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Andrew Finlay, Sheriff of Perthshire MP (1344 - 1379)

Andrew was a partitioner of Menmur Perth, by Royal Charter, August 3,1366 grant of King Robert11 of certain fees for exercising the office of Sheriffdom Perth, confirmed at Kyndroct July 9, 1379 Deat...

Carlos Juan Finlay y Barrés MP (1833 - 1915)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... Carlos Juan Finlay (December 3, 1833 – August 20, 1915) was a Hispanic-Cuban physician and scientist recognized as a pioneer in the research of yellow fever. Fi...

Christian Gillies (Finlay) MP (1713 - d.)

Francis Dalzell Finlay MP (1793 - 1857)

Francis Dalzell Finlay (1793–1857), was an Irish journalist. Finlay was the son of John Finlay, tenant farmer, of Newtownards, County Down, by his wife, Jane Dalzell, was born 12 July 1793 at Newtown...

Frank Finlay MP (1926 - 2016)

Francis "Frank" Finlay CBE From WIkipedia: Francis "Frank" Finlay, CBE (6 August 1926 – 30 January 2016) was an English stage, film and television actor. He was Oscar-nominated for his supporting r...

John Finlay MP (1418 - c.1461)

John FINLAY, second son of Andrew FINLAY Sr., became the Bishop of Dumblane in 1406. In 1425, he was the tutor of James, son of Murdoch, Duke of St. Alban's. For these services, he became the Thane of ...

Macbeatha Mc Finlay, Thane of Cromarty MP (1048 - 1093)

Undocumented, but not impossible. Uncertain whether he would have been using "McFinlay" as a surname, since Scotland, like most of the "Celtic Fringe", was still using patronymics. He might have used...

Mary Finlay MP (deceased)

William Finlay, Royal Forester MP (c.1300 - 1356)

"121. William FINLAY, Royal Forester of King Robert I; m Isabel DEMPSTER, daughter of Thomas DEMPSTER, Laird of Murish, and Eleanor FORBES, niece and co-heir of Viscount FORBES. Children: Andrew and Jo...

Finlay MP (deceased)

"Doddles" ? Finlay Smith (?) MP (deceased)

(Unknown) Finlay MP (deceased)

. Finlay MP (1907 - d.)

... Finlay (McEvoy) MP (deceased)

<Private> Finlay (Vermaak) MP (deceased)

? Finlay MP (deceased)

? Finlay MP (deceased)

? Finlay MP (deceased)

? Finlay MP (deceased)

? Finlay MP (deceased)

? Ahern (Finlay) MP (deceased)

? Finlay MP (deceased)

? Finlay MP (deceased)

??? Finlay MP (deceased)

Aaron Finlay MP (1999 - 1999)

Abigail Appleby (Finlay) MP (1874 - 1959)

Abigail Finlay (Whirry) MP (deceased)

Ada Mary Finlay (White) MP (1895 - 1974)

Ada Finlay (Popham) MP (1886 - 1972)

Ada Mary Finlay (White) MP (1895 - d.)

Adela Finlay Wilson (Shine) MP (deceased)

Adeline Sarah Finlay MP (1873 - d.)

Adeline Finlay MP (1809 - d.)

Adelle Finlay (Anness) MP (deceased)

Adrian John FINLAY MP (1966 - 1987)

Adrian Finlay MP (deceased)

Adrian Finlay MP (deceased)

Agnes Finlay MP (c.1875 - d.)

Agnes Finlay MP (c.1878 - d.)

Agnes Finlay MP (1827 - d.)

Agnes Hogaboom (Finlay) MP (deceased)

Agnes Kennedy (Finlay) MP (deceased)

Agnes Finlay MP (deceased)

Agnes FINLAY (Findlay) (ANDERSON) MP (c.1720 - 1766)

Agnes Finlay MP (1706 - d.)

agnes finlay MP (deceased)

Agnes Rogers (Finlay) MP (1652 - d.)

