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Agnes FitzWilliam, Heiress of Halton and Widnes MP (1084 - 1166)

Agnes de Halton was sister and co-heir of William fitz William, constable of Chester. She married Eustache fitz John, Baron of Halton, son of John Monoculus fitz Eustace and Adelicia Britanna, before...

Agnes de Orreby (Fitzwilliam de Kyme) MP (c.1140 - c.1214)

Alice Foljambe (Fitzwilliam) MP (c.1501 - 1536)

Amice de Clare MP (1160 - 1225)

Amice FitzRobert, Countess of Gloucester (c. 1160-1220), second daughter, and co-heiress, of William Fitz Robert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester, and Hawise de Beaumont. Children Isabel de Clare 1178 Unkno...

Anne FitzWilliam (Hawes) MP (c.1482 - 1512)

Birth: 1462 Greater London, England Death: 1512 Peterborough Huntingdonshire, England See William's bio for comments on the reason for his and Anne's separate burial sites. Anne was buried in the F...

Anne Fitzwilliam, Lady Of Brittany MP (c.1504 - 1588)

Anne FitzWilliam1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 F, #90529, b. circa 1500 Father Sir William FitzWilliam, Alderman & Sheriff of London1,10,5,6,11,8,9 b. c 1460, d. 9 Aug 1534 Mother Anne Hawes1,12,10,5,6,11,9 b...

Baderon FitzWilliam, Baron of Monmouth MP (1100 - 1176)

Baderon of Monmouth From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Baderon of Monmouth Born c. 1100 Died 1176 Other names Baderon fitzWilliam Known for Lord of Monmouth Parents William fitzBader...

Beatrice Woodruffe (Fitzwilliam) MP (1442 - 1522)

Beatrice (Mabilia) fitzWilliam MP (1114 - 1162)

From BEATRICE FitzWilliam, daughter & heiress of WILLIAM FitzRichard FitzTurold Lord of Cardinham, Cornwall & his wife ---. The Gesta Stephani Regis records that "Willelmus filius Ricardi…[in]...

Catherine Preston (Fitzwilliam) MP (c.1548 - 1595)

Catherine Fitzwilliam (Clifton) MP (c.1386 - 1435)

'Katherine Clifton1,2,3 'F, b. circa 1392, d. 14 March 1435 Father Sir John Clifton, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire1,2,4 d. 21 Jul 1403 Mother Katherine Cressey1,2,4 b. b 1378, d. b 1420...

Catherine Fitzwilliam (Hyde) MP (c.1574 - 1643)

Marholm is a parish, in the union and soke of Peterborough, N. division of the county of Northampton, 4½ miles (N. W. by W.) from Peterborough.

Catherine Skipwith (Fitzwilliam) MP (1462 - 1502)

Notes  INHERITANCE: Named in the 1502 will of her mother. Marriage Thomas Wakerley John Skipwith b: in of Ormsby, Lincolnshire Married: 1478 Children Agnes SKIPWITH Cath...

Catherine Fitzwilliam (Bathe) MP (1508 - d.)

Charles William 5th Earl Fitzwilliam MP (1786 - 1857)

Charles Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, 5th Earl Fitzwilliam KG (4 May 1786 – 4 October 1857) was a British nobleman. He President three times of the Royal Statistical Society (1838–40, 1847...

Lady Charlotte Dundas MP (c.1746 - 1833)

Charlotte FitzWilliam (Ponsonby) MP (1747 - 1822)

Edmund FitzWilliam II MP (c.1382 - 1465)

'Edmund FitzWilliam, Esq.1,2 'M, b. circa 1400, d. 24 December 1465 Father Edmund FitzWilliam, Esq., Constable of Conigsbrough Castle3 b. c 1358, d. 5 Feb 1430 Mother Maud Hotham3 b. c 1380, d. 1...

Edmund FitzWilliam, I MP (c.1374 - 1430)

Edmund FitzWilliam, Esq., Constable of Conigsbrough Castle was born circa 1358 at of Wadworth, Yorkshire, England; An adult in 1379. He married Maud Hotham, daughter of Sir John Hotham and Winifred Bru...

Eleanor Ryther (Fitzwilliam) MP (1405 - 1477)

Eleanor Fitzwilliam (Villiers) MP (c.1420 - 1442)

Eleanor Fitzwilliam (Green) MP (c.1387 - 1422)

Elizabeth de Musgrave (FitzWilliam) MP (c.1337 - c.1416)

Elizabeth FITZWILLIAM Born: ABT 1307, Sprotborough, Yorkshire, England Died: ABT 1416 Father: William FITZWILLIAM of Elmley Mother: Isabel DEINCOURT Married: Thomas MUSGRAVE (b. ABT 1295) (...

Elizabeth Jane Mohun (FitzWilliam) MP (1313 - 1384)

Elizabeth Fitzwilliam (Chaworth) MP (1418 - 1474)

Ellen (Helena) Le Strange (Fitzwilliam) MP (c.1520 - c.1575)

Genet FitzWilliam (Hollywood) MP (1460 - 1527)

Helena Albreda Marie Gabriella Greenall (Wentworth-Fitzwilliam) MP (1907 - 1970)

Isabella of Gloucester MP (c.1166 - 1217)

WILLIAM FitzRobert , son of ROBERT Fitzroy Earl of Gloucester & his wife Mabel [Matilda or Sibylle] FitzRobert (23 Nov [1112]-23 Nov 1183, bur Keynsham Abbey, Somerset). His birth date is confirmed b...

