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"Unknown" ECHAVEZ (deceased)

Abid Candia-Echavez (deceased)

Abundio Alemania Echavez (deceased)

Agapita Echavez (deceased)

Agustin Echavez (deceased)

Alberto Alemania Echavez (deceased)

Alfonsa Echavez (deceased)

Alfonsa Echavez (deceased)


Amando Echavez (deceased)

Amparo Echavez (deceased)

Ana Maria Diago Echavez (deceased)

Ana Maria never married

Anastasia Echavez (1903 - 1987)

Andrea Echavez (deceased)

Angel Echavez (deceased)

Anicetas Zorilla Echavez (deceased)

Antonina Zorilla ECHAVEZ (1894 - 1971)

Antonio Belloso Echavez (deceased)

Aureliano Echavez Herrera (1903 - d.)

Basilio Echavez (deceased)

Bebing Castillon (Echavez) (deceased)

Benedicto Macute Echavez II (1926 - 1951)

Benedicto ECHAVEZ (1870 - 1930)

Legend as orally handed down is that Benedicto Echavez was from Maribojoc, Bohol. A successful Boholano trader, he fell in love with and married the youngest daughter of a local chieftain, Datu Zorilla...

Benito Verano Echavez (c.1886 - c.1928)

benjamin Eastling echavez (1937 - d.)

bernandita mandamian echavez (deceased)

Bernardita Echavez (deceased)

Berta Echavez (deceased)

Bertha Romero Echavez (1919 - 1986)

Betty Cadalzo Echavez (deceased)

Beverly Echavez (deceased)

Bienvenida Echavez (deceased)

Bienvenida Forinas Echavez (1925 - d.)

Boboy Echavez (deceased)

Brigida Ferraren Echavez (Ferraren) (1913 - 2012)

Brigido Echavez (deceased)

Buenaventura Echavez (deceased)

Caesar Echavez (deceased)

Canuta Echavez (deceased)

canuta echavez (deceased)

Carlos Echavez (deceased)

Carmen Echavez (deceased)

carolina rubia echavez (deceased)

catalina echavez (Estrada) (deceased)

Cecilia Echavez Sanchez (deceased)

Cecilio Echavez (deceased)

Ceferina Echavez (1868 - d.)

Celso Echavez (deceased)

clemente echavez (deceased)

Concepcion Echavez Guerrero (Echavez) (deceased)

Concordia Echavez Ticon (Echavez) (1913 - 2007)

Conrado Echavez (deceased)

Consolacion Sinco Echavez (c.1915 - c.1918)

Copernico Echavez (deceased)

Corazon Echavez (Corazon Bautista Echavez) (deceased)

Corazon Echavez (deceased)

Corazon Macasero Echavez (Macasero) (deceased)

crescecio echavez (deceased)

Crescencio Echavez (deceased)

cresenciana canoy Echavez (deceased)

Crisogono Echavez (deceased)

Damiano Echavez (deceased)

Damiano Echavez (deceased)

Daniel Badelles Echavez (deceased)

Daniel Echavez Badelles (deceased)

Demetria Echavez Cadalin (Echavez) (1916 - 1993)

Dionisia Sinco Echavez (Ferraren-Cinco) (1886 - 1968)

Dionisia was born in 1886 as youngest daughter of Tito Cinco and Juliana Ferraren, probably in the house of her grandfather German Ferraren in Ginatilan, Cebu. It is said that the house was built in169...

Dorothea Echavez (deceased)

Dulce Echavez Venenoso (Echavez) (deceased)

Eliezer Macute Echavez (1928 - 1986)

Elisa Teves Echavez (1872 - d.)

Elising Echavez (deceased)

Elpedia Echavez (deceased)

Elpedia Escabarte Echavez (deceased)

Emelia Echavez (deceased)

Emerito Echavez (deceased)

Emeteria Echavez Cimafranca (Echavez) (1870 - d.)

Emeterio Echavez (1864 - d.)

Enimisya Echavez (deceased)

Ensoy Moradilla (Echavez) (deceased)

Epifanio Zorilla ECHAVEZ (deceased)

ernesto echavez (deceased)

Eslao Echavez (deceased)

Estrella Echavez (deceased)

Estrella Macute Echavez (1920 - c.1999)

Evelyn Echavez (deceased)

Fe Echavez (deceased)

Felicidad Echavez (deceased)

Felicisimo Echavez (deceased)

Felicisimo Resabal Echavez (deceased)

Felicisimo Alemania Echavez, Jr (deceased)

Felicisimo Echavez (deceased)

Felipe Echavez (deceased)

Felix Echavez (deceased)

Felomina Bendijo (Echavez) (deceased)

Fernando Echavez (deceased)

Filomena Echavez (deceased)

Francisco Gomez Echavez (deceased)

Francisco Echavez (deceased)

Francisco Echavez (deceased)