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Alice de St. Omer MP (c.1355 - 1380)

Alice de St. Omer1,2,3,4,5,6 F, #16072, b. circa 1343, d. between 6 October 1373 and 20 October 1376 Father Sir Thomas de St. Omer, Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk, Keeper of Norwich Castle2,3,4,5,6 d...

Gerbod "The Fleming" de St. Omer MP (c.1030 - 1071)

The first Earl, Gerbod de Fleming, was the son of one Gerbod, hereditary advocate of the abbey of Saint-Bertin. The family held the lordships of Oosterzele and Sheldewindeke, the overlordship of Arques...

Guillaume de St. Omer MP (1190 - 1265)

Gundred de St. Omer, Countess of Surrey MP (c.1063 - 1085)

_________________________________________________________________________________ Gundred was almost certainly born in Flanders, and was a sister of Gerbod the Fleming, 1st Earl of Chester.[2][3][4][...

Hoston de St Omer, Master Templar "Best Knight in Jerusalem" MP (1141 - 1166)

william de st. omer MP (deceased)

(unk) de st. omer (deceased)

Bartholomew de St. Omer (deceased)

Christian de St. Omer (c.1298 - 1307)

Christian de Beaupre (de St. Omer) (b. - 1307)

Eustache de St.Omer (deceased)

Fulco de St.Omer (deceased)

Gherbod I de St. Omer (c.999 - 1029)

Guillaume III "le Jeune" de St. Omer (c.1132 - 1170)

Hugh de St. Omer (deceased)

Jacques de St. Omer (deceased)

John de St. Omer (deceased)

Marguerite d'Avesnes de St. Omer (1175 - 1255)

Rabel dit Rabel De St. Omer (1000 - 1088)

Thomas de St. Omer (1166 - d.)

Thomas de St. Omer (1240 - 1311)

A Sir Thomas de St. Omer was keeper of the wardrobe to King Henry III. The Arms of his son a (fess between six cross-crosslets) appear on a monument, formerly in Mulbarton Church. His daughter Christia...

Thomas de St. Omer (c.1318 - 1365)

Sir Thomas De St. Omer (-) Family Links Spouses/Children:: 1. Petronilla Malmayns * Alice De St. Omer+ 2. Margaret * Elizabeth St. Omer Sir Thomas De St. Omer * Marriage: (1): Petro...

William de St. Omer (1204 - d.)

William de St. Omer (1204 - 1265)

William de St. Omer (1210 - c.1265)

William de St. Omer (1280 - 1353)