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Adeliza of Normandy, comtesse de Bourgogne MP (c.1002 - 1037)

Adélaïde de Normandie (Adeliza, Aélis), c.1002 - 1038 Parents: Richard 'le Bon' & Judith de Bretagne Spouse: Renaud de Mâcon, Comte de Bourgogne Children: 1. Guillaume 2. ...

Cecilia, Abbess of Holy Trinity MP (c.1056 - 1126)

4. Cecilia (or Cecily) (c. 1056 – 1126), Abbess of Holy Trinity, Caen. William Conqueror is known to have had nine children, though Agatha, a tenth daughter who died a virgin, appears in som...

Crispina de Bec (de Normandy), de Normandy MP (c.898 - 1002)

Cripina, Crespina, Christiana Born: abt 920 in Rouen, Seine Inferieure, Normandy, France

Fredesende de Hauteville (De Normandy) MP (995 - 1058)

Fressenda, wife of Tancred de Hauteville. Parents unknown. NB: Some people list Fressende as the daughter of Richard I Sans-Peur. There is NO evidence that he had a daughter called Fressenda/Fredesen...

Hedwige (Avicia Hedwig) of de Normandy (Hedwige) MP (c.1005 - 1034)

Helene, illegitimate daughter of Richard III, Duke of Normandy MP (1026 - d.)

Battle Abbey Roll Husee : Hoese, or Hussey. Sir Richard Hoare, in his History of Wilts, gives the following pedigree of this family, taken from an ancient MS. said to have been found among the munime...

Henry of Normandy MP (1102 - 1135)

Henry de Normandie From Medlands: HENRI de Normandie (1101 after Jun-killed in the New Forest). He is named as second son of Duke Robert by Weir[276], although the primary source on which this is...

Marie de Coton (de Normandy) MP (1045 - 1070)

Maud de Normandy (De Normandie) MP (1023 - d.)

Sibylle de Normandy (de Conversano), Duchess Consort MP (c.1069 - 1103)

Sybilla of Conversano wife of Robert "Curthose"(NOT Robert of Cheddar) Parents: Geoffrey of Conversano and Sichelgaita Children:Henri de Normandie Guillaume de Normandie Medlands: m (Apulia...

Sir Richard the Niger (illegitimate) MP (c.1079 - 1100)

Richard de Normandy s/o Robert "Curthose" Duc de Normandie & Concubine #2 From Medlands: RICHARD ([1079/80]-killed in the New Forest before Aug 1100). His parentage is stated by Orderic Vitalis...

William de Normandy, Lord of Tortosa MP (c.1079 - 1111)

William, Lord of Tortosa (Guillaume) de Normandy 1079-1111 was the firstborn (but illegitimate) son of Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy. Some records say he was the son of Agnes, widow of the Walter G...

Adelaide De Normandy (1029 - 1089)

Adelaide De Normandy (1029 - 1089)

Adelaide De Normandy (1029 - 1089)

Adelaide De Boulogne (De Normandy) (c.1030 - 1090)

Adele Beauclerc de Normandy (c.1067 - d.)

Adelise (Alex) de Bayeux (de Normandy) (deceased)

Adeliza de Normandy (1026 - 1090)

Adèle (Alix) de Normandy (de France) (1009 - 1079)

Agnes De Normandy (1195 - 1218)

Alice De Normandy (1021 - d.)

Alix De Meschines (Plantagenet de Normandy) (1021 - 1050)

arlotte de normandy (de falaize) (1003 - 1050)

Aveline de Normandy (deceased)

Beatrice de Tyson (de Normandy) (1074 - d.)

Beatrix de Normandy (c.980 - d.)

Beatrix de Normandy (c.980 - d.)

Constance de Normandy (deceased)

Crespina De Normandy (deceased)

crespina de normandy (ragnvaldsson) (920 - d.)

Crespina De Normandy (b. - 2002)

Drieu (Drogo) de Normandy (b. - c.1067)

From Some copies of the Roll of Battle Abbey list Drieu of Normandy (also called Drogo) as a soldier who fought as a "man of Robert Malet ", one of the top commanders under William the Conqueror. How...

Eleanore de Normandy (c.1005 - 1035)

Emma Walchelin de Ferrers (de Normandy) (1010 - 1052)

Emma of England (de Normandy) (988 - 1052)

Emmaline De Normandy (985 - d.)

Eustacia de Normandy (1085 - d.)

Fredesende de Normandy (964 - d.)

Geoffrey De Brionne (De Normandy) (c.962 - c.1023)

Goda de Normandy (deceased)

Goda Count of Arques (de Normandy) (deceased)

Godfrey De Normandy (b. - 1015)

Godfrey De Normandy (953 - 1015)

Godfrey de Normandy (b. - 1015)

Guillaume De Normandy (1005 - 1052)

Guillaume De Normandy (965 - 1039)

Guillaume De Talon De Normandy (1025 - 1087)

Guilliame De Normandy (1025 - d.)

Havlive Fleitel (de Normandy) (deceased)

Havlive d'Evreux (de Normandy) (deceased)

Havlive Fleitel (de Normandy) (deceased)

Hawise de Normandy (deceased)

Henry de Normandy (deceased)

Herleva De Normandy (c.1003 - c.1050)

Hugh De Normandy (1000 - d.)

Janet de Normandy (Duchess of Normandy) (deceased)

JUDITH De Joinville (De Normandy) (1054 - 1075)

Lady Godiva De Coventry (De Normandy) (deceased)

Lesceline Pantulf (de Normandy) (1065 - 1112)

Lesceline De Normandy (1065 - 1112)

lescelline de venoix (de normandy) (1022 - 1059)

Liègard (Liutgard) de Normandy (deceased)

Margaret ( Helen ) de Normandy, Princess (1011 - d.)

Margaret Peverel (de Normandy) (1003 - d.)

Matilda de Normandy (c.990 - d.)

Maud Fitz Stephens (De Normandy) (1018 - 1070)

Muriella de Normandy (deceased)

Muriella De Normandy (1000 - d.)

Nicolas abbot de Rouen (de Normandy) (b. - 1092)

Otto de Normandy (deceased)

Papia De Normandy (989 - 1016)

Papia Comte de Normandy (deceased)

Papia de Normandy (935 - d.)

Papia de Normandy (935 - d.)

Papie de Normandy (c.1019 - d.)

Papie de Normandy (c.1019 - d.)

Papie de Normandy (c.1019 - d.)

Papie de Normandy (c.1019 - d.)

Richard I de Normandy (933 - 996)

Richard II 'le Bon' (963 - 1026)

Richard III de Normandy (997 - 1027)

Robert De Normandy (1000 - c.1035)

robert /ii/ de normandy (1008 - d.)

Robert le Diable (999 - 1035)

rodulf de normandy (c.930 - d.)

Rognvald de Normandy, I (857 - 890)

Unknown De Normandy (deceased)

William Earl of Normandy (deceased)

William DE NORMANDY, Of Normandy 2Nd (893 - 943)