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(Unknown) Doggett MP (1542 - d.)

Abraham Doggett MP (1601 - c.1602)

Alice Scarlett (Doggett) MP (1601 - 1650)

Alice More (Doggett) MP (1515 - 1567)

Alice Doggett was born in England. Alice married Thomas Lappage and had a child: Thomas Lappage II. Alice Doggett was first married to a Mr. Lappadge, first name not known. After his death, Alice mar...

Amy Eddy (Doggett) MP (1597 - 1666)

E112:8 AMY DOGGETT, dau. of John and Dorothy Doggett; bapt. 16 Jul 1597, Groton, Suffolk, England; d. 20 Aug 1683, Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA; (this is incorrect) m. abt. 1620, JOHN EDDY, son of Rev.Wil...

Andrew Doggett (Duckett) MP (1414 - 1484)

DOKET or DUCKET, ANDREW (d. 1484), first president of Queens' College, Cambridge, was, according to Dr. Caius and Archbishop Parker, principal of St. Bernard's Hostel, of which he may probably have bee...

Ann Doggett (Chattin) MP (1710 - 1759)

Ann Chattin was born on 1710 in White Chapel, Lancaster County, Virginia, United States to Thomas Chattin and Margaret Miller Chattin. Ann married George Doggett on November 10, 1735 in Lancaster Count...

Ann Doggett (Stripling) MP (1716 - 1791)

Unfortunate Geni merges with other trees not sourced have invalidated this tree as a reliable source. Anne Stripling was born on May 31, 1716 in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford (now King George) County, Vi...

Anne Doggett (Langley) MP (1602 - 1670)

Anne Langley was born on 1602 in Colchester, Essex, England to Geoffrey Langley and Anne Carter Langley. Anne married William Doggett, II on 1626 in Colchester, Essex, England and had a child: Reverend...

Anne Doggett MP (c.1554 - d.)

E114 ANN DOGGETT, dau. of John Doggett; bapt. 31 Mar 1554, Bures St. Marys, Suffolk; m(1) 18 Jun 1576, Groton, Suffolk, SIMON SNELLING; m(2) Mr. KENT. Children (Snelling): E114:x Mary b. 1577 d. ...

Anne Gosnold (Doggett) MP (1512 - c.1578)

E13 ANNE DOGGETT, dau. of Richard Doggett; d. 1578; m(1) THOMAS BACON, of Heggerset (Hessett), Suffolk;  m(2) abt. 1574, ROBERT GOSNOLD, of Otley, son of John and Katherine ...

Apphia Boatman (Doggett) MP (1699 - 1789)

Apphia Doggett was born on 1698 in Lancaster County, Virginia, United States to Richard Doggett and Elizabeth Bushrod Doggett. Apphia Doggett married Robert Boatman and had 6 children: Richard Bo...

Avis Doggett (Lappage) MP (1568 - 1652)

AVIS LAPPADGE, daughter of Thomas and Agnes (Gale) Lappadge, chr. 1 Aug 1568, Groton, Suffolk; bur. 27 Jun 1652, Boxford. Married E115 WILLIAM DOGGETT (the younger), son of John Doggett; b. 1557;...

Bathsheba Doggett (Unknown) MP (c.1610 - 1673)

Bathsheba (----) Pratt Daggett was born in England and died after 4 June 1673 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. "Some sources claim that Joshua Pratt's wife was named Bathsheba Fay. There is no evidence ...

Benjamin Doggett MP (1599 - 1647)

Rev. Benjamin Doggett MP (c.1636 - 1683)

E115:55 BENJAMIN DOGGETT (Emigrant Ancestor), son of William and Anne (Langley) Doggett; chr. 28 Oct 1636, St. Mary-le-TowerIpswich, Suffolk; d. 1683, Lancaster County, Virginia; m. 21 Sep 1664, Hadl...

Benjamin Doggett, II MP (c.1665 - 1723)

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Bushrod Doggett MP (1710 - 1791)

Mentioned in his father's will. In 1751 a Bushrod Doged was listed on the rent rolls in Michaelmass, Prince William County, VA. In 1754 a Bushrode Doggedd was listed on the rent rolls in Prince Wil...

Chattin Doggett, Sr. MP (1743 - 1817)

Chattin Doggett was born on 1743 in Culpeper County, Virginia to George Doggett and Ann Chattin Doggett. Chattin married Sarah MNU and had 7 children: DAR A , 203738, Capt. Civil Service, Patriotic S...

Dorothy Doggett MP (1605 - 1641)

Dorothy Doggett (Unknown) MP (1562 - c.1605)

E112 JOHN DOGGETT, son of John Doggett; b. 1551/2, Bures St. Mary’s, Suffolk, d. May 1619; bur. 29 May 1619, Groton, Suffolk; m. DOROTHY (surname unknown), bur. 4 Mar 1605/6, Groton.

