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Chaim Doniach (Don Yechia), P.182. E-L117 (1840 - 1913)

of Drissa in 1909 Hayim Doniach, son of ShabbetayDoniach Drissa (gouv. Witeb.)

Chaim Don-Yachya (Don-Yechia) (c.1799 - c.1840)

died before 1840, when born Hayim, son of Shabbetay

David Don-Yechia (1792 - 1832)

Dina Kudritzin (Don-Yechia) (c.1830 - 1903)

first Don-Yachya (Don-Yechia) (deceased)

Hayim Raphael Danskio (Don-Yechia) (c.1832 - 1899)

The following letter from Chaim Rafael Don Yechiya To the grandson of my brother Shlomo, whom I do not know personally, but whose letter was as if I see him before me, I send my best greetings; that ...

Masha Sheina Don-Yechia (HaCohen) (c.1875 - d.)

Menachem-Mendel Danskio Donchio (Don-Yechia), [Plate 173] (c.1775 - 1832)

Avraham was born in 1804, so M-M could born before 1785 Baruh was born in 1752, so M-M could born after 1770 Died between 1832 and 1834 in Vidzy, Belarus Menachem Mendel ben Baruch was acclaimed as o...

Shlomo Yitzchak Don-Yechia (c.1822 - 1909)

entitled as rabbi of Ulla in 1909 Shlomo Doniachin, son of Hayim

Shlomo Don-Yechia (1804 - d.)

Shlomo Don Yechia (1813 - d.)