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Aaron Dresdner (deceased)

Abraham Dresdner (deceased)

Adalbert Dresdner (1832 - 1896)

Death record:

Adolf Dresdner (deceased)

Adolf Dresdner (Drezner) (1843 - 1921)

Heirat 1893 Quelle GenTeam Tod 1921 Quelle GenTeam Begräbnis 1921 Drezner Quelle GenTeam

Alan Dresdner (deceased)

Alice Dresdner (deceased)

Allen Dresdner (deceased)

Allen J Dresdner (1931 - 1996)

Amanda Dresdner (deceased)

Amati Dresdner (deceased)

Ameiia Dresdner (deceased)

Amelia Dresdner (deceased)

Anna Dresdner (Karavan) (deceased)

Anna Mattersdorfer (Dresdner) (1900 - d.)

Married in Synagogue of Vienna by Rabbi Schwatz

Ascher Dresdner/Drezner (c.1776 - 1835)

Avraham Yosef Dresdner (deceased)

Avraham Yosef Dresdner (deceased)

Torah scribe

barbara dresdner (1863 - d.)

Barech Tzvi Dresdner (deceased)

Basha Nemtzov (DRESDNER) (deceased)

Bechi Vitil DRESDNER (deceased)

Benjamin Dresdner (deceased)

Berl Dresdner (1942 - c.1943)

Berl Dresdner lived in Sybelstrasse 61 in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Berl Dresdner was born in 1942. Prior to WWII he lived in Berlin, Germany. During the war he was in Berlin, Germany. Deported with Tra...

Berta Dresdner (Fränkel) (1880 - 1942)

Berta Dresdner (deceased)

bertha dresdner (deceased)

Bertha Dresdner (1879 - 1899)

Bertha Berta Lang (Dresdner) (1865 - d.)

Betty Nemtzov (Dresdner) (1911 - d.)

Boruch Tzvi DRESDNER (deceased)

Boruch Tzvi DRESDNER (deceased)

Chaim Dresdner (deceased)

Chana Aidil DRESDNER (deceased)

Chana Udel Dresdner (deceased)

Chana DRESDNER (deceased)

Chana Dresdner (deceased)

Chana Rita - Dresdner (Miller) (1903 - 1983)

Charlotte Dresdner (deceased)

Chava Dresdner (Schmerlowitz) (deceased)

Chawe Rifka Dresdner (1798 - d.)

Chaya DRESDNER (deceased)

Chaya Clara Dresdner (Mikulincer) (1918 - 2000)

Chayim Shmuel DRESDNER (deceased)

Clara Dresdner (deceased)

Clara Dresdner (Altman) (deceased)

Clara Dresdner (Altman) (deceased)

D. Dresdner (deceased)

daughter Dresdner (1811 - 1811)

David Dresdner (deceased)

Devorah Golda Dresdner (deceased)

Devorah Golda Dresdner (deceased)

Dorothy Dresdner (deceased)

Dr. Emmanuel Dresdner (deceased)

Dr. Felicja, Felicitas Dresdner (1900 - c.1943)

Dr. Felicja Dresdner / Dresduer was born in Czerniowce, Cernauti, Bukovina, Romania in 10/11/1900 1900 to Emmanuel and Julia. She was a physician and single. Prior to WWII she lived in Tokarzewskiego 6...

Dr. Robert Ignetz Dresdner (1899 - 1940)

Second lieutenant Robert Dresdner was born in 1895 to Emanuel. He was a physician. Prior to WWII he lived in Lwow, Poland. During the war he was in Kozelsk, Russia (USSR). Second lieutenant Dresdner wa...

Edwin Dresdner (b. - 1901)

Eileen (Linda) Bruskin (1930 - 2007)

Elozor DRESDNER (deceased)

Else Dresdner (Heidenfeld) (deceased)

Emma Dresdner (deceased)

Enrique Guillermo Dresdner Graupe (1855 - 1904)

Erich Dresdner (deceased)

Erna Bower (Dresdner) (deceased)

Ernestine Dresdner (deceased)

Ernestine Dresdner (deceased)

Esther Rivka DRESDNER (deceased)

Eva Dresdner (deceased)

Eva Dresdner (deceased)

Eva Dresdner (deceased)

Faige DRESDNER (Margolis) (deceased)

fani dresdner (1874 - d.)

Feigel Dresdner (Pitzele) (c.1776 - 1840)

Felix Dresdner (1901 - c.1943)

Felix Dresdner lived in Sybelstrasse 61 in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Felix Dresdner was born in Muenster in Westfallen, Germany in 1901. Prior to WWII he lived in Berlin, Germany. During the war he was ...

Ferdinand Dresdner (deceased)

Ferdinand Dresdner (deceased)

Fettel Dresdner (deceased)

Fraide Heni Friedman (DRESDNER) (deceased)

Frances Dresdner (Karet) (1921 - 2011)

Frances Dresdner (Karet) (1921 - 2011)

Francis Dresdner (Zahler) (deceased)

Franziska Dresdner (deceased)

Freida Dresdner (deceased)

Fridrich Dresdner (deceased)

Frieda Dresdner (deceased)

Friederike Dresdner (Bielschowsky) (1862 - d.)

Genendla Dresdner (Szpada) (1908 - c.2001)

Gertrude Dresdner (Liebes) (1898 - 1982)

Gisella Golda Dresdner (Sroh) (1872 - 1942)

Gizella Dresdner (deceased)

Grete Dresdner (deceased)

Handel Dresdner (deceased)

Harry Dresdner (1900 - 1968)

Harry Dresdner (deceased)

Hedwig Maria Habit (Dresdner) (1885 - c.1959)

Hena Splitter (Dresdner) (1851 - d.)

Splitter (born Dresdner)MyHeritage Family Treesמשפחת שינדל / Schindel Family, managed by איתי ש&...

Henni Aidel DRESDNER (deceased)

Henriette Dresdner (deceased)

Hermine Dresdner (Katscher) (1854 - 1918)

Hermine Weiss (Dresdner) (1867 - d.)