Elizabeth Ward (Doggett) MP (1589 - 1684)

Elizabeth Doggett Birth 9 NOV 1589 in Groton,Suffolk,England Death Unknown in Branford,New Haven,Connecticut Married George Ward 1600 – 1653 Children Josiah W...

Elizabeth Doggett (Bushrod) MP (c.1672 - 1739)

Elizabeth Bushrod was born on 1672 in Northumberland County, Virginia, United States to Captain Richard Bushrod and Apphia Hughes Bushrod. Elizabeth married Richard Doggett and had 4 children: Ge...

Elizabeth Spenser (Doggett) MP (deceased)


Freddie Augustus Doggett MP (1881 - 1975)


George Doggett MP (c.1695 - 1758)

George Doggett was born on 1695 in Lancaster County, Virginia, United States to Richard Doggett and Elizabeth Bushrod Doggett. George married Ann Chattin on November 10, 1735 in Lancaster County, Pen...

Henry Hillman Doggett MP (1846 - 1945)

PVT CO B COOKS BATT GA CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006 Name: Henry Hillman Doggett Service Info.: CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY Birth Date: 11 Jun 1846 Death Date: ...

Hepzibah Doggett (Brotherton) MP (1603 - 1660)

Place of birth has also been (erroneously?) reported to be England. Place of death has also been (erroneously?) reported to be Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

Hepzibah Eddy (Doggett) MP (c.1642 - 1726)


Jane Doggett (Garrard) MP (1638 - 1708)

Jane Garrard was born on 1638 in Hadleigh, Suffolk, England to Edward Garrard and Jane Luson Garrard. Jane married Reverand Benjamin L. Doggett on September 21, 1664 in St. Mary's, Ipswich, Suffolk, ...

John Doggett MP (1520 - 1565)

E11 JOHN DOGGETT, son of Richard Doggett; d. 1565, Bures St. Mary’s, Suffolk; m(1). perhaps MARTHA ASHEFIELD; perhaps m(2) name unknown.

John Doggett MP (1582 - c.1653)

He operated a textile business in Hamburg, Germany, for many years, and married Elizabeth Buchton of Hamburg. John died in 1653, probably in Hamburg. In the Visitation of London, 1665, a pedigree was e...

John Doggett, of Plymouth Colony MP (c.1602 - 1673)

'John Doggett Daggett The History of Martha's Vineyard by Dr. Charles Banks: Volume III Family Genealogies: pp. 126 - 145 THE DAGGETT FAMILY 1. JOHN1 DAGGETT, the head of this family, has receive...

John Doggett MP (1642 - 1718)


John Doggett MP (c.1555 - 1619)

E112 JOHN DOGGETT, son of John Doggett; b. 1551/2, Bures St. Mary’s, Suffolk, d. May 1619; bur. 29 May 1619, Groton, Suffolk; m. DOROTHY (surname unknown), bur. 4 Mar 1605/6, Groton. The birth...

Lloyd Doggett, U.S. Congress MP

Lloyd Alton Doggett, II , a Representative from Texas; born in Austin, Travis County, Tex., October 6, 1946; graduated from Austin High School, Austin, Tex., 1964; B.A., University of Texas, Austin, ...

Magdalena Mudwin Cotton (Doggett) MP (c.1455 - c.1554)

Margaret Doggett MP (c.1702 - 1733)

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Margaret George (Doggett) MP (1686 - 1733)

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Mary Lewes (Doggett) MP (1600 - 1676)

Marriage: 1624 - Horsmonden, Kent, England

Mary Doggett MP (c.1602 - c.1602)

Rebecca Doggett (Baily) MP (1640 - 1731)

RECORD: 1. Sidney Perley, Editor, Essex Antiquarian (The) (Reprint 1988, Anundusen Publishing CO., Decorah, Ia.), VOl. V pg. 123. "b. 24:9:1641 in Salisbury; m. first Isaac Brown Aug. 22, 1661; and s...

Rebecca Wilder (Doggett) MP (1655 - 1728)

Rebecca married on 30 Nov 1675 in Hingham to John Wilder,son of Edward Wilder and Elizabeth Eames.Rebecca is the daughhter of Thomas Daggett and his wife,the widow Joane -----Chillingsworth. Links ...

Richard Doggett MP (c.1481 - 1526)

Parents and wife of Richard Doggett are unknown. Andrew Duckett is not of this line. Born before 1520, Richard is the earliest known Doggett in this line. Names of parents and spouse unknown. Specu...

