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Alice Dummer (Archer) MP (c.1603 - c.1661)

Alice was the daugther of Christopher & Alice Archer. She married Stephen Dummer in England. To this union, 9 children were born: Jane Dorothy Richard Thomas Stephen Nathaniel Sarah A...

Hannah Allen (Dummer) MP (1647 - 1668)

First wife of Rev.James Allen of Boston.Inscription:21yrs, wife of James* Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Feb 14 2017, 4:51:54 UTC

Jane Sewall (Dummer) MP (1628 - 1701)

from: Immigrated on the Bevis, arriving June 1638 with her parents Alice Archer and Stephen Dummer. She and her husband returned to England with her parents in 1647. They returned to England with s...

Jeremiah Dummer MP (1643 - 1718)

First American born silversmith. Hull had an apprentice, Jeremiah Dummer (1645-1718), an excellent silversmith who subsequently became as successful as his former master, holding the positions of Count...

Martha Wentworth (Dummer) MP (1659 - 1709)

Note: Added by Elwin C. Nickerson -Martha's last name. NOTE No Stewart in our family records ,But your choice I guess! Some Wentworth Genealogy says that the Dummer family name for Martha is only a com...

Mary Jane Dummer (Mason) MP (c.1610 - 1637)

Mary was a follower of Roger Williams and Anne Hutchison who believed in tolerance. Mary and Richard were banished to Boston. The settlers of Roxbury originally comprised the congregation of the Firs...

Mary Dummer (Rishworth) MP (c.1638 - d.)

Richard Dummer, Sr. MP (c.1598 - 1678)

Arrived From England 1632 Made his fortune as a trader in England. Was a Puritan. Emigrated to Massachusetts Bay Colony From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Richard Dummer (c.1589 – 14 December 1679...

Shubael Dummer, Rev. MP (1636 - 1691)

Added by Elwin Nickerson II My Great Grandfather- Graduated From HARVARD College in 1656-Ordained Dec. 3,1672-Married 1656- KILLED By Indians Jan. 25,1691 == From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ...

Stephen Pyldren Dummer MP (1599 - 1670)

Of Bishopstoke, England (Emigrated to New England with his brother Richard, on Richard's return trip to America. Stephen and wife stayed only a short time, then returned to England, leaving at least ...

William Dummer of Dummer's War MP (1677 - 1761)

Acting Governor of Massachusetts Bay 1723-1728 and 1729-1730. Governor Dummer Academy formed on his bequest on his property in Byfield. The towns of Dummer, NH and Dummerston, VT are named after his as...

Dummer MP (c.1603 - c.1675)

"Yorkshire" Dummer MP (1560 - d.)

2nd Mrs. (FNU) Dummer ((LNU)) MP (deceased)

? Dummer MP (b. - c.1899)

? Meyer (Dummer) MP (deceased)

Abigail Dummer MP (deceased)

Abigail Dummer MP (deceased)

Abigail Dummer MP (1808 - d.)

Abigail Shepard (Dummer) MP (1808 - 1889)

Adam August Dummer MP (1826 - 1871)

Agnes Eola Dummer MP (1905 - 1973)

Agnes Franziska Dummer MP (1895 - d.)

Albert Dummer MP (deceased)

Albert Dummer MP (deceased)

Albert H. Dummer MP (1878 - 1943)

Albert worked in the plumbing business in Manitowoc Wisconsin in 1910 Census. He came to the US in 1890 when he was 11 years old, probably with his relatives. He came from Germany and was born in Germa...

Albert Dummer MP (c.1843 - d.)

Albertine Wilhelmine Dummer (Sonntag) MP (c.1835 - d.)

