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Josephine Sarah Earp (Marcus) MP (1861 - 1944)

recent data seems to indicate that she was born in Brooklyn, New York. Josephine Sarah Marcus (born ca. 1861 - died December 19, 1944) was an American actress and professional dancer who became bes...

JOSIAH Jackson Earp MP (1761 - 1844)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for MARYLAND with the rank of Private. DAR Ancestor # A035571 Josiah helped to guard prisoners taken at the surrender of Cornwallis during the American Revolution...

Mary Earp (Budd) MP (1704 - 1785)

Disconnected Mary Budd Earp from William Budd and Elizabeth Stockton because: 1) Mary Budd b. 1704, d. 1755 m. Joseph Shinn in 1726 in New Jersey and had nine children between 1727 and 1746. All of t...

Wyatt Earp MP (1848 - 1929)

Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp (1848 – 1929) was an American farmer, teamster, buffalo hunter, officer of the law in various Western frontier towns, gambler, saloon-keeper, and miner. He is best known for his ...

(Unnamed Male Child) Earp MP (1872 - 1872)

? Earp MP (deceased)

? Earp (Cooper) MP (deceased)

? Earp MP (deceased)

? Earp Jones MP (deceased)

?? Earp MP (deceased)

?? Zande (Earp) MP (deceased)

?Mary Earp (Tomlinson) MP (deceased)

Abedegno Benjamin Earp MP (1801 - 1883)

Abednego Benjamin Earp, Sr. MP (1763 - 1844)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for Virginia with the rank of Private. DAR Ancestor # A203810

Abendnego Arp (Earp) MP (1761 - 1844)

Abigail Earp (Storm) MP (1813 - 1839)

Abigail Earp (Cooper) MP (1717 - 1780)

Abraham Lincoln Earp MP (1865 - 1865)

Age 5m, son of L D Earp & Syrena IlerBiography: Abraham Lincoln was baptized 12 Mar 1865, age 2 months, witnesses C.P. Rinker and J. Wright, son of L.D. and Mrs. Earp, Res. Dearinger's Class, Minister ...

Achesa Jane Earp (Bute) MP (1847 - 1918)

Ada Katherine Woodley (Earp) MP (1871 - 1957)

Adelia Douglas Edwards (Earp) MP (1861 - 1941)

Adelia Douglas Edwards (Earp) MP (1861 - 1941)

Adeline Frances Powell (Earp) MP (c.1920 - d.)

Adimral Samule Earp MP (1834 - 1904)

Afrha Earp MP (deceased)

Afrha Earp MP (1820 - 1844)

Afrha Earp MP (1820 - 1844)

Alasbeth Earp (O'Neal) MP (1716 - d.)

Albert Taylor Earp MP (deceased)

Albert Earp MP (deceased)

albert earp MP (deceased)

Alex E. Earp MP (1871 - 1945)

Updated from Find A Grave Memorial via Alvira E. Earp (born Fanning) by SmartCopy : May 6 2015, 16:04:01 UTC

Alexander Earp MP (1832 - 1920)

Alexander Earp MP (1832 - 1920)

Alfred S. Or L. Earp MP (1852 - d.)

Alfred Earp MP (deceased)

Alfred Gleaves Earp MP (1918 - d.)

Alfred C Earp MP (c.1831 - aft.1880)

Alice Earp (Bass) MP (deceased)

Alice Earp (Bass) MP (c.1746 - aft.1796)

BASS Alce Date of birth: ABT 1746 Father: John Jr Bass Mother: ? Husband: Earp Alice was bequeathed "one negro woman named Peg and her increase also one negro boy named Pompey" in her fat...

Alice Hannah Thomas (Earp) MP (deceased)

Alice Elizabeth Earp (Harkness) MP (1922 - 1997)

Alice Lyndall Earp MP (1889 - 1897)


Alice Earp MP (deceased)

Alice Elizabeth Earp (Harkness) MP (1922 - c.1997)

Alicia Durman (Earp) MP (1944 - 2003)

Allan Earp MP (deceased)

Allen Earp MP (deceased)

Allen Earp MP (c.1830 - d.)

