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Sir Hugh de Wrottesley MP (1334 - 1381)

'Hugh de Wrottesley Message sent to manager of Joan Wrottesley requesting any evidence to support her link as daughter of this profile. M, b. circa 1348, d. 1381 ' Hugh de Wrottesley was born...

Sir Hugh de Wrottesley, Knight MP (c.1270 - 1296)

Idonia De Wrottesley (de Perton) MP (c.1272 - d.)

Isabel de Wrottesley (d'Arderne), Lady MP (1348 - 1381)

'Isabella Arderne F Father Sir John de Arderne d. 1349 Mother Elena de Wasteneys d. bt 13 Jul 1349 - 23 Dec 1349 ' Isabella Arderne married Hugh de Wrottesley circa 1370. 'Family Hugh de Wrot...

Joan de Wrottesley (Basset) MP (c.1320 - c.1413)

John de Wrottesley MP (1379 - 1402)

'John de Wrottesley1,2,3 'M, b. 20 September 1379, d. 7 September 1402 Father Hugh de Wrottesley b. c 1348, d. 1381 Mother Isabella Arderne ' John de Wrottesley was born on 20 September 1379 at...

son de Wrottesley MP (1369 - 1369)

Died as a child ' The Inquisition on the death of Philip, which was taken at Hereford on the 9 Sept. 43 Edward III (1369), states that he held at the date of his death the manor of Talgarth Engleys...

Sir William Wrottesley MP (c.1296 - 1350)

From Sir William de Wrottesley is the son of Sir Hugh de Wrottesley and Idonia Perton. He married Katherine Lestrange, daughter of John Lestrange, 1st Lord Strange (of Knockyn) and Alienore Som...

Sir William de Wrottesley, II, Knight MP (1320 - d.)

Kinght of the Garter

William De Wrottesley MP (1285 - 1313)

Elionora de Wrottesley MP (deceased)

Hugh De Wrottesley MP (1230 - 1296)

Idonia de Wrottesley MP (deceased)

Ingritha de Wrottesley (FitzAdam) MP (1220 - d.)

Mabel de Wrottesley (verch Philip) MP (1345 - 1369)

Mabel verch Philip, also known as Mabel Rees, was the daughter of Philip ap Rees. She married Hugh de Wrottesley, son of William de Wrottesley and Joan Bassett; his 2nd wife. He died 1381. No survivi...

Petronilla de Wrottesley (de Audley) MP (c.1298 - c.1320)

From Petronilla Audley is the daughter of Sir John Audley. She married Sir William de Wrottesley, son of Sir Hugh de Wrottesley and Idonia Perton She lived Blore Child of Petronilla Audley and Si...

Roger de Wrottesley MP (deceased)

William de Wrottesley MP (1250 - 1313)

William de Wrottesley MP (c.1210 - 1242)