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Unknown Father of Robert IV the Strong MP (b. - 834)

Adalbert (Albert) II 977 de Vermandois, Comte de Vermandois MP (c.977 - 1015)

Adalbert I the Pious, count of Vermandois MP (c.920 - c.987)

Adalbert (Albert) I, Comte de Vermandois (c. 934-9 September 987) Son of Heribert II Comte de Vermandois and Adela Capet de France (according to Cawley of the FMG Medieval Lands database ): ADALBER...

Adela (Adalind) de Vermandois (de Sulzbach) MP (852 - d.)

Adele de Vermandois, Comtesse de Châlons & de Beaune MP (c.945 - 975)

Adele of Meaux (c. 950-c. 980) Also known as "Adele of Vermandois" she was a daughter of Robert of Vermandois and Adelaide-Werra de Chalon . She married Geoffrey I of Anjou . He also had a wife named...

Adèle de Vermandois, comtesse de Vermandois et Valois MP (1065 - 1120)

Adelais (Adele) de Vermandois (1065-28 Sept 1120/24) was suo jure Countess of Vermandois and Valois and the last member of the Carolingian dynasty. Daughter of Heribert IV de Vermandois; married Hugues...

Lady Agnes de Saluzzo MP (c.1085 - c.1127)

On the family of Agnes de Vermandois, from the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Northern France: HUGUES "le Maisné" de France, son of HENRI I King of France & his second wife Anna I...

Aldenne de Vermandois MP (c.795 - d.)

Aldenne is a legendary figure, not appearing in any known contemporary records. She should not be considered historical. She is thought to have been the daughter of Geoffroy, seigneur of Vermandois.

Beatrice de Vermandois MP (1082 - c.1144)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Northern France (covering her birth family): HUGUES "le Maisné" de France, son of HENRI I King of France & his second wife Anna Iaroslavna of...

Béatrice de Vermandois MP (c.880 - c.931)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on France Capetian Kings : The name of Robert's first wife is not known. However, as King Robert's known wife Béatrix de Vermandois could not ha...

Constance de Vermandois MP (c.1085 - c.1118)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Northern France: CONSTANCE de Vermandois (-after 1118). The Genealogiæ Scriptoris Fusniacensis refers to (but does not name) the third of...

Elisabeth de Vermandois, Comtesse de Vermandois et de Valois MP (1168 - 1183)

Elisabeth de Vermandois, dame de Crépy MP (1085 - 1131)

(Ben notes: Her father was mostly based from Paris, while her mother was merely born into the family that governed the Vermandois region, then north of Paris. There is nothing that says exactly where o...

Eudes II, comte de Vermandois MP (c.1060 - 1085)

11. EUDES DE VERMANDOIS "L'INSENSÉ", b. 1060, m. circa 1082 at Valois, Bretagne, France, Avide (Havise), b. circa 1062 Eudes (III) "Farin de Vermandois", b. circa 1082, d. circa 1144 Ell...

Eudes, count of Vienne & Amiens MP (c.915 - 946)

From the French Wikipedia page on Eudes de Vermandois-Vexin: Eudes de Vermandois, né vers 915, mort après 946, fut comte de Vienne de 928 à 931 et comte d'Amiens de 941 à...

Gelia de Vermandois MP (1008 - d.)

Gelia DE VERMANDOIS * Partnership with: Yves OISE-ON-BEAUMONT o Child: Ivo DE COTENTIN Birth: 0985, Cotentin, Normandy, France Descendants of Gelia DE VERMANDOIS 1 Gelia DE VERMANDOIS =Yves O...

Geoffroy de Vermandois MP (deceased)

Gisele de Vermandois MP (c.950 - 975)

Name: Geila de Vermandois Sex: F Birth: 950 Marriage 1 Fouchard de Ham b: 945 in Ham, Somme, Picardie Region, France Children 1. Has Children Ivo I de Ham b: 975 in Beaumont, Provence-Alpes-C...

