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? DeMattia (Felice) (1976 - d.)

Absalon D'Felice (deceased)

Absalón Francisco D' Felice (deceased)

Addolorata De Felice (deceased)

Adelaide De Felice (deceased)

Albert John Felice (deceased)

Alberto Mazariegos Felice (deceased)

Alessandro di Felice (1800 - d.)

Alexander Felice (deceased)

Alfio Felice Calì (deceased)

Alfredo Felice, Decanio (deceased)

Alice Rose Felice (Bouley) (1926 - 2014)

Amelia Valentino (Felice) (1908 - 1997)

Amelia Felice (deceased)

Ana Amelia Felice (1923 - d.)

Ana Felice (deceased)

Andrea Di Felice (deceased)

Angel Pagannini Felice (deceased)

Angela Di Felice (Farina) (deceased)

Angela Moscati (De Felice) (deceased)

Angela Felice Calì (deceased)

Angelarita Di Felice (Di Pietro) (c.1845 - d.)

Angelica Felice (1945 - d.)

Angelica Felice A. (deceased)

Angelica EP-XERRI-Felice (deceased)

Angelina Felice (deceased)

Angiolina Di Felice (Vitale) (1906 - d.)

Anna Francesca Margiotta (Di Felice) (c.1800 - 1830)

Anna Azzarella (Felice) (c.1845 - d.)

Anna De Felice (deceased)

Anna Maria Savona (Felice) (c.1715 - c.1825)

Anthony Felice (deceased)

Anthony Luigi Phillis (Felice) (1910 - 1931)

Anthony Felice (deceased)

Antoine Felix(Félice) (deceased)

Antonino Felice (deceased)

Antonio Di Felice (1935 - d.)

Herrero / Metal hand craft worker Mattress maker Arrived in Argentina in1946

Antonio Di Felice (1817 - 1871)

Antonio Felice (deceased)

Antonio Felice (deceased)

Antonio Di Felice (1896 - 1960)

Antonio Di Felice (1872 - d.)

Antonio Felice Calì (deceased)

Arcangela Di Felice (1865 - d.)

Arnetta Catherine Felice (Donovan) (1896 - 1987)

Arturo Felice (deceased)

Arturo Felice (deceased)

August Felice (deceased)

Augusto di Felice Franco (deceased)

Augustus Felice (deceased)

Aurora Ann Miracle (Felice) (1932 - d.)

Aurora Miracle (Felice) (deceased)

Barber Felice (deceased)

Beatriz Fernandes Felice (1931 - 1994)

Bernard Frederic Fortune de Felice (1760 - 1832)

Bernard Felice, Sr. (deceased)

BJ De Felice (deceased)

Calcendino Felice (deceased)

Calogero Felice (deceased)

caratino felice (deceased)

Carlo di Felice Franco (1895 - 1962)

2 foto di Carlo di Felice Franco da 1 foto da

Carlo di Felice Grigioni (deceased)


Carlos Felice Carvallo (1911 - 1980)

Carlos Eduardo Manuel Felice Luna (1894 - 1931)

Carmela Felice (Raimondo) (1891 - c.1961)

She came over to this country when she was 12-13. She was married to Luigi Felice, which was an arranged marriage. In order to support her family, she started a grocery store on her front porch, and so...

Carmela Felice (Raimondo) (1891 - 1961)

Carmelo Felice (deceased)

Carmelo Felice (deceased)

Carmen Phillis (Felice) (c.1875 - d.)

Carmina di Felice (1832 - d.)

Carmine de Felice (deceased)

Carmine Felice (deceased)

Carole Kelly (Felice) (deceased)

Carolina da Silva Vieira Felice (deceased)

Caterina De Felice (deceased)

Catherine Nacarrato Felice (deceased)

Cecilia Filomena Felice (1839 - 1841)

Celesta Gargano (de Felice) (1928 - d.)

Celeste di Felice (deceased)

Charles Felice (deceased)

Charles-Rodolphe de Félice (deceased)

Charlotte Marie Catherine de Felice (Cordier) (1780 - 1860)

Christopher E Felice (1956 - 2010)

Cindy Felice (1942 - d.)

Cinotti Felice (1901 - 1943)

Concetta Felice (b. - 1974)

Concetta Felice (deceased)

Concetta Marino (Felice) (1849 - d.)

Concette De Felice (deceased)

Consecion Felice (deceased)

Custode Felice (Lalla) (deceased)

Danato Felice (deceased)

Daniel-Nicolas-Samuel de Félice (1766 - d.)

DI PENDIMA felice (1765 - d.)

Domenico Felice (deceased)

Donato de Felice (1920 - c.1996)

Dorothy Felice (deceased)

e Felice (deceased)

Eduardo Felice (deceased)