1057 - ca. 1080, vermoedelijk door keizer Hendrik IV (1056-1105) beleend met het land van Kuijc voor 1096.

Countess Liutgarde of Namur Waremme (van Namen Borgworm) MP (c.974 - 1021)

Lutgarde de Namur first married Arnold, 3rd count of Haspinga. After his death, she marries Arnold's brother, Giselbert. Whilst Arnold had consolidated the various possessions of his father (Rudolph), ...

Mathilde de Namur, comtesse de La Roche en Ardennes MP (c.1115 - 1169)

Robert, comte de Namur MP (c.1323 - 1392)

Robert of Namur, KG (1323 – April 1391) was a noble from the Low Countries close to King Edward III of England. He was made Knight of the Garter in 1369. His was the son of John I, Count of Namur, ...

Robert I, count of Namur MP (c.925 - 981)

1. ROBERT [I] ([920/25]-before 981). Robert succeeded as Comte de Namur, maybe as direct successor to Berengar as no documentary record has been found of another intervening count in the area, alth...

? de Joncret De Namur (de Vieuxville) MP (deceased)

Adalbert III Comte de Namur MP (c.1048 - 1102)

Adelheid Irmgard van Neder-Lotharingen MP (deceased)

Agnès de Namur MP (b. - aft.1658)

Albert Comte de Namur MP (1112 - c.1127)

Albert De Namur MP (c.968 - c.1004)

Albert De Namur MP (1000 - 1064)

Albert I Comte de Namur MP (b. - 1006)

Albert II Comte de Namur MP (1000 - bef.1064)

Albert IV de Namur MP (1070 - 1122)

Alice de Namur MP (deceased)

Alix Comtesse de Namur MP (c.1124 - 1168)

Alix Comtesse de Namur MP (c.1124 - 1168)

Alix Comtesse de Namur MP (c.1124 - 1168)

Alix de Namur MP (deceased)

Anna Pierre (de Namur) MP (1914 - 1985)

Anne-Marie de Namur MP (1745 - 1786)

Anne de Namur d"Annevoie MP (deceased)

Antoine de Namur MP (1698 - d.)

Antoinette de Namur MP (deceased)

Antoinette de Namur MP (deceased)

Antoinette Charlotte de Joncret De Namur MP (c.1675 - 1735)

Beatrice de Namur MP (c.1115 - 1160)

Beatrix de Namur MP (c.1085 - d.)

Beatrix van Schoten (de Namur de la Roche) MP (1110 - 1160)

Benoit Comte de brouchoven de bergeyck de Namur d'Elzée MP (1897 - 1956)

Count of Namur Berengar de Namur (Graf von Lommegrau), Of Namur MP (c.875 - c.946)

Berengar, Count of Namur MP (c.875 - 946)

Berengerde de Namur, Count of Namur MP (888 - 946)

There is no proof of his parentage. Not to be confused with BERENGER I (King Italy) TITLE: King Italy BIRTH: 840-845 DEATH: 7 Apr 0924, Verona

Bertha De Namur (Tutbury) MP (deceased)

Béatrix de Namur, dame de La Roche MP (c.1110 - c.1160)

Caroline Léopoldine de Namur MP (1815 - 1884)

Catherine de Namur MP (1558 - 1584)

Catherine de Namur MP (deceased)

Catherine de Namur MP (deceased)

Cathérine de Namur MP (deceased)

Charles de Namur, baron de Bersée MP (deceased)

Charles de Namur, baron de Bersée MP (deceased)

Charles Claude de Namur, vicomte d'Huy MP (1710 - 1768)

Charles Robert de Namur, baron de Bersée MP (deceased)

Claude de Namur, seigneur d'Huy MP (b. - 1588)

Claude Philibert de Namur, vicomte d'Elzée MP (b. - 1676)

Claude Philippe de Namur, vicomte d'Elzée MP (b. - 1672)

Claude Robert de Namur, vicomte d'Huy MP (1674 - 1722)

Clemence de Namur MP (1105 - 1158)

Clemence de Namur MP (1105 - 1158)

Clemence de Namur MP (1105 - 1158)

Constant Claude, vicomte de Namur MP (1790 - 1832)

Elisabeth de Namur MP (1329 - 1382)

Elizabeth de Namur MP (c.1090 - d.)

Elizabeth de Namur MP (c.1090 - d.)

Elizabeth de Namur MP (c.1090 - d.)

Ermeline Philippine Maximilienne de Namur MP (deceased)

Ermengarde de Namur MP (c.890 - d.)

Ermengarde van Namen MP (957 - 1010)

Ermengarde de Namur (de Lorraine) MP (deceased)

Ermengarde De Namur (De Lorraine) MP (c.940 - c.1012)

Ermengarde de Namur (Lorraine), Countess of Namur MP (deceased)

Ermengarde I de Namur (de Lorraine) MP (c.930 - c.969)

Ermengarde III of Namur, Countess of Vermandois MP (c.985 - c.1031)

ALBERT, son of ROBERT [I] Comte de Namur & his wife --- (-shortly before 1011). m (990) ERMENGARDE, daughter of CHARLES Duke of Lower Lotharingia [Carolingian] & wife Adelais de Troyes ([970/75]-afte...

Ermensinde De Namur MP (1186 - 1247)

Ermesinda de Namur MP (1186 - 1247)

Flandrine De Namur MP (deceased)

Flandrine de Namur MP (c.1095 - d.)

Flandrine de Namur MP (deceased)

Frederic de Namur, Bishop MP (b. - 1121)

George Francois Paul Claude Joseph de Namur MP (1709 - 1795)

Gerberge De Namur (De Lorraine) MP (c.973 - c.1015)

Giselbert (~955-?) de Namur MP (c.955 - d.)

1. ROBERT [I] ([920/25]-before 981). ... m ---. Thierry Stasser suggests that the wife of Robert [I] Comte de Namur may have been [Liutgarde], daughter of Adalbert Graf [von Metz], emphasising that...

Goda de Namur MP (deceased)

Godefroy de Namur, comte de Durbuy MP (b. - c.1124)

Guillaume II, comte de Namur MP (1355 - 1418)

Guillaume Comte de Namur MP (deceased)

Hedelberge de Namur MP (deceased)

Hedwig de Namur MP (1037 - 1097)

Hedwig de Namur MP (1037 - 1097)

Hedwig de Namur MP (1037 - 1097)

Hedwige de Namur MP (c.967 - c.1006)