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Adalgisa Maria Apolloni (1914 - d.)

Adolfo Dones (deceased)

Alfred Dones (deceased)

Alice Dones (1863 - d.)

Amalia Bandomero (Dones) (deceased)

Ana Rosario y Rivera (Vergara y Dones) (1921 - 2003)

Anastasia Dones (deceased)

Anna Dones (RUDENS) (1917 - 2010)

Annie Dones (Cushen) (1895 - 1971)

Arthur Albert Dones (deceased)

Basilio Dones (deceased)

Bert Dones (deceased)

Bert Dones (deceased)

Blas Dones (deceased)

Candida Dones (deceased)

Carlota Doñes (deceased)

Carolina Verdugo Dones (1997 - d.)

Clayton George Dones (1891 - 1971)

1900 United States Federal Census : Name: Clayton G Dones Home in 1900: Troy, Geauga, Ohio Age: 9 Birth Date: Apr 1891 Birthplace: Ohio Race: White Ethnicity: American Gender: Male Re...

Cornelia Dones (Malabé) (deceased)

Cristina Dones Aispuro (1967 - d.)

César José Dónes Magáz (1929 - 1994)

David Dones (1925 - d.)

David Behr Dones (deceased)

Dora Abroms (Dones) (c.1898 - d.)

Dr. Henry C Dones (deceased)

Elizabeth Dones (deceased)

Eloisa Dones-Velázquez (deceased)

Elvin Dones-Velázquez (deceased)

Elvin Dones (deceased)

Emilio Dones (deceased)

Esther Maria Dones Velazquez (1928 - 2014)

Evalyn Hynard (Dones) (deceased)

FIDEL DONES (deceased)


Florence Mae Sandy (Dones) (deceased)

Zena Dare (c.1887 - 1975)

Miss Zena Dare, an English singer and actress, famous for her charming, graceful and vivacious performances in Edwardian musicals and comedies in the first decade of the 20th century. Decades later she...

Franca Lorè (Dones) (deceased)

Francisco de Jesús-Dones, Jr. (deceased)

Frank Dones (deceased)

Félix Dones-Duffaut (Dufau) (1898 - 1984)

Giuseppe Dones (deceased)

Harriette Amelia Dones (Wheeler) (deceased)

Hermogenes Dones (deceased)

Jaime Dones, Sr. (deceased)

Jane Dones (c.1804 - d.)

Javier Dones (deceased)

Jesus Dones Duffau (deceased)

Joaquin Dones (deceased)

Jody Dones (deceased)

John Dones (1899 - 1968)

Jorge Alberto Verdugo Dones (1994 - d.)

Jorge Luis NIeves Dones (deceased)

Jose Alejandro Verdugo Dones (2004 - d.)

Josephine Dones (deceased)

Juan Dones (deceased)

Juan Dones (deceased)

Juan Dones (deceased)

Juana Dones de Juarez (Dones) (deceased)

Justine Diaz (Dones) (deceased)

Kathryn Louisa Gardner (1902 - 1980)

Ohio Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2002 : Name: Kathryn L Dones Birth Date: 1903 Birth State: Ohio Birth Country: United States Gender: Female Race: White Residence City: Warren ...

Leoncia Dones (Reyes) (deceased)

Mabel Dones (1910 - d.)

Margarita Regalado Doñes (1925 - 2008)

Maria Daria Dones (1918 - 1995)

Marina Dones (deceased)

Mary de Jesús-Dones (deceased)

Maŕıa de Jesús Dones y Basulto (c.1810 - d.)

Matilde Dones Arroyo (deceased)

Minnie Dones (deceased)


Muriel Steele (Dones) (1920 - 1993)

Nelson de Jesús-Dones (deceased)

Nery Farrales (Dones) (1927 - 2002)

Nicolasa Ballesteros Tan (Dones) (1908 - 1999)

Nilsa Dones (deceased)

Pablo Dones (deceased)

Paulina Rios de Dones (deceased)

Pedro Dones (deceased)

Phyllis Dare (1890 - 1975)

Phyllis was three and a half years younger than her sister, Zena. Both adopted the stage name of ‘Dare’ when they were contracted to appear in an 1899 Christmas pantomime, Babes in the Wo...

Rafael Dones (deceased)

Rafael Dones (deceased)

Richard Dones (deceased)

Richard Dones Sr. (deceased)

Rubén Dones-Velázquez (deceased)

Sadie Marsh (Dones) (1923 - 1999)

Susan Rodecker (Smith, Dones) (1940 - 2007)

Sylvia Dones (deceased)

Unknown Dones (deceased)

Victorio Dones-Malabé (c.1862 - d.)

William S. Dones (1922 - 2011)

William Dones (1863 - d.)

Yetta Dones (Kallman) (deceased)