Richard Doggett MP (c.1672 - 1721)

Richard Doggett was born on 1672 in Lancaster County, Virginia, United States to Reverend Benjamin L. Doggett and Jane Garrard Doggett. Richard married Elizabeth Bushrod and had 4 children: Georg...

Sarah Sherman (Doggett) MP (1646 - 1680)


Sarah Ann Reynolds (Doggett) MP (c.1745 - c.1793)

Mentioned in her father's will. Mentioned in her father's will. Sarah Ann Doggett was born c. 1745 to George Doggett and Ann Chattin Doggett. Sarah Ann married Benjamin Reynolds. Sarah Ann Doggett Re...

Shadrack Doggett MP (c.1808 - d.)

Shadrach Doggett 1850 United States Federal Census Birth: Circa 1808 - Georgia, United States Residence: 1850 - Watkinsville District, Clarke, Georgia, USA Schedule: Population Wife (implie...

Susanna Doggett (Smith) MP (c.1775 - d.)


Thomas Doggett MP (1775 - 1850)

Thomas Doggett Birth: 1775 - Bedford Co., VA Death: After 1850 - Campbell Co., GA Parents: Chattin Doggett, Sarah Doggett Wife: Susanna Doggett (born Smith) Wife: Jane Doggett (born Bell) ...


Wife of Richard Doggett MP (c.1485 - 1580)

E1 RICHARD DOGGETT, resident of Groton, Suffolk, in mid 16th century. Name of wife unknown. Children (Doggett): E11 John d. 1565 E12 Alice m. Mr. Lappadge m. William More E13 Anne d. ...

William "the Younger" Doggett MP (1557 - 1610)

William Doggett Find a Grave E115 WILLIAM DOGGETT (the younger), son of John Doggett; b. 1557; d. 10 Oct 1610, Boxford, Suffolk; bur. Boxford; m. 1 Jun 1591, Boxford, Suffolk, AVIS LAPPADGE, his firs...

William Doggett, II MP (c.1598 - 1670)

Was a merchant in Ipswich, Suffolk, engaged in the selling of woolen and other goods. William Doggett, II was born on February 7, 1598/99 in Boxford, Suffolk, England to William Doggett and Avice Lap...

William Doggett MP (1672 - 1710)

Doggett (1730 - 1730)

? Doggett (deceased)

? Doggett (deceased)

?? Doggett (deceased)

?? Doggett (1843 - d.)

?? Doggett (deceased)

??? Doggett (deceased)

Abbie Doggett (Mason) (deceased)

Abe Arvel Doggett (1909 - 1993)

Abigail Doggett (1757 - 1811)

Abigail Doggett (Allen) (1700 - 1785)

Abigail Doggett (deceased)

Abigail Eames (Doggett) (1711 - d.)

Abigail Doggett (1728 - d.)

Abigail Doggett (Davenport) (deceased)

Abigail Weston (Doggett) (deceased)

Abigail Doggett (House) (1728 - c.1805)

Abigail Doggett (Pratt) (deceased)

Abigail Whiting Doggett (deceased)

Abigail Doggett (deceased)

Abigail P Doggett/Brainard? (Sawyer) (deceased)

Abigail Copeland (Doggett) (1728 - d.)

Abigail Doggett (House) (c.1728 - d.)

Abigal Doggett (Allen) (1701 - 1789)

Abner Doggett (c.1729 - d.)

Abner Doggett (1749 - 1807)

Absalom Doggett (1800 - d.)

Ada McElroy (Doggett) (deceased)

Addison Doggett (1849 - d.)

Adrian Clifton Doggett (1917 - 1926)

Agnes Pearl Boettcher (Doggett) (1884 - 1963)

Alberta Doggett (McMillan) (deceased)

Alfred J Doggett (deceased)

Alice Ragland Doggett (Barnes) (c.1874 - d.)

Alice Doggett (deceased)

My second cousin nine times removed, and my third cousin ten times removed through her great grandfather's sister, Alice Doggett. [Harry Kenneth Doggett] Mentioned in her father's will. Sources: ...

Alice Doggett (deceased)

My third cousin eight times removed, and my fourth cousin nine times removed through her great great grandmother, Alice Doggett. [Harry Kenneth Doggett] Died after Nov. 1706. Sources: 1. Suffolk ...

Alice Mary Holmes (Doggett) (1862 - 1941)

Alice Doggett (Cates) (deceased)

Alice Ann Doggett (Daggett) (1770 - 1820)

Alice Graves Doggett (Hurst) (deceased)

alice lappage (doggett) (1530 - 1585)

Alice Ann Doggett (1859 - d.)

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Alice Winifred Doggett (Murray), Mrs (1898 - d.)

Allen H Doggett (1826 - d.)