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Abai ben Eliezer MP (deceased)

Binyamin Fuad Ben-Eliezer MP (1936 - 2016)

Binyamin Ben-Eliezer From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Date of birth 12 February 1936 (age 80) Place of birth Basra, Kingdom of Iraq Year of aliyah 1950 Knessets 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,...

David Ben Eliezer MP (deceased)

Mrs. Shlomo Salman and balei tosfos Steinberger (Bat Eliezer Treves of Frankfurt) MP (deceased)

wife of Abraham Altshuler Eberles (bat Eliezer Treves) MP (deceased)

wife, Yitzhak Klauber (bat Eliezer Lipmann Shrentzel), of Posen MP (1484 - 1552)

Father: Eliezer Yehiel Lipman Schrentzel, [ReMa Gd.father] Mother: Dreizel Miriam Zeisel Schrenzel (born Luria), [ReMA Children: Mrs. Yoel HaCohen Shapira (Klauber) (born dau. Yitzhak Kloiber/Klauber),...

#1 unknown bat Rav Eliezer (Klonymus) MP (deceased)

#2 unknown bat Rav Eliezer (Klonymus) MP (deceased)

#3 unknown bat Rav Eliezer (Klonymus) MP (deceased)

#4 unknown bat Rav Eliezer (Kalonymos) MP (deceased)

... Eliezer MP (deceased)

... Eliezer MP (1830 - d.)

? Luzer, Loser?, Eliezer MP (deceased)

? Eliezer MP (deceased)

??? Eliezer MP (b. - 1942)

Abraham Eliezer MP (deceased)

Abraham Eliezer MP (1891 - 1944)

Abraham never married. He came to America in his late teens and established himself on Allen Street on the Lower East Side as an operator in the garment business.

Abraham Eliezer MP (deceased)

Abraham Rozenberg (Ben Eliezer) MP (deceased)

ACJ Eliezer MP (deceased)

Aharon Eliezer MP (deceased)

Akiva Eliezer MP (deceased)

Alberto Eliezer MP (deceased)

Albertos Samuel Eliezer (Mousoulias) MP (1943 - 1944)

An (??) Ben Eliezer MP (deceased)

Anna Eliezer (Mousoulias) MP (1929 - 1944)

Arie Ben-Eliezer MP (1913 - 1970)

Avner Ben Eliezer MP (b. - 1973)

Avraham Eliezer MP (deceased)

Bechor/Buko Nisim Eliezer MP (1879 - 1942)

Gambler, smoker, actor, very talented man. Died at age of 64.

Benzion Eliezer MP (deceased)

Binyamin Ben Eliezer Maniumi MP (deceased)

Family tree (in Hebrew):

Bracha Ita Eliezer Reiber's Wife MP (1840 - 1928)

Buko Eliezer MP (deceased)

Chanoula Eliezer (Gavir) MP (c.1873 - d.)

Chava bat Eliezer of Schlezstadt Treves (bat Eliezer of Schlestadt Treves) MP (1500 - 1539)

Chava Zvi (Ben - Eliezer) MP (deceased)

CONFINO Eliezer MP (1901 - 1902)

Dae Eliezer (Shapiro) MP (1910 - 1997)

Daizi Haguel (Eliezer) MP (deceased)

Dalia Ben - Eliezer MP (b. - 2012)

David Eliezer MP (deceased)

[JBA:] In Jacqueline Huhem's research on the Eliezer family, the father of "Rabbi Lazar Eliezer" is listed as "Jacob Eliezer". However this name is problematic. The name Jacob does not appear among e...

David Eliezer MP (1861 - 1938)

[JBA:] As of September 2013, we are back in contact with the long-lost family of David Eliezer, and have been able to finally fill in the story of his branch of the family. David Eliezer was born i...

David Eliezer MP (deceased)

Dazy Vaknin (Eliezer) MP (deceased)

Dona Eliezer MP (deceased)

Dona Ferretti (Eliezer) MP (1914 - 1995)

Dona Eliezer MP (1931 - 2003)

Dora D Guttman (Eliezer) MP (1920 - d.)

