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Ann Elizabeth Dent (Fowke) MP (1666 - 1704)

Anne Dent (Fenwycke) MP (c.1475 - d.)

Anne Dent MP (1692 - 1750)

Anne Dent (Herburt) MP (c.1692 - c.1764)

Anne Robinson (Dent) MP (c.1561 - 1616)

Barbara Brooke (Dent) MP (1669 - 1754)

Col. Thomas Brooke, (1659-1730/31) of "Brookefield", President of the Council in Maryland and acting Governor. Thomas, was the son of Maj. Thomas Brooke, Esq. (1632-1676) and his second wife Eleanor ...

Catherine Dent (Poston) MP (1755 - 1774)

Catherine Dent (unknown) MP (c.1682 - 1740)

Catherine was born about 1675. It is not known where nor who her parents were. From Catherine wed John Dent II probably in St. Mary’s County, Maryland about 1700. The only known children o...

Charlie Dent, U.S. Congress MP

Charles Wieder "Charlie" Dent (born May 24, 1960) is the U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania's 15th congressional district, serving since 2005. He is a member of the Republican Party. Wikipedia - ...

Charles Dent MP (1662 - d.)

Dorothy Proddy (Dent) MP (1637 - d.)

Edward Dent MP (1664 - 1664)

Elizabeth Tarvin (Dent) MP (1702 - 1760)

Elizabeth Duke (Dent) MP (b. - 1849)

Elizabeth Dent MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Dent (Raine) MP (1635 - 1686)

Elizabeth Dent (Edelen) MP (c.1741 - d.)

Elizabeth Dent MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Temperance Dent (Mills) MP (1756 - 1852)

Elizabeth Dent (Allison) MP (c.1675 - 1714)

Elizabeth Dent (Pleys) MP (deceased)

Ellen Dent MP (deceased)

Ellen Dent is the daughter of Richard Dent.2 She married John Leigh, son of William Venables and Agnes de Leigh.1 Ancestor of the LEIGHs of Booths .1 She lived Cheshire a son John.1 Her married name ...

Lady Elisabeth Dent (Anderson) MP (1550 - 1625)

General Frederick Dent (USA) MP (1820 - 1892)

Frederick Tracy Dent (1820-1892) was an American soldier, born in White Haven, St. Louis County, Missouri He graduated at West Point in 1843, was assigned as brevet second lieutenant to the Sixth Infan...

Col. George Dent MP (1690 - 1754)

Chief Justice of Maryland

Rep. George Dent (Fed-MD) MP (1756 - 1813)

DAR Ancestor #: A031957 George Dent (1756 – December 2, 1813) was an American planter and politician from Maryland who served in the House of Representatives from 1793 to 1801. Early l...

George Dent MP (c.1620 - 1695)

Gerard Dent MP (c.1688 - 1689)

Rev. Hatch Dent MP (b. - 1800)

Hatch Dent Sr. MP (1751 - 1816)

DAR#A031962 Hatch Dent was taken prisoner by the British during the Battle of Brooklyn in the early days of the Revolutionary War. After the war Dent became an Episcopal priest and was named the firs...

Henry Dent-Brocklehurst MP

Hezekiah Dent MP (deceased)

Sir James Dent, Kt. MP (1575 - 1647)

Jane Shumate (Dent) MP (deceased)

Jane Dent (Stanton) MP (1440 - d.)

John Dent MP (1665 - 1726)

John Dent MP (1674 - 1732)

From KENTUCKY, Families of Western Kentucky and Connecting Families: Quite a bit is written about the Dent family in Charles County Gentry by Harry Wright Newman. It even includes the family coat o...

Capt. John Dent MP (1640 - 1712)

Capt. John Dent (1640-1712) immigrated to MD in 1643 with his father George Dent (1620-1712) & two Uncles, Peter Dent (1624-1689) & Thomas Dent (1628-1676). Two other younger uncles, John Dent (1630-16...

John Dent MP (c.1630 - 1693)

John Dent MP (c.1658 - d.)

Judith Dent (Poston) MP (1758 - 1814)

Julia Boggs Grant (Dent), First Lady MP (1826 - 1902)

Julia Boggs Dent-Grant (January 26, 1826 – December 14, 1902), was the wife of the 18th President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant, and was First Lady of the United States from 1869 to 1...

Letitia Stoddart (Dent) MP (deceased)

Lydia Turner (Dent) MP (deceased)

Margaret Rebecca Ferguson (Dent) MP (1872 - d.)

