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2ED WIFE Dotti (deceased)

??? IST WIFE Dotti (deceased)

Afonso Dotti (deceased)

Alberto Dotti (deceased)

Alexander Dotti (1808 - 1859)

Alfredo Dotti (deceased)

Amelia Corina Dotti (deceased)

Américo Dotti (deceased)

Andrea Paolo Mario Dotti (1938 - 2007)

Dotti met Hepburn on a cruise and fell in love with her on a trip visiting Greek ruins. He married her on 18 January 1969. Hepburn stated at the time that she and Dotti expected to have children togeth...

Anita Dotti (deceased)

Anna Dotti (deceased)

Antonietta Negri (Dotti) (deceased)

Antonietta Dotti (deceased)

Antonio Dotti (deceased)

Antonio Dotti (c.1868 - d.)

Braulio Jatar Dotti (b. - 1999)

Bruno Dotti (1914 - 2001)

Catalina Giosa Dotti (deceased)

Cosme Jatar Dotti (deceased)

Cosmer Jatar Dotti (deceased)

Costanza Dotti (deceased)

Cristina Alfieri (Dotti Bernasconi) (deceased)

Daniela Dotti (deceased)

Delfina Dotti Montanari (b. - 1970)

Dina Dotti (deceased)

Dinka Dotti (Botteri) (c.1680 - d.)

Domenica Muggiasca (Dotti) (1824 - 1895)

Domenico Dotti (deceased)

Elisabeth Straton (Dotti) (deceased)

Elizabeth Portanova (Dotti) (deceased)

Elvira Dotti (1906 - d.)

Ernesto Dotti (deceased)

Ersilla DeBerti (Dotti) (1878 - 1965)

Estela Dotti (1947 - 1947)

Ester Dotti (deceased)

F Dotti (deceased)

FRANK STEPSON Dotti (deceased)

Gaetana Cozzi (1906 - 1972)

Giacomo dotti (deceased)

Gianni Dotti (deceased)

Gianni Detto Giannino Dotti (1933 - 2007)

Giovani (John) Dotti (1784 - d.)

Giovanni Dotti (deceased)

Giuditta Dotti (Beltraminelli) (1824 - d.)

Giuseppi Dotti (deceased)

Hanna Solf (Dotti) (deceased)

Hawa Dotti (deceased)

Italo Dotti (deceased)

John William Dotti (deceased)

Joseph Dotti (1811 - 1829)

Josephine Dotti (deceased)

Julio Dotti (deceased)

Lorenzo Dotti (deceased)

Louise Dotti (Miglierine) (deceased)

Lucia Dotti (Canani) (deceased)

Luciana Dotti (deceased)

Lucie Portanova (c.1903 - c.1983)

Lucrezia DOTTI (b. - 1615)

Lucy Dotti (Forster) (1805 - 1874)

Christening: Nov 3 1805 Garragill, Cumberland, England

Lucy Portanova (Dotti) (deceased)

Luigi Dotti (c.1870 - d.)

Maime Polastro (Dotti) (deceased)

Maria DOTTI (1852 - 1928)


Maria Luisa Dotti (1901 - d.)

Mario Dotti (deceased)

Mary Dotti (Acton) (1784 - 1864)

Mary Dotti (1807 - 1809)

María Dotti (deceased)

María Rosa Dotti (deceased)

Michiele Dotti (c.1677 - d.)

Moises Dotti (deceased)

NN Dotti (deceased)

NN Dotti (deceased)

Oreste Dotti (1903 - 1968)

Oscar Dotti (deceased)

Osvaldo Dotti (deceased)

Ottaviana (Iana) Dotti (1911 - 1978)

Renato Dotti (14 - d.)

ROSA DOTTI (deceased)

Rose Dotti (deceased)

Rosetta Dotti (1938 - 1970)

Sara Rossi (Dotti) (deceased)

Simona Dotti (deceased)

TERESA Taversano (DOTTI) (deceased)

Theresa Dotti (c.1865 - d.)

Tomás Dotti (deceased)

Victor Dotti (deceased)

Vilma Dotti (deceased)

Vittoria Dotti (deceased)

Vittorio Dotti (deceased)

Zélia Maria Dotti (Scur) (1925 - 2013)