Doron ben- eliezer MP (deceased)

Dov Ben Eliezer (Magerkevich) MP (1913 - 2006)

David Angel MP (1903 - 1987)

Duda Eliezer (Salonikov) MP (b. - 1952)

dvora eliezer MP (deceased)

Efthimia Eliezer (Bacola) MP (1914 - 1944)

Eftichia Eliezer (Mousoulias) MP (1932 - 1944)

Eleonora Josif Aroyo (Eliezer) MP (1924 - 2016)

Eliahu Mercado (Elias) Eliezer MP (deceased)

Eliasaf Moisis Beskas (Eliezer (Kaika)) MP (1910 - 1944)

Eliezer Abraham Eliezer MP (c.1868 - 1932)

[JBA:] This is a hypothesis, but it is possible that this Eliezer Abraham Eliezer, son of Abraham Eliezer, was a cousin of his wife, if her father is in fact Eliezer David Eliezer. Cousin marriage wa...

Eliezer Iosef Beska (Eliezer) MP (1908 - 1944)

Louis Morris MP (1905 - d.)

[JBA:] Eliezer Besca was originally Eliezer Eliezer. A restriction on double names supposedly led to the family's nickname of Beskas being used as a surname, although this may have originated with an...

Eliezer Izchak Eliezer MP (deceased)

Eliezer Eliezer (Mousoulias) MP (c.1840 - d.)

Eliezer Moses Eliezer (Mousoulias) MP (1898 - 1944)

Eliezer Eliezer MP (deceased)

ELIEZER BELLE ASSIS JOCELIN Eliezer Belle Assis Jocelin b.c1050 MP (c.1050 - d.)

Elise Buko Eliezer MP (1915 - 2017)

Eliyahu Eliezer MP (deceased)

Eliz (Elizbeta, Alice) Eliezer MP (deceased)

Ella Eliezer MP (deceased)

Emmanuel Ben Eliezer MP (1915 - 2008)

Reference: [ עמנואל-בן-אליעזר-in-myheritage-family-trees?indId=externalindividual-6b80cfc9039f347c97d183c290bba32d&mrid=bffdd587b7366458c48517939fabd312 MyHeritage Family Trees] - SmartCopy : Feb 4 201...

Ester Eliezer MP (deceased)

Ester (Ninica) Eliezer MP (deceased)

Esther Osmo (Eliezer) MP (c.1900 - 1944)

Esther Bechoropoulos (Eliezer (Mousoulias)) MP (1912 - 1944)

Esther Eliezer (Mousoulias) MP (1927 - 1944)

Esther Matza (Haham Eliezer) MP (1911 - 1944)

Eva Cabilis (Eliezer (Kaika)) MP (c.1906 - d.)

[JBA:] Eva Cabilis arrived in NY on the SS Calabria, 4/21/1921.

Eva Matza (Eliezer) MP (deceased)

Eva Cabellis (Eliezer) MP (deceased)

Ezra Eliezer MP (deceased)

Ezra Eliezer MP (deceased)

Ezra Moses Eliezer (Mousoulias) MP (1909 - 1944)

Farha Elia-Shaoul (Eliezer) MP (deceased)

Farha Ben-Eliezer MP (deceased)

First Wife Eliezer Reiber's wife MP (1825 - 1855)

Fortouni Eliezer (Mousoulias) (Koen) MP (1908 - 1944)

Fortunee Eliezer MP (deceased)

Frieda Eliezer MP (deceased)

Gershom ben Eliezer de Soncino (ben Gershom de Soncino) MP (deceased)

Gidon Eliezer MP (deceased)

gnansia eliezer MP (deceased)

Golda Eliezer MP (deceased)

hack eliezer MP (deceased)

Haim Eliezer MP (1917 - 1942)

Hana Cipenew (Eliezer?) MP (deceased)

Hannah Eliezer MP (deceased)

Hanoula Eliezer (Mousoulias) (Gevir) MP (1873 - 1944)

Hanoula Sousi Eliezer MP (1898 - 1962)