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Adelais de Troyes MP (c.950 - c.991)

Adelais de Troyes , probable daughter of Robert de Vermandois, Comte de Troyes, and Adelaide-Werra. Sometimes her name is given as Agnes. wife of Charles of Lorraine, Duke of Lower Lotharingia ''...

Bertha de Troyes MP (c.915 - c.935)

Chrétien de Troyes MP (b. - aft.1181)

Chrétien de Troyes (French pronunciation: ​[kʁe.tjɛ̃ də.tʁwa]) (Christian) was a late 12th century French poet and trouvère known for his work on Arthurian subjects, and for originating the character L...

Constance of Viennois MP (aft.890 - c.963)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Provence: Boson II married CONSTANTIA, daughter of --- (-after May [963]). "Boso comes et uxor sua Constantia…illorum filii…Willelmus comes, Rot...

Eudes II de Troyes, comte d'Aumale MP (c.1040 - c.1111)

Eudes de Troyes, Comte d'Aumâle Parents: Etienne I de Troyes & Adela Spouse: Adelais de Normandie Child: Etienne de Troyes, married Hawise de Mortimer LINKS MEDIEVAL LANDS EUDES de Troyes...

Eudes I, comte de Troyes MP (c.829 - c.871)

Gallus Magnus, Bishop of Troyes MP (c.479 - 562)

Gallus Magnus (?-after 562), was a Gallo-Roman Senator, a Patrician of Narbonne, and Bishop of Troyes (562). His grave is known and has an inscription identifying him.

Hugues de Sens, comte de Vienne MP (900 - 948)

Hugues de Troyes son of Warner [Garnier], Vicomte de Sens & Comte de Troyes and Teutberga d'Arles , daughter of THIBAUT Comte d'Arles & his wife Berta of Lotharingia HUGUES de Troyes ([900/05]-befo...

Judith 'la Noble' de Troyes, Mistress MP (c.910 - c.952)

Judith Mistress of Alain II duke of Burgundy From Medlands: JUDITH, daughter of --- (-after 952). The Chronicle of Nantes names "Alani Barbætortæ filios…Hoel et Guerech…progeniti ex nobili matre…...

Palatina de Troyes MP (c.547 - d.)

Palatina of Troyes was born in circa 547 in Troyes ... in the Champagne region of France. She was the only known child of Maurilion Gallo, a Gallo-Roman aristocrat with likely ties to the Merovingian c...

Philippote de Fayel, dame de Troyes MP (c.1370 - 1443)

Guillaume de Fayel foi um nobre do Reino de França onde foi Visconde de Breteuil na localidade francesa, situada no Departamento francês de Marne na região de Champagne-Ardenne. Relações familiares ...

Theutberge de Troyes (d'Arles) MP (c.881 - 948)

Thibaud l'Ancien, comte de Blois MP (c.890 - c.943)

Thibaud dit l'Ancien (né en 890 - mort en 943), vicomte de Blois en 906, vicomte de Tours en 908, puis comte de Tours et comte de Blois vers 940. Il serait de haute extraction franco-bourguignonn...

Théodrate de Troyes MP (c.860 - 903)

Unknown Father of Lietgardis de Troyes MP (deceased)

Unknown Mother of Lietgardis de Troyes MP (deceased)

Adalelme Conde de Troyes MP (b. - 894)

Adelramn II de Troyes MP (c.879 - d.)

Aleran ou Adelramn II de Troyes,du Vexin (de Troyes) MP (deceased)

Aleran comté de Troyes MP (c.805 - d.)

Assalide de Troyes MP (1234 - 1296)

Aélis Ctesse de Troyes,Soissons MP (b. - 1066)

Eudes II, comte de Troyes MP (deceased)

Flandrine de Troyes MP (c.1065 - 1114)

Françoise de Troyes MP (deceased)

Bishop of Troyes Gallus Magnus de Troyes MP (c.479 - c.562)

Garnier de Troyes MP (871 - 925)

Geoffroy de Troyes, Seigneur de Saint-Phal (Aube), Seigneur d'Isles MP (b. - c.1125)

Gwindesmoth de Troyes MP (c.1025 - 1115)

Hawise de Troyes (de Mortimer) MP (1078 - 1139)

Hawise Mortimer, daughter of Ralph and Mélisende, married Etienne de Troyes. Chalemagne Nobility.... ETIENNE de Troyes (before 1070-before 1130, maybe [1127]). Albert of Aix names "Stephanus de Alb...

Hector de Troyes MP (deceased)

Jacquette de Troyes MP (deceased)

Jeanne de Troyes MP (b. - 1545)

Litause /Lithuise de Montlhéry (de Troyes( de Soisson)) MP (c.1060 - c.1112)

Lithuaise De Troyes (Hiesmes) MP (deceased)

Lithuaise de Troyes MP (c.1040 - d.)

Lithuaise de Troyes MP (c.1040 - d.)

Manasses De TROYES MP (927 - d.)

Marguerite de TROYES MP (b. - 1832)

Marguerite de Troyes MP (deceased)

N.N Comte de Troyes MP (deceased)

N.N. de Troyes MP (deceased)

Nicolas de Troyes (Troye) MP (c.1490 - d.)

Otran de Troyes (de Dreux) MP (deceased)

Palatina de Vitry (de Troyes) MP (c.547 - c.599)

Palatina de Troyes MP (c.547 - c.599)

Philippote de Fayel senhora de Troyes MP (1370 - 1443)

senhora de Troyes

Philippote de Fayel senhora de Troyes MP (deceased)

Richard de Troyes MP (c.844 - d.)

Robert I, comte de Troyes MP (b. - 886)

Teutberge de Troyes MP (deceased)

Teutberge de Troyes MP (900 - c.960)

Teutberge de Troyes MP (900 - c.960)

Wandelgarde de Troyes MP (c.830 - d.)

Wandelmode de Troyes MP (deceased)

Wandelmode was the daughter of Eudes de Troyes I (comte de Troyes) and Wandilmode de Worms. The date and place of her birth have not been found. She had two marriages/partners. Her first husband was Ri...

Étienne de Troyes (d'Aumale), Comte d'Aumale and Lord of Holderness MP (c.1061 - 1127)

Étienne d'Aumâle, son of Eudes de Troyes and Adelaide de Normandie, married to Hawise. ETIENNE de Troyes (before 1070-before 1130, maybe [1127]). Albert of Aix names "Stephanus de Albemarla filius ...