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Alcy McNulty (Doublehead) MP (c.1800 - c.1838)

Bird Tail Doublehead MP (1795 - 1857)

"Princess" Cornblossom Doublehead MP (1770 - 1810)

CORNBLOSSOM was reported to have been the daughter of the second wife of DOUBLEHEAD (TALTSUSKA), and about twelve years old in 1779 and eight years old at the signing of the Treaty of Sycamore Shoals i...

Doublehead Doublehead MP (deceased)

Son of Doublehead by 5th wife, according to

Gu-Lu-Sti-Yu Riley (Doublehead), Long Hair Clan MP (1756 - 1802)

Gu-Lu-Sti-Yu Doublehead was born about 1766 Parents: Chief Doublehead b: ABT 1744 in Stearns, KY and Create Priber b: ABT 1740 in Stearns, KY Married: in Georgia to Samuel Riley b: 1747 in Prin...

Chuqualatague Incalatanga Taltsuska "Doublehead" MP (c.1744 - c.1807)

Note that "Chuqualataque" is a title, not a name! Doublehead (1744–1807) or Incalatanga (Tal-tsu'tsa in Cherokee), was one of the most feared warriors of the Cherokee during the Chickamauga ...

Kateeyeah Doublehead (Wilson) MP (c.1770 - d.)

Keziah Dishman (Doublehead), Sister of Pumpkin Boy MP (c.1754 - 1835)

Daughter of Willenawah (Great Eagle), not of Doublehead. Sister of Pumpkin Boy according to affadavit by Pumpkin Boy's daughter Catherine Spencer. See Birth: 1754 Death: 1835 Wayne County Kentu...

Na-Ni Doublehead, daughter of Willenawah MP (c.1750 - d.)

1. info from As compiled here, Nancy would be of the Paint Clan but so would her husband, the Badger. This would be forbidden under th...

Nannie Doublehead (Drumgoole) MP (c.1775 - 1850)

Ni-gu-da-yi Riley (Doublehead) MP (c.1766 - c.1820)

Clan: Long Hair Nigodigeyu is a sister to Gulustiyu. They were married at the same time to Samuel Riley.

Peggy Wilson (Doublehead) MP (c.1800 - c.1838)

Saleechie Doublehead MP (c.1764 - 1846)

Info to add: Chief Chuqualatague Doublehead, Creat Doublehead (born Priber) Husband: Chief George Colbert Daughter: Nancy Tharp (born Colbert)

Susannah Chisholm (Doublehead) MP (c.1805 - c.1838)

Tassel Doublehead MP (deceased)

Tuckahoe Doublehead MP (c.1750 - 1807)

Tuskiahooto Colbert (Doublehead) MP (1757 - c.1817)

Two Heads Doublehead MP (deceased)

Son of Doublehead by 5th wife, according to

William Doublehead MP (1802 - d.)

Son of Doublehead by 5th wife, according to

Anne Doublehead (deceased)

Annie Sixkiller (Doublehead) (deceased)

Bird Doublehead (deceased)

Cherokee Chief Doublehead (deceased)

Cherokee Chief Doublehead (deceased)

Chief Doublehead (1730 - 1807)

Chief Doublehead (deceased)

Chief Doublehead (deceased)

Chief Chaqualatague Taltsuksa Doublehead (deceased)

Chief Taltsuska Chuqualatague Doublehead (deceased)

Chu Qua La Ta Que Doublehead (1738 - 1808)

Chu Qua Lata Que Doublehead (1744 - 1807)

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Chu Qua La Ta Que Doublehead (1730 - 1807)

Chugitague Doublehead (deceased)

Chuqaulatague Doublehead (deceased)

Cornblossom Troxel (Doublehead) (deceased)

Creat Doublehead (deceased)

Creat Doublehead (Priber) (deceased)

Creat Doublehead (Priber) (deceased)

Double Doublehead (1758 - d.)

Ellen Doublehead (1795 - d.)

Everrtt Mason/doublehead (deceased)

gi-ya-sti sister of doublehead (benge) (deceased)

Jennie Vann (Springston / Doublehead) (1804 - 1863)

Kezish Kizziah Doublehead (deceased)

Kizziah Doublehead (1775 - d.)

Lucy Doublehead (deceased)

Margaret Doublehead (Mounce) (deceased)

Oliver Doublehead (1825 - d.)

salachiee doublehead (deceased)

Saleechie Colbert (Doublehead) (1762 - 1846)

Saleechie Doublehead (1762 - 1846)

Shullachie Doublehead (1762 - 1846)

Sister of Doublehead (c.1730 - d.)

Soluchie Doublehead(Cherokee Indian) (deceased)

Susannah Chisholm (Doublehead) (1805 - d.)

Timson Doublehead (deceased)

Tuckaho Doublehead (1758 - 1800)

Two Heads Doublehead (1768 - d.)

William/bird Mason/doublehead (deceased)