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Hawise de Wodhull (de Praers) MP (1280 - d.)

Calendar of the close rolls preserved in the Public record EDWARD I. VOL. V. A.D. 1302-1307. To Walter de Glouoestrfia], escheator beyond Trent. Order to deliver to Hawisia, late the wife of Thomas...

Isabel de Praers MP (1207 - d.)

Joan Mainwaring (de Praers) MP (c.1320 - d.)

Sir Randel de Praers, of Barthomley MP (1240 - 1301)

Sir Randle de PRAERS Knight 1 was born 1245 in Barthomley, Cheshire, England. He died 2 1302 in Barthomley, Cheshire, England. He had the following children: M i Richard de PRAERS was born 12...

Ranalphus de Praers Lord of Stoke MP (c.1038 - 1127)

Sources: "Stokes--1,000 Years" by W.E.D. Stokes; "Falaise Roll." WED: Ranulphus de Praers, the first ancestor of the Stokes family in England. Lord of the vil of Stoke near Liverpool. Also known as...

Richard de Praers, of Chester MP (c.1115 - 1167)

Richard (of Chester) De Praers Birth: Circa 1115 - Chester, Cheshire, England Death: After 1167 Father: Richard de Praers Son: William (of Barthomley) de Praers Links

Richard de Praers MP (1263 - 1318)

ID: I25193 Name: Richard De Praers Surname: Praers Given Name: Richard De Sex: M Birth: ABT 1263 in Barthomley, Cheshire, England _UID: 646F4C9BD48E1D44910AF4549C401FE944D9 Change Date: 5...

Richard de Praers MP (1181 - d.)

From 1 Ranulphus De PRAERS (Circa 1038 - ) & Miss De La FERTE Or FERITATE 2 William De STOKES Or Fitz RANULF (Circa 1088 - ) & Miss De BALIOL (Circa 1095-) * > 3 Richard De STOKES (Circa 1117...

Roger de Praers, of Sible Hedingham MP (c.1170 - c.1220)

Roger De Praers Birth: 1170 - Prayers Manor, Sible Hedingham, Essex, England Death: 1220 Parents: Adam Praers, Elizabeth Ferch PRETHORN Wife: Evelyn de Riandeau Son: Thomas De Praers Li...

Thomas de Prayers MP (c.1270 - 1348)

Thomas de Praers MP (1198 - 1289)

William de Praers, of Hedington MP (1265 - 1318)

? de Praers (?) (deceased)

Adam de Praers (1140 - 1190)

Adam de Praers (b. - c.1233)

Elena Bruen (de Praers) (1331 - 1358)

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Elizabeth Ferch de Praers (Prethorn) (deceased)

Elizabeth de Prayers (de Praers) (c.1338 - 1388)

Elizabeth de Praers, Lady, Baroness (1260 - d.)

Ellen de Praers (Unknown) (c.1296 - d.)

Henry de Praers (deceased)

Margaret De Praers (De Dewhall) (1050 - d.)

Margaret married Ranulphus de Praers.

Margery de Praers (c.1317 - d.)

Margery de Praers (1240 - d.)

Mrs Richard De Praers (c.1117 - d.)

Richard de Praers 7th Lord of Stokes (1090 - 1119)

b. Abt. 1090, Chester, Chesire, England.

Richard DE PRAERS (c.1088 - d.)

Richard de Praers (deceased)

Richard DE PRAERS (c.1115 - 1167)

Robert De Praers (1299 - 1340)

Roberts Family Tree Robert Praers Birth 1299 in Barthomley, Cheshire, England Death 1340 parents William De Praers1265 – Sibyl Crewe1271 –

Robert de Presyter (Prater) (c.1030 - d.)

Several years ago, my brother did some very extensive research. I have used his information to make changes to (probable) DOB, DOD, POB and POD. signed John Vincent Prater 12.28.2013

Robert de Praers (1341 - d.)

Robert de Praers (1276 - d.)

Robert de Praers (deceased)

Roger de Praers (deceased)

Thomas de Praers (deceased)

Thomas De Praers (deceased)

Unk De Praers (Unk) (deceased)

William de Praers (c.1294 - c.1349)

William de Praers, of Barthomley (c.1130 - c.1219)