Antonia Juana Domínguez de Mendoza MP (c.1670 - 1748)

Antonio Domínguez de Mendoza MP (c.1660 - d.)

Antonio Domínguez de Mendoza MP (1648 - d.)

Damiana Domínguez de Mendoza MP (c.1630 - c.1680)

Nothing confirming her death in Santa Fe, but if she did die there during Popeh's rebellion, this was the series of events she experienced around the time of her death (all dates in Gregorian calendar)...

Elena Domínguez de Mendoza MP (1620 - 1680)

On August 8, 1625, Tomé Domínguez de Mendoza, merchant and citizen of the City of Mexico," and his wife, Elena de la Cruz, gave power of attorney to Francisco Franco authorizing him to go...

Francisco Domínguez de Mendoza MP (1617 - d.)

José Domínguez de Mendoza MP (1664 - d.)

Juan Domínguez de Mendoza MP (deceased)

Juan Bartolome (Tome) "El Mozo" Domínguez de Mendoza MP (1626 - 1670)

Settlers of 17th Century New Mexico 1601-1680. El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro brought wagon trains of good to trade as well as new settlers into New Mexico. The Spanish government kept strict contr...

Juan Mateo Domínguez de Mendoza López MP (c.1660 - 1731)

Juan and his brother Diego, were seriously wounded by poison arrows during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680,

Juana Domínguez de Mendoza MP (1662 - 1717)

Leonor Domínguez de Mendoza MP (1642 - 1680)

Estefaña Dominguez MP (1723 - 1783)

Teresa Domínguez de Mendoza MP (c.1689 - d.)

Anselmo Domínguez de Mendoza Cordero (1717 - d.)

Antonio Dominguez de Mendoza Rueda (1648 - 1689)

Baltasar Domínguez de Mendoza (deceased)

Barbara Dominguez de Mendoza Marquez (deceased)

Diego Dominguez de Mendoza Marquez (deceased)

Elena Dominguez de Mendoza Marquez (deceased)

Estefania de los Dolores Miera y Pacheco (Dominguez de Mendoza) (c.1723 - d.)

Francisca Márquez (Dominguez de Mendoza) (deceased)

Francisco Dominguez de Mendoza (1618 - d.)

Isabel Dominguez de Mendoza Marquez (deceased)

Josefa Dominguez de Mendoza Marquez (deceased)

Joseph Anselmo Dominguez De Mendoza-Cordero (deceased)

Juan Ignacio Dominguez de Mendoza Marquez (deceased)

Juana Catalina Dominguez de Mendoza (deceased)

Luis Dominguez de Mendoza Marquez (deceased)

Margarita Dominguez de Mendoza Marquez (1712 - d.)

Maria Dominguez de Mendoza Garcia (c.1678 - d.)

María Domínguez de Mendoza (deceased)

María Catalina de la Rosa Domínguez de Mendoza Varela (deceased)

María Isabel Domínguez de Mendoza Zapiáin (deceased)

Simon Dominguez de Mendoza Marquez (deceased)

Thomas Antonio Dominguez De Mendoza-Varela (c.1681 - d.)

Thome Dominguez De Mendoza-Lopez (c.1660 - d.)

Tomas Dominguez de Mendoza (1704 - d.)

Tome Dominguez De Mendoza (c.1639 - d.)

Tome Dominguez de Mendoza (1626 - 1680)

Tomás Antonio Domínguez de Mendoza Varela (deceased)