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Alice Frederica Keppel (Edmonstone) MP (1868 - 1947)

Alice Frederica Keppel, née Edmonstone (29 April 1868 – 11 September 1947) was a British society hostess and a long-time mistress of King Edward VII. Both she and her husband, The H...

Sir Archibald Edmonstone MP (c.1360 - d.)

Sir Charles Edmondstone of Duntreath, 2nd Baronet MP (1764 - 1821)

Biographical Summary " Sir Charles Edmonstone, Baronet [1774], of Duntreath , 3d but 1st surv. s. and h., by 1st wife, b. 10 Oct. 1764; matric. at Oxford (Ch. Ch.), 10 May 1780, aged 16; B.A., 1784; ...

Sir David Edmonstone of Edmonstone, Kt. MP (1395 - 1426)

Dorothy Edmonstone (Brooke) MP (1709 - 1780)

Elizabeth Blackadder (Edmonstone), of Tulliallan MP (c.1458 - 1504)

Elizabeth Mary Edmonstone MP (c.1420 - 1500)

A comment by one person: "I saw on your tree that Elizabeth was matched with the wrong Cunningham - she married to Humphrey/Umphrey Cunningham of Glengarnock whose father was William Cunningham of Glen...

Janet Edmonstone MP (1465 - 1506)

Jean Edmonstone MP (1611 - 1675)

Margaret Edmonstone MP (c.1458 - d.)

Margaret Edmonstone MP (c.1500 - 1530)

Chiefs of Clan Buchanan 15th – George Buchanan,[76][77] (Guthrie Smith identifies him as 10th Chief and Buchanan of Auchmar identifies him as 17th Chief) succeed his grandfather, Walter 14th...

Marjory Edmonstone MP (deceased)

Marjory Edmonstone is the daughter of Sir William Edmonstone of Duntreath.1 She married by contract, firstly, Mungo Graham of Orchill, son of William Graham, 2nd Earl of Montrose and Lady Janet Keith, ...

Sir William Edmondstone, 1st of Duntreath MP (1395 - 1468)

SIR WILLIAM EDMONSTONE OF DUNTREATH Liferenter of Duntreath Published Account of the Edmonstones of Culloden John Guthrie Smith, FSA (Scot).,The Parish of Strathblane and its Inhabitants from Ear...

Susanna Carnegie Venn (Edmonstone) MP (deceased)

Sir William Edmonstone of Duntreath, 4th Baronet MP (1810 - 1888)

Biographical Summary " Sir William Edmonstone, Baronet [1774], of Duntreath , br. of the half blood and h,, being 2d s. of the 2d Baronet and 1st s. by his 2d wife ; b. 29 Jan. 1810 at Hampton, Midx....

Sir William Edmonstone of Duntreath, 5th of Duntreath MP (1513 - 1580)

Sir William Edmonstone of Duntreath is the son of Sir William Edmonstone of Duntreath.2 He married Lady Agnes Stuart, daughter of Matthew Stuart, 11th Earl of Lennox and Hon. Elizabeth Hamilton.1 ...

? Edmonstone (deceased)

Agnes Lindsay - Edmonstone (1465 - d.)

Agnes Edmonstone (deceased)

Agnes Edmonstone (deceased)

Agnes Edmonstone (c.1589 - d.)

Agnes Mary Morrison Findlater (Edmonstone) (deceased)

Alexander Stuart Edmonstone (deceased)

Alice Durnett Edmonstone (Conover) (1903 - d.)

Alicia Evelyn Edmonstone (Browne) (1909 - 1992)

Amy Edmonstone (deceased)

Rev Andrew Edmonstone (1559 - c.1632)

Andrew Edmonstone (c.1633 - d.)

Ann Henrietta Edmonstone (1743 - 1792)

Ann Mary Waterton (Edmonstone) (deceased)

Anna Maria Edmonstone (Campbell) (1831 - d.)

Anna Helena Edmonstone (deceased)

Anna Rimmer (Edmonstone) (1856 - d.)

Annabella Edmonstone (c.1544 - d.)

Anne Waterton (Edmonstone) (1812 - 1830)

Archibald Edmonstone of Duntreath (deceased)

Sir Archibald Edmonstone of Duntreath, 3rd Baronet (1795 - 1871)

Biographical Summary " Sir Archibald Edmonstone, Baronet [1774], of Duntreath , 1st s. and h., being only s. by the 1st wife, b. in Great Eussell street, 12 March and bap. 10 April 1795 at St. George...

