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Samuel Moises Castiel MP (c.1532 - d.)

Shmuel (a/k/a Samuel Moises Castiel of Cochin who was originally living in Cairo when hired by Afonso – a distant cousin through the Paloma Don Fadrique liaison) Samuel had a brother named Isaac Pinto ...

Dr. Binjamin ben Immanuel Musaphia "Dionysius" (Dionis (Diniz)) MP (c.1606 - 1674)

Benjamin ben Immanuel Musaphia (c. 1606 – 1675), also called Benjamin Musaphia or Mussafia and Dionysius, was a Jewish doctor, scholar and kabbalist. Musaphia was probably born in Spain. He married S...

Emanuel Binyamin Musaphia (Dionis (Diniz)) MP (c.1580 - c.1630)