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Alajarde de Provence, souveraine d'Antibes MP (deceased)

Beatrice di Provenza, regina consorte di Sicilia MP (1234 - 1267)

Béatrice de Provence, née en 1231, morte à Nocera le 23 septembre 1267, comtesse de Provence et de Forcalquier, fille de Raimond Bérenger IV, comte de Provence et de...

Eleanor of Provence, Queen Consort of England MP (1223 - 1291)

Born in Aix-en-Provence, Eleanor was the second eldest daughter of Ramon Berenguer V, Count of Provence (1198–1245) and Beatrice of Savoy (1205–1267), the daughter of Thomas I of ...

Engelberge de Provence MP (c.877 - c.917)

Engelberge de Provence daughter of King Boson of Provence & his second wife Ermengardis d'Italia betrothed to Carloman King of the West Franks married to Guillaume I "le Pieux" Duc d'Aquitaine ...

Ermengarde de Provence MP (c.959 - 1019)

According to the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, the origins of this wife of Rotbald II are unknown; there is no indication in this most trusted source that she was the daughter of Boson I de la Mar...

Ermengarde de Bourgogne (de Provence), Daughter of Boson MP (876 - 935)

Daughter of Boso, Comte de Vienne, King of Provence, and his wife Ermengardis (who was daughter of Emperor Louis II King of Italy & his wife Engelberga). The FMG lists her as an unnamed daughter, tho...

Gersende de Provence, infante d'Aragon MP (1205 - 1268)

Gersende de Provence ( de Aragón) Sources FMG MedLands Vizcaya

Gilberte de Provence (unk) MP (c.1035 - 1065)

Guillaume II le Liberateur, comte de Provence MP (c.955 - 993)

Guillaume II 'le Liberateur' Comte d'Arles Parents: Boson Comte d'Arles & Constantia Spouses: 1. Arsinde (no children) 2. Adélaïs d'Anjou Children: Guillaume III Comte de Prov...

Guillaume I de Provence, Comte d'Avignon MP (b. - 965)

son of Rotbald I and unknown (perhaps daughter of Guillaume "le Pieux" Duke of Aquitaine & his wife Engelberga de Provence) GUILLAUME [I] (-after Mar 965). "Eius filio Rothboldo et fratre eius Wile...

Lucia de Provence, comtesse consort de Razès MP (c.978 - d.)

Raymond du Puy de Provence, I. Grand Master of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem MP (1083 - 1160)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Raymond du Puy de Provence (1083–1160) was a French knight and was the first Grand Master of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights Hospitaller) from...

Richildis / Richaut d'Ardennes (de Metz) MP (c.835 - 910)

From Richilde of the Ardennes, or Richilde of Provence (c. 845-2 June 910), was the second wife of Charles the Bald, King and Emperor of the Franks. By her marriage, she became Queen of the West Fran...

Sanchia of Provence, Queen of the Romans MP (1225 - 1261)

Sanchia of Provence (c. 1228 – 9 November 1261) was the third daughter of Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Provence and Beatrice of Savoy. Sanchia was described as "of incomparable beauty". Sanchi...

Willa, Queen of Upper Burgundy MP (873 - 924)

Willa (-before 924). See Kings of Upper Burgundy 888-1032 (Welf) at MedLands, visited Aug. 3, 2013. Willan eli Guillan syntyperä on epäselvä. Hänen oletetaan olleen kuning...

Adelaide de Provence (deceased)

Adelaide de Provence (de Cavanez) (deceased)

Alberada de Provence (870 - 919)

Alix de Toulouse (de Provence) (deceased)

Alphonso II Comte de Provence (1174 - d.)

Alphonso II Comte de Provence (1174 - d.)

Amedee ou Berthold de Provençe (de Vienne) (c.940 - 980)

Amédée de Provence (940 - c.980)

Amédée Bertold de Provence (deceased)

Bertram I, de Provence (b. - 1053)

Bertrand de Provence, comte de Provença (1050 - 1093)

Bertrand Ier de Toulouse de Provence (995 - 1081)

Boson de Provence (b. - 935)

Boson V De Provence (840 - 886)

Boson Bourgogne (de Provence (deceased)

Bosson II de Provence (c.928 - c.968)

Catherine de Provence (1500 - d.)