Sir Archibald Edmonstone of Duntreath, 1st Baronet (1717 - 1807)

Biographical Summary " Archibald Edmondstone, of Duntreath , co. Stirling, Esq., 1st s. and h. of Archibald Bdmonstone, of Duntreath aforesaid, and of Red Hall, co. Antrim, by his 2d wife Anne (m. 17...

Archibald Edmonstone (deceased)

Archibald Edmonstone of Spittal (1676 - d.)

Published Account of Edmonstone of Spittal John Guthrie Smith, FSA (Scot).,The Parish of Strathblane and its Inhabitants from Early Times : A Chapter of Lennox History (Glasgow : James Maclehose and ...

Archibald Edmonstone-Montgomerie (deceased)

Archibald Edmonstone of Duntreath (c.1590 - c.1637)

Archibald Edmonstone, Jr. (c.1701 - 1786)

Archibald Edmonstone (b. - 1704)

Published Account of Edmonstone of Spittal John Guthrie Smith, FSA (Scot).,The Parish of Strathblane and its Inhabitants from Early Times : A Chapter of Lennox History (Glasgow : James Maclehose and ...

Archibald Edmonstone of Duntreath (b. - c.1768)

arion Edmonstone-Montgomerie (deceased)

Bethea Naylor (Edmonstone) (deceased)

Bethia Edmonstone-Montgomerie (deceased)

Bruce Lawrence Edmonstone (deceased)

Carmen Edmonstone (Tatham) (deceased)

Catherine Edmonstone (deceased)

Catherine Jane Edmonstone (Barlow) (deceased)

Rev. Charles Edmonstone (deceased)

Christian Spence (Edmonstone) (b. - 1650)

Christian Shaw Edmonstone (Edmonstone) (1473 - 1551)

Colin Edmonstone (deceased)

David Edmonstone (1375 - 1426)

David Edmonstone of Wolmet (deceased)

Extract from The Scots Peerage (Volume VII) by Sir James Balfour Paul (Edinburgh 1910) page 378 ( ) He married, first, Jean, daughter of John Cranstoun of that Ilk, and secondly, in 1603, Alison, wid...

David Edmonstone (deceased)

Edith McNair (Edmonstone-Montgomerie) (deceased)

Edward St. John Edmonstone (1901 - 1983)

Elinor Offutt (Edmonstone) (1707 - 1749)


Elizabeth Edmonstone (Waters) (deceased)

Elizabeth Kerr (Edmonstone) (deceased)

Elizabeth Edmonstone (c.1480 - 1506)

Elizabeth Edmonstone (c.1586 - d.)

Elizabeth Edmonstone (Edmonston) (c.1589 - d.)

Elizabeth Thomson (Edmonstone) (1728 - 1815)

Ellen Appleyard Edmonstone-Montgomerie (Turner) (c.1830 - 1913)

Elsa Ingrid Edmonstone (Broberg-Nilson) (1908 - d.)

Ervin Edmonstone (deceased)

FNU (For time being) Edmonstone Edmondstone Edmundiston (deceased)

Frances Edmonstone (Hunt) (deceased)

Francis Edmonstone (deceased)

Francis Edmonstone (deceased)

Francis (Bun) Edmonstone (deceased)

George William Edmonstone (deceased)

George Edmonstone (deceased)

George Edmonstone (deceased)


Helen Dolway (Edmonstone) (c.1571 - d.)

Henricus de Edmundiston (1299 - 1359)

Henricus de Edmonstone, of Edenham (1248 - d.)

Hugh Edmonstone-Montgomerie (deceased)

Ida Agnes Eleanor Edmonstone (Forbes) (b. - 1946)

Ingrid Anne Edmonstone (1944 - d.)

Isabell Mary Edmonstone (1460 - d.)

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Isabell Mary Edmonstone of Duntreath (c.1475 - d.)

Isabella, of Robert the Bruce (deceased)

daughter of Robert II [descendent of Robert the Bruce—Robert I, King of Scotland (b. 11 Jun 1274, d. 7 Jun 1329), descendent of Sir Robert de Brus, who arrived in England with William the Conq...

Isobel Edmonstone (deceased)

Ivy Myrtle Edmonstone (deceased)

James Edmonstone of Duntreath (deceased)

James Edmonstone (James Edmonstone of Edmonstone and Ednam) (deceased)

James Edmonstone (1667 - 1705)

Sir James Edmonstone of Duntreath (deceased)

James Edmonstone (deceased)

James Edmonstone, of Broich (deceased)

James Edmonstone (deceased)

James Edmonstone (c.1425 - d.)