Heribert III "le Vieux", Comte d'Omois, Comte de Meaux et Troyes MP (c.910 - 995)

CURATOR NOTE : Son of Heribert II Comte de Vermandois and Adela Capet de Neustria (de France). NOT THE SAME AS Heribert III Comte de Vermandois (who was son of Adalbert & Gerberge). PLEASE DO NOT MERGE...

Heribert IV (VI), comte de Vermandois MP (c.1032 - c.1080)

Herbert IV (VI) of Vermandois (1028 – 1080), Count of Vermandois (called Herbert IV in Wikipedia and Herbert VI in the FMG MedLands database), was the son of Eudes/Otto of Vermandois and Pavia...

Héribert II, count of Vermandois MP (c.880 - 943)

Heribert II de Vermandois, comte de Meaux, de Soissons et de Vermandois Parents: Heribert I & his wife Liedgardis Spouse: Adèle de Neustrie, de France (daughter of Robert I King of France.) ...

Héribert I, count of Vermandois MP (c.848 - 902)

Herbert I of Vermandois (c. 848/850 – 907), Count of Vermandois, lord of Senlis, of Péronne and of Saint Quentin, was the son of Pepin of Vermandois Stewart Baldwin's Henry Project page...

Herbert IV de Vermandois, son of Adalbert and Gerberga MP (c.955 - c.993)

This Heribert (Herbert) is commonly known as Herbert III but is numbered as Herbert IV in the FMG MedLands database. He is the son of Adalbert (Albert) I and Gerberga. HERIBERT [IV] ([954]-29 Aug [...

Hughes de Vermandois, Archevêque de Reims MP (920 - 962)

From the French Wikipedia page on Hugh de Rheims: Hugues de Vermandois, né vers 920, mort à Meaux en 962, fut comte et archevêque de Reims de 925 à 931, puis de 940 �...

Hugues (Hugh) II de Vermandois, Comte de Vermandois et de Valois MP (1127 - 1212)

Hugues I 'Magnus', comte de Vermandois MP (c.1057 - 1101)

Note regarding his name: Sources show that Hugues Magnus was a compound name. See below for details. Wikipedia From the English Wikipedia page of Hugh I, Count of Vermandois: French Wikipedia: ...

Mathilde Maud/Matilda de Vermandois (Capet) MP (c.1080 - c.1130)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Northern France: MATHILDE de Vermandois. The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines records the proposed marriage of "Robertus comes Mellenti...

Eudes, comte de Vermandois MP (979 - 1045)

FRANCE.htm EUDES, son of HERIBERT [IV] Comte de Vermandois & his wife Ermengardis --- ([985/90]-25 May 1045). He succeeded in [1021] as Comte de Vermandois. "Comes Heribertus" names "materque mea Pav...

Piers de Vermandois (Fictitious) MP (c.1030 - c.1080)

This generation appears to have been invented in order to provide a genealogical link from Herbert of Winchester to the Counts of Vermandois. "surnommé Siger ou Sohier (victorieux)" = "Siger k...

Raoul II de Vermandois MP (c.1145 - 1167)

Raoul I dit le Vaillant ou le Borgne, Comte de Vermandois MP (1085 - 1152)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page for Northern France : RAOUL [I] "le Vaillant" de Vermandois, son of HUGUES [I] Comte de Vermandois & his wife Adelais Ctss de Vermandois ([1094]-13 Oct...

Robert de Vermandois, comte de Meaux et de Troyes MP (c.910 - 966)

Ben M. Angel's summary: Relationships: Parents: Heribert II, Comte de Meaux, de Soissons et de Vermandois (c880 - 943) Adela de Neustrie (b. c898) Siblings: 1. Eudes/Odo (c915-946), Vicomte de Vi...

DE VERMANDOIS (850 - 871)

DE VERMANDOIS (850 - 871)

? de Vermandois (deceased)

? ? (de Vermandois) (deceased)

Adalberto II Evêque de Vermandois (de Verdun), comte (964 - 1015)

Adela De Vermandois (deceased)

Adela d'Anjou (de Vermandois) (950 - 974)

Adela de Vermandois (deceased)

Adelaide De Vermandois (950 - d.)

Adelaide de Vermandois (c.862 - d.)

Adelaide De Vermandois (840 - d.)