Albertine Dummer (Dunkel) MP (c.1834 - 1878)

Alberto Dummer MP (deceased)

Alexander Dummer MP (1883 - 1916)

Alfred Dummer MP (deceased)

Alice Dummer MP (c.1568 - 1568)

Alice Dummer (Matthew) MP (deceased)

Alice Pyldren Pyldrym(alias)Dummer MP (1522 - 1603)

Alida Dummer MP (deceased)

Alwine Florentine Dummer MP (deceased)

Amelia Dummer (Behringer) MP (1874 - 1930)

Ann Dummer MP (1626 - 1687)

Ann Dummer (Colebrook) MP (deceased)

Ann Dummer MP (deceased)

Ann Dummer MP (1770 - d.)

Ann Wooldridge (Dummer) MP (deceased)

Anna Dummer (Atwater) MP (1654 - d.)

Anna Dummer Powell (Powell) MP (1684 - 1764)

Anna Powell (Dummer) MP (1684 - 1764)

Painted by John Singletary Copley in 1764

Anna Maria Knop (Dummer) MP (1848 - 1918)

Anna May Dummer MP (c.1847 - 1927)

Census of 1900 shows Anna May and her sister Grace, at the time 53 and 60 respectively, living as boarders with an unrelated family in Jacksonville City, IL.

Anna Marquardt (Dummer) MP (b. - 1920)

In 1920 Federal Census married. Living with her and her husband was Henrietta Dummer, described as a Mother in Law.

Anna Elisabeth Dummer (Burzlaff) MP (c.1742 - 1807)

Anna Friederike Dummer MP (1829 - 1906)

Caroline Sonntag MP (1836 - 1892)

Anna Dummer (Klemp) MP (deceased)

Anna Catharina Dummer MP (1776 - d.)

Anna Catharina Dummer MP (1754 - d.)

Anna Dummer (Flehmer) MP (1856 - 1926)

Anna Barbara Voll (Dummer) MP (c.1757 - 1806)

Anna Christine Hafer (Dummer) MP (c.1797 - 1855)

Anna Christine Dummer (Trapp) MP (c.1797 - 1843)

Anna Franziska Dorau (Dummer) MP (1887 - d.)

Annam Dummer MP (1757 - d.)

Arnold Wilhelm Dümmer MP (1916 - 1982)

Arthur Delno Dummer MP (1897 - 1981)

Arthur Jr. Dummer MP (1955 - 1955)

Arthur Dummer MP (1904 - 1962)

Arthur Dummer MP (deceased)

August Dummer MP (deceased)

notes say they lived in South Dakota

August Dummer MP (deceased)

August Michael Dummer MP (1863 - d.)

August Dummer MP (1805 - 1805)

August Dummer MP (deceased)

August Ferdinand Dummer MP (1842 - d.)

August Daniel Dummer MP (deceased)

August Christian Dummer MP (1839 - 1901)

Auguste Philippine Fach MP (deceased)

Augusto Dummer MP (deceased)

Augustus Dummer MP (deceased)

Barbara Dummer (Domier) MP (deceased)

Barbara Dummer MP (1933 - 2007)

Barbara Dummer (Cornelius) MP (deceased)

Barbara Eva Dummer (Szeupk) MP (deceased)

bernard Dummer MP (deceased)

Bernardus Dummer MP (1915 - 1989)

Bertha Johanna Therese Dummer (Schulz) MP (1866 - d.)

Bertha Caroline Dummer MP (deceased)

Bertha Friederike Johanna Dommer (Dummer) MP (deceased)

Bertie Dummer MP (1894 - 1964)

Bessie W Dummer MP (1886 - 1886)

Bruno Herman Dummer MP (1905 - d.)

Carl Dümmer MP (1852 - 1930)

Carl Wilhelm Dummer MP (1808 - 1847)

Carl Ernst Dummer MP (deceased)

Carl Emil Dummer MP (deceased)

Carlos Jorge Dümmer Oswald MP (1923 - 1996)

Carolina Dummer MP (deceased)

Caroline PEASE (Dummer) MP (deceased)

Caroline Louise Dummer MP (1848 - 1902)

Caroline Dummer (Tandetzke) MP (c.1810 - 1884)

Caroline Wilhelmine Dummer (Hinz) MP (1859 - d.)

Caroline Albertine Dummer MP (1840 - d.)