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Aénor de Saint-Valéry MP (1192 - 1251)

Robert III of Dreux From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In 1210 he married Aénor of Saint-Valéry (1192-1250) and they had several children, including Yolande of Dreux (1212-1248), w...

Bernard de Saint-Valéry MP (1005 - 1066)

Histoire civile, politique et religieuse de Saint-Valery et du comté du Vimeu See "My Lines" ( ) from Compiler: R. B. Stewart, Evans, GA ( )

Bernard I, avoué de Saint Valéry MP (c.947 - d.)

Bernard I de St. Valéry married Emma de St. Valéry, daughter of Renaud I de St. Valéry, before 956. See "My Lines" ( ) from Compiler: R. B. Stewart, Evans, GA ( )

Bernard IV, seigneur de Saint-Valéry MP (c.1113 - 1191)

Bernard was also called Bernard de Sancto Walerico. Bernard was a favorite of the king, and accompanied Richard I to Palestine, and died at the Siege of Acre. Bernard IV de St. Valéry married ...

Gauthier I de Saint-Valéry MP (c.1031 - c.1098)

Seigneur de Dommart-en-Ponthieu Guthier de St. Valéry was advocate of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme. He was a Picard. He was also called Walter of St. Valéry, and also called Walter de Sancto ...

Gilbert, avoué de Saint Valéry MP (977 - 1011)

GILBERT, son of --- . Avocat de Saint-Valéry . m PAPIA, illegitimate daughter of RICHARD I Comte [de Normandie] & his mistress --- ([1000/05]-). Guillaume de Jumièges records that...

Jeanne de Saint-Valéry MP (c.1139 - c.1192)

Joane de Waleries married William de Beauchamp, son of William de Beauchamp and Maud de Braose.1 Child of Joane de Waleries and William de Beauchamp Walter de Beauchamp+1 Citations [S1916] Ti...

Laurette de Saint-Valéry MP (1163 - 1190)

Matilda de Saint-Valery (of Isleworth) MP (1128 - 1152)

Matilda wife of Bernard IV de Saint Valery born about 1128 England married about 1146 Isleworth, Middlesex, England Bernard IV de St. VALERY was born 1127 in Saint-Valery-en-Caux, Normandie, France. ...

Maud (Matilda) de Saint-Valéry MP (1155 - 1210)

Maud de St. Valéry de Braose (1155-1210) was the wife of William de Braose, 7th Baron Abergavenny, 4th Lord Bramber, a powerful Marcher baron and court favourite of King John of England. She wou...

Richard de Saint-Valery, Seigneur de Heugleville MP (1005 - 1053)

See "My Lines" ( ) from Compiler: R. B. Stewart, Evans, GA ( )

Thomas de Saint-Valéry, I. comte de Saint-Valéry MP (c.1167 - 1218)

Annora Elenor de Saint-Valéry (c.1161 - d.)

Beatrix de Saint Valery (c.1085 - 1144)

Bernald de Saint Valery, IV (c.1117 - d.)

Bernarad de Saint Valery, II (1005 - 1066)

Bernard III, seigneur de Saint Valéry (c.1065 - 1115)

Bernard III de St. Valéry was on the First Crusade with Robert, Duke of Normandy, and his father between August 1096 and July 1099. See "My Lines" ( ) from Compiler: R. B. Stewart, Evans, ...

Bernard V, seigneur de Saint-Valéry (c.1140 - 1190)

Bernard de Saint Valery (1061 - 1099)

Bernard de Saint Valery (947 - d.)

Emma de Saint Valery (950 - d.)

Gauthier de Saint Valery, archidiacre de Rouen (c.1120 - 1171)

Gilbert de Saint-Valéry, seigneur d'Auffay (c.1032 - d.)

Gulbert de Saint Valery (977 - 1011)

Guy De de Saint Valéry (c.1096 - 1141)

Guy de Saint-Valéry (c.1150 - c.1183)

Henri de Saint-Valéry (c.1166 - c.1223)

Jeanne de Saint-Valéry (998 - 1044)

Jeanne D'Aumale (de Saint Valery) (998 - 1044)

Matilda de Saint Valery (c.1128 - 1157)

Matilda de Brampton (de Saint Valery) (c.1108 - 1130)

Maud de Braose (de Saint Valery) (deceased)

Mrs-Reginald (Renault) De Saint Valery (c.925 - d.)

Philippa de Saint-Valéry (b. - c.1181)

Reginald (Renault) de Saint Valéry (c.919 - 949)

Reginald de Saint Valery, III (1120 - 1192)

Reginald de Saint-Valery (deceased)

Reginald de Saint Valery, II (1094 - 1166)

Renaud I, seigneur de Saint-Valéry (1094 - 1166)

Reginald de St. VALERY [Parents] 1, 2 was born 1100 in Saint-Valery-en-Caux, Normandie, France. He died 1163 in Beckley, Oxfordshire, England. He had the following children: M i Bernard de St. ...

Renaud de Saint-Valéry (c.1162 - c.1188)

Renaud de Saint Valery (929 - d.)

Renaud III de Saint-Valery (deceased)

Walter de Saint Valery (Gauthier) (1035 - 1097)