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dixit (deceased)

"Nanibaa" Dixit (deceased)

----- Dixit (deceased)

Aai Dixit (deceased)

Achyut Dixit (deceased)

Adi Raktika Dixit (deceased)

AhalyaBai Bankapur (Dixit) (deceased)

Ajay Kant Dixit (deceased)

Ama Dixit (deceased)

Ama 2 Dixit (deceased)

Ama 2 Dixit (deceased)

Ama 2 Dixit (deceased)

Ama 2 Dixit (deceased)

Ama ko Ama Dixit (deceased)

AMBADAS DIXIT (deceased)

Ambadas Dixit (1932 - 2012)

Ambadas Dixit Inamdar (deceased)

ambika nath dixit (deceased)

Ambu dixit (deceased)

Ameerba Dixit (Trivedi) (deceased)

Amirba Dixit (deceased)

Anand Dixit (deceased)

Anand kishore dixit (deceased)

Ananta ben Dwivedi (Dixit) (1922 - 1989)

Ananthachar Dixit (deceased)

Anasuya Dixit (deceased)

Anila Dixit (deceased)

Anila Dixit (1952 - d.)

MY DARLING MUM....and will always be for all my births. Reason for my existing in this Universe. I will have the honour of serving you in next life and thereafter for SURE

Annapurna N Dixit (deceased)

Anubhai Dixit (deceased)

Apoorva Dixit (deceased)

Appa Dixit (deceased)

ARAVINDA Dixit (deceased)

arjun singh dixit (deceased)

Arvinda Dixit (deceased)

Asha Dixit (deceased)

Ashish Dixit (deceased)

Ashok Dixit (deceased)

Avantilal Dixit (deceased)

Avi Dixit (deceased)

Awumaushi Dixit (deceased)

B B Dixit (deceased)

Baba Dixit (deceased)

Babaji Dixit (deceased)

Babaji Dixit (deceased)

Babu Lal Dixit (deceased)

Baburao Dixit (1903 - 1928)

Bachcha Baba dixit (deceased)

Badha Ama Dixit (deceased)

Badha Buwa Dixit (deceased)

Bai (Savitri) Digambar Deshmukh (Dixit Ambu) (b. - 1992)

Bajirao Dixit (deceased)

Bakhtawar Singh Dixit (deceased)

bakulabai Dixit (deceased)


Balavanthrao Dixit Dambala (deceased)

A great visionary and very disciplined. Was a medical practitioner.

Balkrishna Dixit (deceased)

Balkrishna Dixit (deceased)

balram dixit (deceased)

Banuatai Dixit (deceased)

Bapu Dixit (deceased)

Bapuji Dixit (deceased)


Basanta Mani Dixit (deceased)

Basava Dixit Pokharel (deceased)

Beni Nath dixit (deceased)

Beni Prasad Singh Dixit (deceased)

Beni Singh Dixit (deceased)

Bhagirath Dixit (deceased)

Bhagirath Dixit (deceased)

BHAGIRATHBHAI Dixit (deceased)

Bhagirathi Dixit (deceased)

Bhagirathi Dixit (deceased)

Bhagwan Devi Tewari (Dixit) (deceased)

Bhagwati Devi Dixit (deceased)

Bhagya wati Dixit (deceased)


Bhalchandra (Annasaheb) Dixit (deceased)

Bhale Ram Dixit (deceased)

Bharti Dixit (deceased)

Bhaskar Dixit (deceased)

Bhaskar Dixit (deceased)

Bhaskar Raoji Dixit (deceased)

Bhau Dixit (deceased)

Bhavani Dixit (deceased)

Bhavani Dixit (deceased)

Bhavnath Dixit (deceased)

Bhim Sen Dixit (deceased)

Bhimaklal N Dixit (deceased)

Bholashankar Ramshankar Dixit (deceased)

Bhunu's Father Dixit (deceased)

Bhunu's Mother Dixit (deceased)

Bhura Dixit (Mishra) (deceased)

Bhuwan Singh Dixit (deceased)

Bidhushi Adhikari (Dixit) (deceased)

Bidhya Devi Dixit (Dawadi) (deceased)

Bidushi Dixit (deceased)

Binod Dixit (deceased)

Bipin Dixit (deceased)

Bipinchandra C Dixit (deceased)