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Annora De Pierrepont (deManvers), heir of Holme MP (c.1235 - 1314)

Holme Pierrepont Hall

Sir Henry de Pierrepont MP (1226 - 1292)

The Pierreponts were based in north and central Nottinghamshire until the marriage of Henry de Pierrepont to Annora de Manvers at the end of the 13th century brought the estate at Holme, four miles fro...

Hugh de Pierrepont MP (c.1007 - d.)

Hugh De Pierrepont, II MP (1007 - 1052)

Hugh de Pierrepont MP (c.1129 - c.1188)

Hugh de Pierrepont1,2 M, #26530, b. circa 1129, d. circa 1188 Father Robert de Pierrepont, Seigneur de Montaigu b. c 1110, d. a 1147 Mother Elisabeth de Mareuil d. a 1207 Hugh de Pierrepont mar...

Ingelram de Pierrepont MP (c.1017 - 1090)

Name: Ingelram (Ingobrand) DE PIERREPONT Sex: M Birth: ABT 1017 in Pierrepont, Neufchatel, Seine-Inferiure, Normandy, Fran Change Date: 16 SEP 2008 Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown Children 1. Has...

Ingleram De Pierrepont MP (c.1035 - 1090)

Ingobrand De Pierrepont MP (1040 - d.)

Jeanne de Pierrepont, comtesse de Roucy MP (1406 - 1459)

Countess of Roucy and Braine

Maud de Pierrepont MP (1206 - 1284)

Rainald (Reginald) de Pierrepont MP (1050 - 1105)

Name: Rainald DE PIERREPONT Sex: M Birth: ABT 1047 Change Date: 16 SEP 2008 Father: Ingelram (Ingobrand) DE PIERREPONT b: ABT 1017 in Pierrepont, Neufchatel, Seine-Inferiure, Normandy, Fran M...

Robert de Pierrepont MP (1193 - 1285)

Sir Robert de Pierrepont MP (1282 - 1333)

Sir Robert de Pierrepont,8 of Holme Pierrepont, Knt., died 1333. His first wife was daughter and finally heiress of Sir John Herrize, Knt., of Wingfield, County Derby, and his second wife was Cecily, d...

Sir Robert de Pierrepont MP (c.1060 - 1085)

Appointed: First lord of Hurst-Pierrepont, County Nottingham, England Emigration: To England from France, a commander under the Conqueror Estate: Received great estates in Counties Suffolk and Suss...

William de Pierrepont MP (c.1160 - d.)

William de Pierrepont MP (1103 - 1154)

Alice de Pierrepont (deceased)

Annora de Pierrepont (1265 - 1336)

Lady Annora de Pierrepont (de Manvers) (c.1195 - d.)

Aèlide de Pierrepont (deceased)

Beatrice de Pierrepont (c.1162 - d.)

Beatrix de Pierrepont (c.1162 - c.1190)

Beatrix de Pierrepont Birth: 1162 - Holywells, Suffolk, England Death: 1191 - Downham, Cambridgeshire, England Husband: William de Warenne Children: Beatrix de Warren, Isabel Warrene, Alice d...

Béatrice de Pierrepont, Dame de Roucy (c.1285 - 1328)

Béatrice de Pierrepont, dame de Roucy (c.1310 - 1348)

Catherine Thérèse de Thère (de Pierrepont) (deceased)

Edeline de Pierrepont (1286 - d.)

Sir Edmund De Pierrepont, II (1357 - 1422)

Sir Edmund de Pierrepont, Sr., Sir (c.1325 - 1370)

Elisabeth de Pierrepont, vicomtesse de Mareuil (b. - 1218)

Elizabeth de Pierrepont (c.1292 - d.)

Elizabeth Pierpoint1 F, #34908 Father Sir Henry de Pierrepont, Lord Pierrepont b. c 1231, d. 1292 Mother Annora Manvers b. c 1235, d. 1314 Elizabeth Pierpoint married John Thornburgh, Esq., son...

