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Sir Angel Donne, of London MP (c.1473 - bef.1506)

Angel Donne* Birth: ABT 1473 in London* Parents: John Donne, Agnes Breten* Married: Anne Hardewene, Anne Sparrow* Death: BEF 9 DEC 1506 (will proved)* Occupation: Alderman of London; Merchant of the St...

Carlo Delle Piane MP (1936 - 2019)

Delle Piane (Roma, 2 febbraio 1936 – Roma, 23 agosto 2019) è stato un attore italiano.Nel corso della sua carriera ha lavorato con alcuni dei più importanti attori e registi come Totò, Eduardo De Filip...

Dorothy Donne MP (deceased)

Elena Delle Donne MP

Delle Donne (/ᵻˈleɪnə ˌdɛli ˈdɒn/; born September 5, 1989) is an American professional basketball player for the Washington Mystics of the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA).Early lifeThe d...

Elizabeth Denys (Donne) MP (aft.1495 - aft.1561)

Born between 1495 and 1500; (estimate; after 1484); reportedly listed as a minor child in her father's will 1505. Married 1519 London. Widow Sep 1523. 1524 resided in Stanway, Middlesex. Date of birth ...

Elizabeth Donne (Hastings) MP (c.1429 - 1507)

Elizabeth Hastings * Birth: 1429 -in Kirby Muxloe Castle, Kirby Muxloe, Leicestershire, England (her husband was born in York Castle, Yorkshire, England. Not likely both families lived in the same cast...

Emma Donne MP (c.1232 - c.1336)

Emma Donne was the daughter of Sir Richard Donne of Utkinton. She was born c. 1232 in Utkinton, Cheshire, England. She married Sir Richard de Molyneux, Lord of Sefton, and had seven children. Sir Richa...

Francesco, principe di Borbone delle Due Sicilie MP (1827 - 1892)

Prince Francis, Count of TrapaniFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaPrince Francis of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Count of Trapani[1] (Full Italian name: Francesco di Paola, Principe di Borbone delle Due Si...

Gabriel Donne, Abbot of Buckfast MP (c.1495 - d.)

Gabriel Dunne (or Donne) imposed on the Community in 1535 by Thomas Cromwell. He surrendered the Abbey to the king on 25 February 1539.[9]>The last legitimately elected Abbot of Buckfast was John Rede,...

Jane Donne (verch Harry), Heiress of Picton MP (c.1475 - 1520)

Was she born Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire or Winton, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire? CastlePicton Castle in 2013 Picton Castle (Welsh: Castell Pictwn) is a medieval castle near Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshir...

Sir John Donne, of York Castle MP (c.1430 - bef.1506)

third sonDate and place of birth have also been (erroneously?) reported to be circa 1450 at London, Middlesex, England.Stirnet's "Temp33" page (link below) does not mention this Sir John's marriage to ...

John Donne, Esq. MP (c.1352 - bef.1435)

Omerod shows this John Donne, Esq., lord of Utkinton, died Bef 1435 (IPM date) as the son and heir of Richard Done (Donne), of Utkinton, d. Bef 1372, (IPM date) by his wife Margery or Katherine. ===Fam...

John Donne MP (1572 - 1631)

John Donne=English poet, preacher and a major representative of the metaphysical poets of the period. From Wikipedia: John Donne was born in London, into a Roman Catholic family when practice of that r...

John Donne MP (b. - 1576)

Leopoldo di Borbone delle Due Sicilie, conte di Siracusa MP (1813 - 1860) , * Spouse - Princess Maria of Savoy-Carignan* Issue - Princess Isabella* House - House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies* Father - Francis I of the Two Sicilies* Mother - Maria Isabella o...

Luigi Carlo, Principe di Borbone delle Due Sicilie MP (1824 - 1897)

it.wikipedia.... , en.wikipedia.... , ===Family===* His father was King Francis I of the Two Sicilies (1777-1830), son of King Ferdinand IV of Naples, later Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies, and his wif...

Mary Donne (Taliaferro) MP (c.1722 - aft.1769)

Mary Taliaferro* Birth: ABT 1722 in St. Mary's Parish, Essex County, Virginia * Parents: Lawrence Taliaferro, Sarah Thornton * Married: William Thornton, Samuel Donne * Death: after will dated 20 June ...

Pier Luigi Bellini delle Stelle MP (1920 - 1984)

Luigi Bellini delle Stelle, nome di battaglia Pedro (Firenze, 14 maggio 1920 – San Donato Milanese, 25 gennaio 1984), è stato un partigiano, avvocato e antifascista italiano. Comandante del distaccamen...

Richard Donne II MP (c.1230 - 1260)

Richard Donne, of Utkinton MP (c.1275 - c.1312)

Omerod shows this Richard Donne d bef 1313 [IPM 6 Edw 2] as son of Richard Donne (d 1302) and Elizabeth Venables. He married 1) Ellen Swinnerton 2) Isabel, 2nd wife, a widow, remarried to Robert de Hux...

Samuel Donne MP (deceased)

Stefano Delle Chiaie MP

Delle Chiaie (born 13 September 1936 in Caserta) is a neofascist Italian activist (founder of Avanguardia Nazionale, 1960, member of Ordine Nuovo, and founder of Lega nazionalpopolare, 1991). He went o...

Umberto Delle Fave MP (1912 - 1986)

Delle Fave (San Severo, 13 dicembre 1912 – Roma, 14 ottobre 1986) è stato un politico italiano, presidente della Rai dal 24 marzo 1970 al 22 aprile 1975.