Cecile de Provence (deceased)

Cixilane ( Son Milo) de Narbonne de Provence (deceased)

Claude de Provence (deceased)

Cnstanc Garsinde De Provence (925 - d.)

Constance De Provence (920 - 963)

Constance de Provence (c.960 - 1026)

Constance de Provence (960 - 1026)

Cunigunde de Provence (c.871 - d.)

Count de Vienne Boson De Provence, V (850 - 887)

Douce II de Provence (b. - 1172)

Douce II of Provence From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Douce II, Countess of Provence) Douce II (also Dulcia or Dolça) (died 1172) was the daughter of Ramon Berenguer ...

Eleonor de Provence (c.1223 - 1291)

Emilie Sarah Julienne De Saintange (Comtesse de Provence) (1710 - 1749)

Emma, Countess of Provence (c.952 - c.994)

Emma de Provence (949 - 1028)

Emma de Toulouse (de Provence) (949 - 1034)

Emmengarde de Provence (d' Aquitaine) (910 - d.)

Engelberge De Provence (877 - 917)

Engelberge de Provence (c.885 - d.)

Engelberge de Provence (c.885 - d.)

Comtessa Engelberge De Provence (877 - 917)

Princess Ermengarde Adelaide De Provence (Carolingien of France) (863 - 896)

Gaucher de Provence (deceased)

Geoffroi de Provence (c.1003 - 1063)

Geoffroi de Provence (c.1003 - 1063)

Geoffroi de Provence (c.1003 - 1063)

Gerberga, Comtesse de Provence (c.1055 - d.)

Gerberge Comtesse de Provence (1057 - d.)

Gerberge Comtesse de Provence (1057 - d.)

Godefroy de Provence (1015 - 1062)

Guilde de Provence (de Macon) (deceased)

Guillaume III "The Liberator", Comte De Provence (deceased)

Guillaume II de Provence (c.985 - d.)

Guillaume I Taillefer Comte de Provence (b. - 993)

Guillaume /ii/ de Provence (1090 - d.)

Guillaume II, comte d'Arles (950 - 993)

William II (c. 950 – 993, after 29 August), called the Liberator, was Count of Provence from 968 to his abdication. In 975 or 979, he took the title of marchio or margrave. He is often considere...

Gundulf de Provence (485 - c.591)

Jeanne de Provence (deceased)

Kunigunde De Verdun (De Provence) (873 - d.)

Kunigunde De Provence (deceased)

Leibulf de Provence (780 - 835)


Mattias Treves de Provence (1325 - 1387)

N. d'Arles (de Provence) (deceased)

Odile de Provence (976 - 1032)

Raymond Berenger V Comte de Provence (1195 - 1245)

Raymond Berenger V Comte de Provence (1195 - 1245)

Reymonet de Provence (deceased)

Rotbald de Provence (c.907 - c.950)

Rotbald III , Comte de Provence (deceased)

Rotbaude I de Provence (c.907 - c.950)

Rotbaude I de Provence (c.907 - c.950)

Roubaud II Count de Provence (b. - c.1008)

Roubaud III Count de Provence (b. - 1014)

Simon de Provence (c.1230 - c.1308)

Simon de Provence was the second husband of Amabille (Anabel) de Corona. ◦DEATH: He died 2 Edward II (1308/1309). (Ormerod, The History of the County Palatine and City of Chester, vol. 3 pt. 2 p...

Stephanie (Douce) de Provence (c.1045 - d.)

Stephanie (Douce) de Provence (c.1045 - d.)

Stephanie (Douce) de Provence (c.1045 - d.)

Theobaldus canonicus Milanensis (deceased)

Bastard son of king Hugh of Italy and his lover, Stefania "Semele". In 936 he joined the chapter of the cathedral of Milan, and set to succeed old archbishop Arderic. In 944, since Arderic was still ...

Toda de Provence (deceased)

Toda de Provence (c.970 - d.)

Toda de Provence (c.970 - d.)

Varnier De Provence (870 - d.)

Willa de Provence (c.873 - c.924)

Princesse Willa De Bourgogne (De Provence) (873 - 924)

William Bertrand, Comte de Provence (1002 - 1054)