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Juliana Arundell (Erisey) MP (c.1505 - 1567)

'Julia Erisey1 'F, b. circa 1499 Father James Erisey, Sheriff of Cornwall d. 18 Oct 1522 Mother Margaret Durant b. b 1468, d. 1535 ' Julia Erisey was born circa 1499 at of Erisey, Cornwall, E...

Alice Erisey (1499 - d.)

Alice Elizabeth Erisey (FitzEre) (1425 - 1474)

Alice FitzEre1 F, #22368 Father Ere Alice FitzEre married Thomas Erisa, son of John Erisy. Alice FitzEre was born at of Grindreth, Cornwall, England. Family Thomas Erisa Child James Erisey...

Alice Erisey (1537 - d.)

Alice Dalton (Erisey) (deceased)

Ann Erisey (deceased)

Catherine Penwarne (Erisey) (deceased)

Christiana Erisey (Grenville) (1505 - 1577)

'Full text of "State papers relating to the defeat of the Spanish Armada, anno 1588;" 46, James Erisey, captain of the White Lion in the West Indies in 1585-6. His grandfather, 'James Erisey, m...

Dionysia Nicholls (Erisey) (1659 - d.)

Dorothy Hill (Erisey) (c.1533 - d.)

Dorothy Hill (Erisey) (1533 - d.)

Elizabeth Boynthon (Erisey) (c.1502 - d.)

Elizabeth Bonython (Erisey) (c.1474 - 1543)

The Bonython family of Maine (1884]) Pedigree. 1. RALPH1 BONYTHON, of Bonython, Cornwall , paid a subsidy in the parish of Cury, 15 Henry VIII. He married twice , probably, (1) Elizabeth ...

Elizabeth Wood (Erisey) (1623 - d.)

Elizabeth Williams (Erisey) (deceased)

Elizabeth Erisey (deceased)

Elizabeth Erisey (Carew) (deceased)

Florence levelis Penrose (Erisey) (1456 - 1485)

Frances West (Erisey) (1687 - d.)

Will of father, Richard Erisey: Mary West and Frances West (infants), daughters and co-heirs of Mary West, their late mother, deceased, and also granddaughters and co-heirs of Richd. Erisy, esquire, ...

Frances Erisey (Killigrew) (deceased)

Frances Erisey (deceased)

Frances Erisey (NN) (deceased)

Francis Erisey (deceased)

George Erisey (deceased)

Gertrude Erisey (deceased)

Honor Erisie (Erisey) (deceased)

Honora Tucker (Erisey) (c.1545 - c.1587)

TOOKER, or TUCKER, WILLIAM (1558?-1621), divine, born at Exeter in 1557 or 1558, was the third son of William Tooker of that town by his wife Honora, daughter of James Erisey of Erisey in Cornwall (W...

James Richard Erisey, Jr. (1501 - 1543)

James Erisey was born at Erisey House near Mullion, in the parish of Grade in Cornwall. He sailed as a privateer with Sir Francis Drake. In 1585 Drake hired James Erisey to captain a man-o-war, fol...

James Erisey (c.1458 - 1522)

'James Erisey, Sheriff of Cornwall1 'M, d. 18 October 1522 Father Thomas Erisa Mother Alice FitzEre ' James Erisey, Sheriff of Cornwall married Margaret Durant, daughter of John Durant and Pe...

James Erisey (c.1616 - 1692)

James Erisey (deceased)

Joan Erisey (Vivian) (1295 - 1354)

joan De dodustow (Erisey) (deceased)

Johanna Dodustow (Erisey) (deceased)

John D Erisey, II (1315 - c.1351)

John Erisey, III (c.1340 - 1363)

John Erisey (c.1392 - c.1438)

John Erisey (1295 - 1328)

john Erisey (deceased)

Julian Speccott (Erisey) (1539 - 1620)

Julian A . Drake (Erisey) (1549 - 1620)

Burke's genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry, Volume 1 By John Burke Pg. 347 John Drake m. Margaret, dau. of John Cole d. leaving issue three sons,

Julian Wadham (Erisey) (deceased)

Juliana Arundell (Erisey) (deceased)

Katherin Bonython (Erisey) (1495 - 1581)

Margaret Erisey (c.1527 - d.)

Margery Trenwith (Erisey) (1497 - d.)

Mary Polwhele (Erisey) (1452 - 1543)

Mary Erisey (1687 - 1718)

Mary Erisey (Ley) (deceased)

Mary Erisey (NN) (deceased)

Mary Vivyan (Erisey) (deceased)

Mary Erisey (Fortescue) (1624 - d.)

NN Avent (Erisey) (deceased)

Peter Erisey (deceased)

peter Erisey (deceased)

Philipi Carvell (Erisey) (1529 - d.)

Richard Erisey (1531 - 1570)

richard erisey de herisi (1265 - d.)

Richard Erisey (deceased)

High Sheriff of Cornwall 1695. He separated from his wife three years after their marriage. Her father sued him in 1701 on behalf of his daughter Mary.

Richard Erisey (b. - 1722)

Richard Erisey (1590 - 1668)

Richard Erisey (1620 - 1700)

Richard Erisey (deceased)

Thomas Erisey, Sheriff of Cornwall (1422 - 1487)

Thomas Erisa1 M, #22367 Father John Erisy d. aft 1437/8 Thomas Erisa was born at of Erisa, Cornwall, England. He married Alice FitzEre , daughter of Ere. Family Alice FitzEre Child James ...

Thomas Erisey (1665 - d.)

unknown Erisey (MNU) (c.1366 - d.)

wife of John Erisey (unknown) (1396 - d.)

william erisey de herisi (1235 - d.)

William Erisey (c.1362 - c.1393)

William Erisey (b. - c.1689)