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. Don-Yachya (deceased)

Aharon Don-Yachya (b. - 1973)

Aryeh Leib Hillel Don-Yachya (deceased)

Avraham Ber Don-Yachya (1800 - c.1838)

Avraham Don-Yachya (deceased)

Baruch Don-Yachya (1755 - 1830)

The daughter of Elijah, the Wilna Gaon, was Pesche Batja, wife of Rabbi Zvi Hersh ben Yitzhak Donchin. The antecedents of Yitzhak Donchin have not as yet been discovered but every appearance of that ...

Baruch Rafael Don-Yachya (b. - 1941)

Baruch Shemuel Don-Yachya (1827 - d.)

[jowbr]J_MINSK_2_RECNUM2 JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry - Minsk Name (Other Surnames) DON-YICHYE, Rabbi Boruch Shmuel Father Avraham Cemetery Name City / Country Borisov / Belarus

Basia Don Yachya (Mednitsky) (1899 - d.)

Batya Don-Yachya (Eisenstein) (1912 - 1995)

Chaim Don-Yachya (Don-Yechia) (c.1799 - c.1840)

died before 1840, when born Hayim, son of Shabbetay

Chana Donchin (Don-Yachya) (deceased)

Chana Meirsohn (Don-Yachya) (1820 - d.)

Chaya Don-Yachya (1798 - d.)

Daniel Don-Yachya (deceased)

David Don-Yachya (c.1826 - d.)

David Don-Yachya (1905 - 1984)

Dina Don Yachya (Hozenfoter) (deceased)

Dina Cherlin (Don-Yachya) (deceased)

Eliezer Don-Yachya (1839 - 1927)

" [jowbr]J_VITEBSK_2_RECNUM122" Died Daled tevet 1927 Rabbi of Ludza, Latvia.

Elka Don-Yachya (Zioni) (1840 - 1915)

Elka Don-Yachya (deceased)

Ester Nehamkin (Don-Yachya) (1881 - c.1941)

name NECHAMKINMaiden name DONCHINOther family nameGiven name EstherFatherMotherDate of birth 1881 10 09Place of birth LutzinDate of deathPlace of deathPrewar residence ZilupeWar residence ZilupeOccupat...

Ester Don-Yachya (c.1888 - d.)

Faya Don-Yachya (deceased)

first Don-Yachya (Don-Yechia) (deceased)

Frieda Levin (Don-Yachya) (deceased)

Hayim Don-Yachya (c.1840 - c.1914)

Hayim Don-Yachya (c.1847 - c.1943)

Hayim Raphael Don-Yachya (1828 - 1845)

Iukhon Doniach (Don-Yachya) (c.1870 - c.1924)

Malka Don-Yachya (Zioni) (c.1817 - 1866)

Malka Zioni (Don-Yachya) (1866 - 1950)

Menachem Mann Don-Yachya (deceased)

Menachem Mendel Don-Yachya, [Plate 172] (b. - 1770)

Died between 1770-1785 according to the date of birth of his ggson calculated birth. R' Yosef Shlomo was also a descendant of the Ibn Yahya family, his father being Menachem Don Yahya.

Moisey Don-Yachya (c.1886 - d.)

Moshe Gershon Don-Yachya (1910 - 1941)

Family name DONCHIN Maiden name Other family name Given name Mosus / Moisey Father Benzion Mother Haja Date of birth 1910 04 03 Place of birth Lutzin Date of death Place of de...

Naftali Don-Yachya (1848 - 1898)

Rabbi Shepsel had four sons, three became rabbis and the forth was known as a phylologyst and mathematician. He married a wealthy dwinsky family and became the brother-in-law of Eliezer ben Yehudah

Naftali 1-st wife Don-Yachya (Ratz) (b. - c.1892)

Rebecca Don-Yachya (1896 - 1896)

Reizel Don-Yachya (1895 - d.)

14/03 1895 father Naftali Shebshelevich Doniakh mother Lea-Yosel Biniaminovna Tshervinski daughter Reizel

Rivka Kats (Don-Yachya) (1884 - 1941)

Source Pages of Testimony Last Name KACIENE Last Name KATZ First Name RIVKA Maiden Name* DON JIKHIE Mother's First Name ELKA Sex Female Date of Birth 1884 Place of Birth LUDZA,LUDZAS,...

second Don-Yachya (deceased)

Shabetay Don-Yachya (1817 - 1907)

born 1817, renowned Gaon and Chassid, among the leaders of the Chabad movement, in 1847 Rabbi in Drissa, died 1907. Sons Chaim, Menachem and Eliezer.Half brother of Zvi Hirsh, Zelig, David, Shlomo, Slo...

Shabtay Don-Yachya (1909 - 1981)

of Birth: 1909Date of Death: 19/12/1981Year of Aliyah: 1931Place of Birth: LatviaEducationStudied at the Rav Kook Yeshiva and the Hebrew University; certified as a teacherAdditional NotesResigned form ...

Shoshana Naiman (Don-Yachya) (1913 - d.)

DONIAKH, Susana Leib, Khaim Muska, Shlemo - 14/1/1913 - Vilnius Vilnius Vilnius Family from Vizhunsky Vilnius 1913 F35 2205083 / 6 553 LVIA/728/4/229

Shulamit Meirson (Don-Yachya) (1909 - c.1933)

DONIAKH, Sulamit Leiba, Khaim Musia Beilia, Shliomo - 24/10/1909 - Vilnius Vilnius Vilnius Family from Vizunsky Vilnius 1909 F398 2205078 / 7 782 LVIA/728/4/174

Simon Don-Yachya (c.1886 - d.)

Slova Levin (Don Yachya) (deceased)

died before 1934, when her granddaughter Slova was born.

Slova Levin (Don-Yachya), P.179 (deceased)

Unknown Don-Yachya (deceased)

Unknown Meyerson (Don-Yachya) (deceased)

Unknown Don-Yachya (deceased)

Yehuda Leib Don-Yachya (1869 - 1941)

Yehuda Leib Don Yichye came to the Volozhin Yeshiva asHanatsiv's disciple, at age nineteen.It was during the year 5649 (1888). He was there until 5652 (1891).He recorded loving stories about the Netziv...