Agnes Rogers (born Finlay) MyHeritage Family Trees Findlay Web Site, managed by John Findlay (Contact) Birth: May 10 1652 - Auchenely, Inchervie, Fife, Scotland Death: Carrickfergus, Antrim, Nort...

Agnes Georgiana FINLAY (Pike) MP (1865 - d.)

Agnes Finlay MP (1837 - 1873)

Agnes Emma Finlay (Holmes) MP (deceased)

Agnes Adelaide Finlay MP (1877 - 1953)

Agnes Russell Finlay (Macormack) MP (1872 - 1951)

Agnes Abigail Finlay MP (1805 - d.)

Agnes Ritchie (Finlay) MP (c.1835 - 1900)

Agnes Wilson Loftus (Finlay) MP (1865 - 1917)

Agnes Finlay (Jack) MP (deceased)

Agnes Warden (Finlay) MP (c.1804 - c.1877)

Agnes Blythe Bradley (Finlay) MP (1888 - 1978)

Agnes (Nan) Finlay (Kiniborough) MP (deceased)

Agnes Gray Andrews (Finlay) MP (c.1829 - 1876)

Agnes Kershaw Punshon (Finlay) MP (1861 - 1909)

Alana Tooher (Finlay) MP (deceased)

Albert Finlay MP (1875 - d.)

Albert Edward Finlay, Mr MP (deceased)

Albert Victor Finlay MP (deceased)

Alberta Finlay MP (c.1871 - d.)

Alberta FINLAY (Todd) MP (1887 - 1919)

Alberta St Germaine Finlay MP (deceased)

Alberto Reyes Finlay MP (b. - 2003)

Alex Finlay MP (1905 - 1970)

Alex Finlay MP (deceased)

Alex Finlay MP (b. - c.2013)

Alexander Finlay MP (1855 - 1937)

Alexander Finlay MP (deceased)

Alexander Finlay MP (deceased)

Alexander FINLAY (Findlay) MP (deceased)

Alexander Finlay MP (deceased)

Alexander Finlay MP (1888 - 1993)

Alexander Finlay MP (1808 - 1891)

Alexander William Finlay MP (1934 - 1954)

Alexander Finlay of Castle Toward MP (1806 - d.)

Wikipedia contributors. " Alexander Struthers Finlay ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland 6th ...

Alexander Charles Finlay MP (deceased)

Alexander Kirkman Finlay of Glenormiston MP (1844 - 1883)

The groom returned to Castle Toward, his family home in Scotland, where he died on 29 July 1883 from "phthiasis" (now known as tuberculosis), five years after his marriage. He would have been about 38 ...

Alexander Finlay MP (deceased)

Alexander Finlay MP (1648 - d.)

Name Alexander Finlay Gender Male Christening Date 04 May 1648 Christening Place , PITTENWEEM, FIFE, SCOTLAND Father's Name Thomas Finlay Mother's Name Agnes Gudlett SCOTLAND BIRTHS AND BAPTI...

Alexander Norman Finlay MP (1886 - 1970)

alf finlay MP (1912 - 1966)

Alfred Finlay MP (c.1923 - d.)

Alice Finlay (Sheard) MP (deceased)

Alice Sophia Coles (Finlay) MP (1869 - 1952)

Alice Finlay MP (deceased)

Alice Finlay MP (deceased)

Alice Finlay (Olderidge) MP (deceased)

Alice's maiden name was Olderidge from Cape Broyle. She married John Collins from St. John's and had to daughters Mary and Liza

Alice Green (Finlay) MP (1865 - d.)

Alice Mary Finlay (Hempsall) MP (1936 - 2009)

Alice Mary Finlay (Dridan) MP (1910 - 2010)

Alice Kathleen Finlay (Norton) MP (deceased)

Alice Kathleen Finlay (Norton) MP (deceased)

Alice Maud Carey (FINLAY) MP (1878 - d.)

Alice Finlay MP (deceased)