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Agnes Falconer MP (deceased)

Alexander Keith Falconer MP (1843 - d.)

Alexander Falconer MP (c.1752 - 1804)

It is not clear why children of two of the two mistresses of Alexander Falconer were given the last name of Sanderson (instead of Falconer) -- other than to emphasize no claim on the Falconer 'estate'.

Sir Alexander Falconer, 5th of Halkerton MP (c.1522 - 1587)

Ann Frances Gordon (Falconer) MP (1806 - d.)

Lady Catherine Margaret Keith MP (1690 - 1762)

Cornelius Keith Falconer MP (1821 - 1912)

Parents not identified on Baptism record. Information that this is the correct family line based on oral history.

David Falconer MP (1751 - d.)

David Falconer, 4th Lord Falconer of Halkertoun MP (1681 - 1751)

Dorothy Falconer (Bent) MP (1802 - 1864)

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Ebenezer Agustavus Falconer MP (1845 - d.)

Edith Webb (Falconer) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Falconer MP (1758 - d.)

Emma Euphemia Falconer MP (1857 - d.)

Fidelia Falconer (Francis) MP (deceased)

Frances Elizabeth Falconer MP (1755 - d.)

Frances Lindsay Falconer Reid (Narin) MP (c.1728 - 1786)

George Falconer MP (1759 - d.)

George Ann Falconer MP (c.1797 - d.)

Isabel Falconer of Halkerton MP (deceased)

From Stirnet's "Falconer01" page (membership required to view without interruption) : "possibly of this generation" From Stirnet's "Strachan04" page (membership required to view without interruption)...

Isabella Faulconer MP (1386 - 1435)

Anglicized version of French cognate Fauconnier ‘falconer’. occupational name for someone who kept and trained falcons (a common feudal service). Falconry was a tremendously popular sport...

Isabella Falconer MP (c.1555 - 1642)

notes [Mark Dunbar] got two charters under the great seal "Marco Dunbar de Grangehill et Isabellae Falconer suae sponse" of the lands of Greishop, Thornhill, Millfield, &c., with the lands of Easter ...

John Falconer MP (1749 - d.)

John Mathew Falconer MP (1862 - d.)

John Craskell Falconer MP (1798 - 1875)

John Falconer MP (c.1718 - c.1768)

Joseph Christopher Falconer MP (1805 - d.)

Lurlene Rebecca Witter (Falconer) MP (deceased)

Lydia Craskell Myers (Falconer) MP (1840 - d.)

Lydia Abigail Falconer (Bent) MP (1852 - d.)

Maria Ann Parchment (Falconer) MP (1823 - 1909)

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Mary Ann Falconer MP (1802 - d.)

Mary Frances Falconer MP (1799 - 1801)

Mary Falconer MP (deceased)

Mary Maria Falconer MP (1850 - d.)

Richard Ashman Falconer MP (1808 - d.)

Richard Hutchinson Falconer MP (1843 - d.)

Samuel Keith Falconer MP (deceased)

Sarah Falconer MP (1800 - c.1843)

Sarah Falconer (Bryan) MP (deceased)

Susanna Bryan Falconer MP (1801 - 1804)

Susannah Elizabeth Gifford (Falconer) MP (1773 - c.1830)

Thomas Mullings Falconer MP (1802 - d.)

Thomas Keith Falconer MP (1761 - d.)

William Falconer MP (1757 - d.)

Blake (Falconer) (deceased)

Rolls (Falconer) (deceased)

Mahupuku (Falconer) (deceased)

McCarl (falconer) (1889 - 1966)

Van Dyk (Falconer) (deceased)

Hickling (Falconer) (deceased)

Daysh (Falconer) (deceased)

"Femie" Falconer (deceased)

... FALCONER (deceased)

/ Falconer (deceased)

<private> Falconer (Yeskey) (deceased)

<private> Falconer (Uhlig) (deceased)

<private> Jones (Falconer) (deceased)

<private> Falconer (deceased)

<private> Falconer (Sylvis) (deceased)

<private> Falconer (deceased)

<private> Falconer (deceased)

<private> Falconer (Beck) (deceased)

<private> Falconer (deceased)

<private> Falconer (deceased)

? Olsen (falconer) (deceased)

? Falconer (deceased)

? Gibbs (Falconer) (deceased)

? falconer (deceased)

? Falconer (Hanning) (deceased)

? Oosterbahn (Falconer) (deceased)

? falconer (deceased)

??? Falconer (deceased)

Alexander Falconer, minister of Edderachillis (deceased)

A F Peter Falconer (deceased)

Aaron Falconer (deceased)

Abraham Falconer (1807 - 1818)

Abraham Falconer (1725 - 1754)

Abraham (Abram) Falconer (1765 - 1809)

Abram Falconer (deceased)

Ada Falconer (1853 - 1895)

Ada Falconer de Webb (b. - c.1936)

Ada Falconer (deceased)

Adelaide Foster (Falconer) (deceased)

Adrian Wentworth Keith-Falconer (1888 - 1959)

Adrian Jeffrey Falconer (1963 - 2010)

Adrian William Keith-Falconer (1837 - 1887)

Aggie Ingram (Falconer) (deceased)

Agnes Falconer (deceased)

Agnes Ogg (Falconer) (c.1807 - d.)

Agnes Benholm (Falconer) (deceased)

Agnes Guthrie (Falconer) (c.1543 - 1590)

Agnes Falconer (deceased)

Agnes Falconer (Carnegie) (1572 - 1634)

Agnes Falconer (deceased)

Agnes Falconer (Spens) (c.1626 - d.)

Agnes Falconer (deceased)

Agnes Falconer (Carnegie) (c.1354 - d.)

Agnes Dunbar (Falconer) (deceased)

Agnes Dunbar (Falconer) (c.1667 - d.)