Elizabeth 1374 De Pierrepont (Pierrepont) (1374 - 1402)

Elizabeth Pierrepont b. c 1374 Father Sir Edmund Pierrepont b. c 1350, d. a 1422 Mother Frances Franke b. c 1351 Elizabeth Pierrepont married Sir Nicholas Strelley, son of Sir Sampson Strelley ...

Ella Adela de Pierrepont (de Warenne) (1164 - 1220)

Ermengarde De Pierrepont (De Montagu) (1070 - 1123)

Geoffroi de Pierrepont (1006 - d.)

Geoffroi de Pierrepont (deceased)

Geoffroi de Pierrepont (deceased)

Guillaume De Pierrepont (1107 - d.)

Henry de Pierrepont (deceased)

Hugh de Pierrepont (c.1129 - c.1188)

Sir Hugh De Pierrepont, II (1007 - 1052)

Sir Hugh De Pierrepont, I (c.980 - d.)

Hugues II de Pierrepont, comte de Roucy (c.1350 - 1395)

Count of Roucy and Braine

Hugues de Pierrepont (991 - d.)

Ide de Pierrepont (deceased)

Ingleram De Pierrepont (1035 - 1090)

Ingobrand De Pierrepont (1040 - d.)

Isabelle de Pierrepont (b. - 1396)

Jean VI de Pierrepont, comte de Roucy et de Braine (c.1375 - 1415)

Count of Roucy and Braine Killed in action at Agincourt.

Jean V de Pierrepont, comte de Roucy (c.1285 - 1346)

Jean IV de Pierrepont, comte de Roucy (c.1260 - 1304)

Jean de Pierrepont, III (c.1240 - 1282)

Jean II de Pierrepont, comte de Roucy (c.1205 - 1251)

Killed in action in Flanders.

Jeanne de Pierrepont, dame de Roucy (deceased)

John de Pierrepont (c.1280 - d.)

Marie de Pierrepont (deceased)

Marie de Roucy de Pierrepont (1350 - 1416)

Mary Ella de Pierrepont (1266 - d.)

Mrs Guillaume de Pierrepont (1107 - d.)

Mrs. Hugh de Pierrepont (1007 - d.)

Mrs. Ingelram de Pierrepont (1040 - d.)

Mrs. Rainald de Pierrepont (deceased)

N.N. de Pierrepont (deceased)

N.N. dite de Roucy de Pierrepont (deceased)

NN de Pierrepont (NN), Baroness (1282 - d.)

NN de Pierrepont (1164 - d.)

NN De Pierrepont (1194 - d.)

Robert II de Pierrepont, comte de Roucy (c.1310 - 1364)

Robert de Pierrepont (c.1175 - c.1209)

Robert de Pierrepont (deceased)

Robert de Pierrepont, Seigneur de Montaigu (c.1110 - 1147)

Robert de Pierrepont, Seigneur de Montaigu1 M, #26532, b. circa 1110, d. after 1147 Father Roger, Seigneur de Montaigu & Pierrepont d. 1123 Mother Ermengarde de Montaigu d. a 1123 Robert de Pie...

Robert De Pierrepont (1060 - 1085)

Roger de Pierrepont (c.1259 - d.)

Roger de Pierrepont (deceased)

Roger de Pierrepont, Seigneur de Montaigu (c.1060 - 1123)


Seigneur Ingelram (Ingobrand) de Pierrepont (c.1030 - c.1113)

Sibilla de Stapleton (de Pierrepont) (1286 - 1375)

Simon de Pierrepont (c.1235 - d.)

Sir Simon de Pierrepont (c.1278 - c.1304)

Simon de Pierrepont (c.1191 - d.)

Simon de Pierrepont (c.1260 - 1333)

Sir Henry de Pierrepont (1193 - 1284)

Sir William de Pierrepont (c.1160 - d.)

Sybil de Pierrepont (c.1325 - 1351)

Sybil did not marry Edmund Ufford son of Robert & Cecily de Valoignes, he was a cousin of her husband Edmund son of Sir Thomas de Ufford and Eve Clavering. Genealogical memoirs of the extinct family ...

William de Pierrepont (de Pierrepont de Poynings) (deceased)

William De Pierrepont (1103 - 1154)