Adelaide De Vermandois (deceased)

Adelaide d'Anjou (de Vermandois), Countesse (c.945 - c.975)

Adelaide DeVermandois Of Meaux (934 - c.982)

Adelaide de Vermandois (c.862 - c.895)

Adelaide de Vermandois (deceased)

Adelaide De Vermandois (c.862 - d.)

Adele de Vermandois (de Valois) (1034 - 1080)

Adele de Vermandois (c.915 - 960)

Adele of Vermandois (bef. 915–960) was both a Carolingian as well as a Robertian Frankish noblewoman who was the Countess of Flanders (934–960). Contents [hide] 1 Life 2 Ancestry 3 See ...

Duchess Adele de Vermandois, de Normandy (910 - d.)

Adelheid de Vermandois (915 - 959)

Adelinda von Nordgau (de Vermandois) (845 - 898)

2. EBERHARD [III] (-after 898). The Gesta Francorum records that "Notingum episcopum et Eburhardum comitum, missos Hludowici nepotis sui [regis]" were "received and heard" at a council held in Feb 85...

Adelinde de Vermandois (deceased)

Adelle (Adelaide) de Vermandois (c.1059 - 1121)

Adriana Constantia Sohier de Vermandois (1675 - 1735)

Agnes de Vermandois (1078 - 1125)

Agnes de Vermandois (941 - 966)

Agnes de Vermandois (1078 - 1125)

Agnes de Vermandois (deceased)

Albert I De Vermandois (915 - 978)

Albert Vermandois (de Vermandois) (920 - 987)

Albert I le Pieux (920 - 987)

Alix de Vermandois (deceased)

Archambaud de Vermandois (c.930 - 968)

Beatrice De Vermandois (880 - 930)

Beatrice de France (de Vermandois) (880 - 931)

Beatrix l de Vermandois (850 - 871)

From the Wikipedia page of her father, Pepin (Herbertian): ) She is described as follows: peut-être une fille qui aurait épousé Bérenger, marquis de Neustrie, puis Guy...

Beatrix DE VERMANDOIS (c.880 - d.)

Beatriz de Vermandois (deceased)

Beatriz de Vermandois (deceased)

Bertha de Vermandois (920 - 990)

Bertha De Vermandois (De Morvois) (c.845 - c.906)

Bertha de Vermandois (de Morvais) (deceased)

Blanche de Ham de Vermandois (deceased)

Blanche de Lannoy (de Vermandois) (1125 - d.)

Béatrice de Vermandois (deceased)

Charibert de Vermandois (deceased)

Conradine de Vermandois (deceased)

Constantin Sohier de Vermandois (1624 - 1671)

Count de Vermandois (deceased)

Cunegonde de Vermandois (deceased)

Eleanor de Vermandois (c.1148 - 1213)

Eleonore de Vermandois (1152 - 1221)

Eleonore de Vermandois (1152 - 1221)

Eleonore de Vermandois (1152 - 1221)

Eléonore de Vermandois (c.1028 - c.1076)

Elizabeth De Vermandois (c.1080 - c.1131)

Ellebold de Vermandois (c.1083 - d.)

Emma de Vermandois (b. - 1075)

Emma Avice de de Vermandois (1075 - d.)

Ermangarde de Vermandois (deceased)

Ermengarde de Vermandois (930 - 1025)

Ermengarde de Vermandois (b. - 1035)

Married Milon 984 and Herbert de Vermandois 997

Ermengarde de Vermandois (de Bar-sur-Seine)) (deceased)

In 16th century Milo became Count of Duchy of Burgundy. A Milo was killed during crusades 17 Aug 1219.

Eudes I "Pied-de-Loup" de Vermandois, Seigneur de Ham [unknown parentage] (c.1030 - c.1076)

Parents unknown; may have descended from Simon of Vermandois. FRANCE.htm SEIGNEURS de HAM It is not known whether there is a connection between Eudes Seigneur de Ham and Simon, possible son of Eu...

Eudes III de Vermandois, seigneur de Saint Simon (c.1082 - c.1144)

Eudes de Vermandois (deceased)

Eve of Roussellon de Vermandois (deceased)