Auckland Weekly News.

2nd Lieut. William Evelyn Francise di Delle-Flower (Flower) MP (1885 - aft.1915)

Born Maida Vale, London, Parents George Flower, Annie Helena nee Lund. Attended Winchester College, England. Civilian employment New Zealand: Inspector Department of Agriculture; temporary 18/03/1911; ...

Donne (deceased)

Donne (deceased)

DONNE (deceased)

"CROGNOLINO" di San Polo delle Montallese (deceased)

# Anne Delle Courte (c.1570 - d.)

(Läne) Jüri Dõnne (Dönne) (1798 - 1859)

Iisaku, Viru-Jaagupi kihelkond; EAA.1864.2.VI-55; 1811 Iisaku, Viru-Jaagupi kihelkond; EAA.1864.2.VI-55; 1811 Viru-Jaagupi kihelkond; EAA.1864.2.VII-107; 1816 Viru-Jaagupi kihelkonna hingeloendid; EAA....

01 Donne (deceased)

aaa donné (1922 - 2000)

Abbandio Re delle Gandine (1884 - 1888)

Abbondio Re delle Gandine (1879 - 1879)

Abbundio Re delle Gandine (b. - bef.1890)

ADA Delle Macchie (1897 - d.)

ada delle monache (deceased)

Ada Robertson (Donne) (c.1870 - 1962)

Ada Kemble Scatchard (Donne) (1867 - 1940)

Adele Delle Piane (deceased)

Adrian Philip di Bourbon delle Due Sicilie, Prince (1948 - d.)

Afonso Delle Onde (1908 - 1988)

Agnew Donne (deceased)

Agnes Delle Thour (deceased)

Agnolina Dentice delle Stelle (della Marra) (b. - aft.1324)

Ailyd delle Wayde (1657 - 1722)

Ainar Dõnne (1958 - 2009)

Albenzio Delle Chiaje (deceased)

Albert Edward Donne (1900 - c.1967)

Albert Edward Donne (c.1874 - 1901)

Aleksander Dõnne (1907 - 1985)

Alice Donne (Breton) (deceased)

Alice Le Donne (deceased)

Alice Donne (1639 - 1672)

Alicia Delle Donne Palma (1915 - 2006)

Alvira Le Donne (deceased)

Amalie Anna Elisabeth Delle (1836 - d.)

[ ]

Amanda Magdalena Nirgi (Dõnne) (1904 - 1944)

Amelia Donne (Noble) (1811 - 1900)

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Amilcar Delle Pianne (deceased)

Amilcare Marquis Paulucci delle Roncole (1773 - 1845)

Marchese Amilcare Paulucci delle Ronconi (1773 - 1845)

, Joseph (Giuseppe), gebürtig aus Pesaro, war Gesandter des Herzogs von Modena[1] und starb 1785 als Wirklicher Geheimer Rat Kaiser Josephs II. in Modena, die Mutter Claudia war eine geborene Gräfin Sc...

Amy Florence Donne (1881 - 1970)

Ana María Re delle Gandine (1888 - 1960)

Andre Delle (c.1675 - 1697)

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Andrejs Fricis Delle (1866 - 1956)

Andrew de Donne (c.1250 - d.)

Andriette delle Vignette (Tewis) (b. - 1596)

Andris Delle (c.1857 - 1879)

André DONNE (b. - 1686)

Andžs Delle (c.1811 - 1895)

Anette Kontsu (Dönne) (1894 - d.)

Angel Donne (deceased)

Angel Donne (deceased)

Sir Angel Donne, Knight Alderman of London (deceased)

Angela Matilda Gibson (Donne) (deceased)

Angela Delle Noci (1865 - d.)

Angela Lenoci / Delle Noci (1815 - d.)

Angelantonio Le Donne (deceased)

Angelia Delle Noci (1761 - 1827)

Angelica Lenoci / Delle Noci (1826 - d.)

Angelina Coppola (Della Donne) (deceased)

Ann Kello (Dönne) (1819 - 1887)

Ann Uustallo (Dönne) (1828 - d.)

Ann Emme (Dönne) (1841 - 1885)

Ann Inno (Dõnne) (1869 - 1942)

PR IX (A-M); EAA.3114.1.62; 1906-1924: Saaga EAA.3114.1.62:122?316,2325,3711,1168,0 * PR Viru-Jaagupi kogudus I A-M; elk.114.0.10; 1925-1940 : Saaga elk.114.0.10:117?206,309,1084,1176,0 * Surm Saaga el...

Ann Dönne (Tõnne) (Järve) (1843 - 1908)

Ann Leena Dönne (Oll) (1892 - d.)

Ann Dõnne (1800 - d.)

Ann Donne (1843 - 1927)

Anna Kristina Dönne (Koppel) (1881 - d.)

Anna Dõnne (Mikkita) (1876 - 1936)

Anna Sophia Dönne (Tõnne) (Dönne) (1875 - d.)

Anna Dönne (Nehl) (1859 - 1919)

Anna Marquise Paulucci delle Roncole (von Campe zu Dehnsen und Stattoldendorf) (deceased)

Anna Delle (Tocupe) (1865 - d.)

Anna Kaija (Delle) (1812 - d.)

Anna Delle (1864 - 1870)

Anna Bils (Donné) (deceased)

Anna Donné (1863 - 1935)

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