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Adela Fischetti (Rossi) (deceased)

Adele Fischetti (deceased)

Angela Aurora Casavola (Fischetti) (deceased)

Angelo Fischetti (deceased)

Angiolina Fischetti (deceased)

Angiolo Fischetti (c.1764 - 1811)

A source for him.

Anita Diane Messer (Fischetti) (1953 - 2015)

Ann Fischetti (deceased)

Anna McLaughlin (Fischetti) (deceased)

Anne Fischetti (deceased)

Antonino Fischetti (c.1880 - d.)

Assunta Clotilde Severino Fischetti (deceased)

Aurora Fischetti (deceased)

carmela fischetti (deceased)

Carmelina Fischetti (deceased)

Carmine Fischetti (deceased)

Carmine Fischetti (deceased)

Charles "Trigger Happy" Fischetti (1891 - 1951)

Charles "Trigger Happy" Fischetti (11 August 1891 – 11 April 1951) was a Chicago mobster, former Capone bodyguard and Mafia leader. Fischetti was called a notorious Chicago gangster in the FBI f...

Christine Milgrim (1922 - 2011)

Conceição Di Natali Fischetti (deceased)

Concetta Natale Fischetti (deceased)

Cosimo Fischetti (deceased)

Cosimo Fischetti (deceased)

David E Fischetti (deceased)

Delores Fischetti (deceased)

Domenica Fischetti Iannelli Giuliano (c.1886 - c.1960)

Domenico Fischetti (c.1740 - 1811)

A source for him.

Elvira Fischetti (c.1913 - d.)

Emilia Fischetti Di Chiara (deceased)

Ernesto Fischetti (deceased)

ethel fischetti (deceased)

Grandma (1917 - 1990)

Felcious Fischetti (deceased)

Florence Fischetti (Rabuano) (deceased)

Francesco Fischetti (deceased)

Gerard Fischetti (deceased)

Giuseppantonio Fischetti (deceased)

Grace Fischetti (c.1906 - d.)

Holly Fischetti (Racicot) (deceased)

Ida Fischetti (c.1908 - d.)

Isauro Fischetti (deceased)

Isauro Fischetti (deceased)

John Fischetti (deceased)

John Fischetti (1916 - d.)

Johnny fischetti (deceased)

Joseph Anthony Fischetti (1910 - 1986)

Joseph Pasquale Fischetti (1934 - 2015)

Joseph Fischetti (deceased)

Lucia Fischetti (deceased)

Lucie fischetti/ mcsweeny (Fischetti) (deceased)

not mcseeny mc swain

Luigi Fischetti (c.1860 - d.)

Madeline Fischetti (deceased)

Mae Fischetti (Scotti) (1904 - d.)

Margherita Fischetti (Belgioiosa) (c.1878 - d.)

Maria Fischetti (deceased)

Mary Fischetti (deceased)

Mary Raffinello/fischetti (deceased)

Mary Fischetti (Centauro) (b. - c.1931)

Michael Fischetti (1909 - d.)

Michael Fischetti (deceased)

michael fischetti (deceased)

Michelarcangelo Fischetti (1869 - d.)

His marriage record gives his age, the names of his parents, and the name of his wife.

Michele Fischetti (deceased)

Millie Fischetti (borelli) (deceased)

Nicola Fischetti (deceased)

Nicoletta Fischetti (c.1811 - 1875)

A source for her.

Orazio Fischetti (deceased)

Pantaleo Fischetti (deceased)

Paolo Fischetti (deceased)

Pasquale Fischetti (1926 - 1987)

Peder Fischetti (deceased)

peter fischetti (deceased)

Raphael Pellegrino Fischetti (deceased)

Rocco Fischetti (deceased)

Rocco Fischetti (deceased)

Rocco Fischetti (1903 - c.1982)

Rocky Fischetti (deceased)

Rosaria Fischetti (deceased)

rosario fischetti (deceased)

Santa Fischetti (Codraro) (1930 - 2008)

Teresa Fischetti (Capone) (c.1864 - d.)

Teresina Ricciardi (Fischetti) (deceased)

Victoria Fischetti (Franco) (deceased)

Vincent Fischetti (deceased)

Vincent Raffinello/Fischetti (deceased)