Allen Milford Earp MP (1796 - 1862)

Allen Earp MP (deceased)

Allie Earp MP (deceased)

Alsabeth Earp (Richardson) MP (c.1748 - c.1794)

Alsey (Alcey) Earp (Pearce) MP (deceased)

Alsey (Alcey) Mitchell (Earp) MP (deceased)

Alton Earp MP (deceased)

Alton Earp MP (c.1908 - d.)

Alvin Henry Earp MP (deceased)

Alvira "Allie" Earp MP (1849 - 1947)

In 1874, Virgil Earp met Alvira "Allie" Sullivan from Florence, Nebraska in Council Bluffs, Iowa, when she was 25. They never married but remained together the rest of his life. Allie was with Virgil i...

Alvira E. Earp (Fanning) MP (1874 - 1949)

Inscription:Wife of Alex* Updated from Find A Grave Memorial via brother A B Fanning by SmartCopy : May 6 2015, 15:41:11 UTC Inscription:Wife of Alex* Updated from Find A Grave Memorial by SmartCopy : ...

Amalia Elizabeth Earp (De Villiers) MP (deceased)

Amanda Earp (Bacon) MP (deceased)

Amanda married a cousin named Charles, and they moved to Livingston County, Illinois.

Amanda Ellen EARP MP (1856 - 1869)

Amanda Mable Standly (Earp) MP (1885 - 1947)


America Earp MP (deceased)

AMOS EARP, Sr. MP (1798 - 1893)

Amos EARP, Jr. MP (1842 - 1920)

Amos Howard EARP MP (1864 - 1937)

Amy Holland (Earp) MP (deceased)

de Olivet MP (deceased)

Andrew P. Earp MP (1860 - d.)

Andrew Earp MP (1850 - d.)

ANN EARP MP (c.1788 - d.)

Ann Renfrow (Earp) MP (1858 - d.)

Ann Chawner (Earp) MP (1779 - 1854)

-------------------------------- Profile and anecdotal information for this individual was obtained from Graham Charles Woodward and his in-depth and thoroughly researched genealogical site . This in...

Ann Ashford (Earp) MP (1798 - d.)

Ann Earp (Butterton) MP (deceased)

Ann Earp (Read) MP (c.1794 - 1850)

Ann Scott (Earp) MP (1824 - 1903)

Anna Earp (Maxwell) MP (1864 - 1898)

Anna Bacon (Earp) MP (c.1805 - 1873)

Anna Earp Bacon arrived in the USA aboard the ship Halcyon. Her family emigrated from Nottingham, England. Arrival was 10 October 1820. Socrates and Anna were married at Phildadelphia 2nd Baptist Chu...

Anna Estelle EARP MP (1858 - 1915)

Anna Earp MP (c.1804 - d.)

Anna Patchett (Earp) MP (deceased)

Anna Earp (Bonsel) MP (deceased)

Anna Phelps (Earp) MP (1831 - 1891)

Anna Earp MP (deceased)

Anna Mary Phelps (Earp) MP (1831 - 1891)

Anna Louisa Earp (Fergus) MP (1860 - 1898)

Anna Mary Phelps (Earp) MP (1831 - 1894)

Anna Eliza Earp (Graham) MP (1825 - d.)

Anne Earp MP (c.1766 - d.)

Anne A. Earp MP (1824 - 1903)

Anne Anderson (Earp) MP (deceased)

Peggy Earp MP (1921 - 2003)

Annie Earp (Alexander) MP (deceased)

Annie Elizabeth Earp (Cadd) MP (1842 - 1931)

IN THE PHOTO: ANNIE ELIZABETH CADD ALEXANDER IS ON THE LEFT. (ON RIGHT IS MARY S. CADD, SISTER-IN-LAW) Born in Hilsden, England and moved to Australia at age 5 where her family became Mormon and move...

Annie Earp (Hackett) MP (deceased)