Margaret Jane Dent (Moore) MP (1843 - 1917)

Margaret Dent (Holt) MP (deceased)

Margaret Dent (Neish) MP (1580 - 1650)

Margaret Dent (Nicholson) MP (1602 - 1688)

THE WILL OF MARGARET NICHOLSON DENT ----------------------------------- In the name of God Amen. I, Margaret Dent of Gisbrough in the County of Yorke, widdow, being of sound and p'fect mind ...

Martha Ann Dent (Burch) MP (1755 - 1824)

Mary Dent (Shercliff) MP (1647 - 1712)

Mary Dent (Hatch) MP (1647 - 1726)

Charles County Gentry: A Genealogical History of Six Emigrants - Thomas Dent ... By Harry Wright Newman Pg. 57 CAPTAIN JOHN DENT, GENT.1 (16___ - 1712) It has been pointed out that Tho...

Mary Dent MP (c.1660 - d.)

It's been asserted that a Rebecca Dent who married John Summers, from the Summers family that settled in Calvert County, is in fact Mary Dent. Proof of this seems to hinge on who was the subsequent own...

Mary Elizabeth Dent Brocklehurst (Chipps), Baroness Ashcombe MP

Maureen Lightfoot (Dent) MP

Tyne & Wear, England

Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst MP

Peter L. Dent MP (deceased)

Peter Dent MP (1718 - 1799)

Rev. Peter James Dent MP (c.1600 - 1671)

Professor of Natural Sciences at Cambridge University He was born in Ormesby in Yorkshire (England) about 1600. A member of the Church of England and an Apothecary by trade, he married Margaret Nic...

Peter Dent MP (c.1629 - 1689)

Rebecca Dent (Wilkinson) MP (1633 - 1726)

Addison, Rebecca, widow, Prince George's Co.,5th Nov., 1724; 20th Aug., 1726. To son Thomas, £20. To grandchild. (by dau. Barbara, wife of Thomas Brooke), viz. Lncy, Baker and Thomas Brooke, &#x...

Rebecca Summers (Dent) MP (1653 - 1711)

It's been asserted that a Rebecca Dent who married John Summers, from the Summers family that settled in Calvert County, is in fact Mary Dent. Proof of this seems to hinge on who was the subsequent own...

Richard Medecalfe de Dent (Medecalf) MP (1150 - 1232)

Robert Dent MP (c.1655 - d.)

Roger Dent, Sr. MP (1438 - 1490)

Sir Roger Dent, Kt. MP (c.1470 - 1530)

Sheriff of Newcastell, He conveyed the priory of St. Michael de Wall to trustees for the incorporation of that town in 1582. (Ahnentafel #=13824) Anne's father is listed as "Sir Roger Fenwycke, of Wa...

Sarah Dent (Nicholson) MP (c.1625 - 1699)

Stephen Dent MP (1636 - 1671)

Col. Thomas Dent MP (1631 - 1676)

. Thomas Dent married Elizabeth Brooks first. Later, he married Rebecca Wilkinson in 1659. He emigrated to the US about 1652 to Maryland. He named one section of his property in Charles County Gisb...

Capt. Thomas Dent MP (1735 - 1789)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for MARYLAND. DAR Ancestor # A031979

William Dent MP (c.1501 - d.)

The birthdates of father and son seem incongruous. Perhaps there was an intervening generation. Any corroboration?

Sir William Dent, Kt. MP (1540 - 1590)

William Medecalf Medecalfe de Dent (de Dent) MP (1120 - 1200)

Detached from Dolphin, King of Cambria, no source document and son born after his death 12/8/2014

Major William Peter Dent MP (1652 - 1704)

Held numerous civil offices. In 1687 he was State's Attorney for St. Mary's County, Maryland; 1694, Member of the House of Burgess; on April 26, 1704 elected Speaker of the House in the Assembly and Oc...

Col. William Dent MP (c.1660 - 1705)

William Dent MP (1687 - 1695)

William Dent MP (1841 - 1926)

William Dent MP (c.1627 - 1695)

Dent (deceased)

Dent (deceased)

"Hoagy" Dent (deceased)

"Mike" Dent (deceased)

(Florence) Marie Larnach (Dent) (deceased)

(Private) Dent (Payne) (deceased)

(unknown) Dent (deceased)

. Dent (deceased)

? Dent (Manning) (1724 - c.1790)

? Holden (Dent) (c.1916 - d.)

? Dent (deceased)

? Dent (deceased)

? Dent (deceased)

? Rigg (Dent Gibbens) (deceased)

? Dent (deceased)

? Dent (deceased)

? Dent (deceased)

? Manufui (Dent) (deceased)

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? ? (Dent) (1828 - d.)

? Dent (deceased)

? Dent (deceased)

????Joseph Cromwell Dent (1792 - d.)