Isabel de Percival (born Fitz William) MP (c.1090 - 1121)

'The historic genealogy of the Lowells of America from 1639 to 1899 (1899) We come now to the ancestry of the wife of Richard Lowle of the ninth generation. Her baptismal name is not in evidence....

Isabel Wentworth (Fitzwilliam) MP (1450 - 1508)

Isabel FITZWILLIAM Born: ABT 1442, probably Aldwark, Yorkshire, England Father: Richard FITZWILLIAM (Sir Knight) Mother: Elizabeth CLARELL Married: William WENTWORTH (Esq.) AFT 15 Oct 1460 Ch...

Isolde LeBoteler (Fitzwilliam) MP (1089 - d.)

Isolde Fitzwilliam51 was born 1089 in Wemme, Salo, Shropshire, England51, and died date unknown. She married Robert Le Boteler, son of Ralph Le Boteler and Avice Of Warwickshire. Children of Isolde F...

Joan Thornhill (FitzWilliam) MP (c.1310 - 1384)

Joan de Furnellis (FitzWilliam) MP (1158 - c.1179)

Joanna Ballard (FitzWilliam) MP (c.1520 - c.1574)

PHILIP BALLARD Birth: 1517 in of, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England Death: in Southwell, Nottingham, England Marriage 1 Joanna FITSWILLIAM b: 1530 in of, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England Marri...

Sir John Fitzwilliam, Sr., Kt. MP (1377 - 1417)

From 'A Supplement to the four volumes of the Peerage of England by Arthur Collins' Sir William Fitz-Wiliam lived in the Reign of King Henry the Vth; to him Henry Bewett, Archbihop of York, did Homag...

Sir John 'the older' Fitzwilliam, Kt. MP (1433 - 1521)

Sir John FitzWilliam1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 M, #48609, b. 27 May 1397, d. 17 September 1421 Father Sir John FitzWilliam2,3,4,5,7,8,9,11 b. 25 Jul 1377, d. 5 Jul 1417 Mother Eleanor Greene2,3,4,5,...

John 'the younger' (ii) Fitzwilliam, of Milton and Green's Norton MP (1411 - 1443)

John II FitzWilliam, Esq.1,2,3,4,5 M, #62134, b. circa 1415 Father Sir John FitzWilliam6,2,3,5 b. 25 Jul 1377, d. 5 Jul 1417 Mother Eleanor Greene6,2,3,5 b. c 1380, d. bt 1 May 1421 - 21 Dec 1422...

Laura Maria Theresa FitzWilliam (Beauclerk) MP (1849 - 1886)

Margaret FitzWilliam MP (c.1500 - 1550)

Margaret Fitzwilliam MP (deceased)

'Margaret FitzWilliam1,2 F, #11477 Father Sir Richard FitzWilliam, Sheriff of Yorkshire2 b. c 1425, d. 22 Sep 1479 Mother Elizabeth Clarell2 b. c 1423, d. 12 May 1503 ' Margaret FitzWilliam mar...

Margaret Fitzwilliam (Clarell) MP (c.1397 - 1462)

Margaret Clarell1,2 F, d. after 1467 Father Thomas Clarell, Esq.2 b. c 1368, d. 1 May 1442 Mother Maud Montgomery2 b. c 1368, d. b 17 Mar 1457 Margaret Clarell was born at of Aldwark, Yorkshire...

Margery Fishbourne (FitzWilliam) MP (c.1233 - 1278)

Mary Guildford (Fitzwilliam) MP (c.1510 - 1558)

Mildred Sackville, daughter of Richard Sackville, Esq., of Withyham, Sussex, by Isabel, daughter of John Digges, Esq., married as his second wife William FitzWilliam, Knight, and they had three sons, C...

Mary Fitzwilliam (Dundas) MP (1787 - 1830)

Matilda "Maud" FitzWilliam, of Halton MP (c.1130 - d.)

Elfreda Mary Montagu-Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, Countess Wharncliffe MP (1898 - 1979)

Maud fitzWilliam (fitzRobert), Dame du Sap MP (1137 - 1224)

Maud fitzRobert fitzRoy, Dame du Sap daughter of Rober fitzRoy and Matilda d'Avranches wife of Renaud de Courtenay (confusion in some sources) Hugh Chisholm in the Encyclopedia Britannica Vol 7 (...

Maud Frederica Elizabeth Wentworth-Fitzwilliam (Dundas), Countess Fitzwilliam MP (1877 - d.)

Mildred Fitzwilliam (Sackville) MP (1490 - c.1550)

Phillipa Fitzwilliam MP (1530 - 1596)

Pons FitzWilliam MP (1018 - c.1066)

This tree is very uncertain. It appears that perhaps there were two generations: Pons (I) and his son Pons (II) FitzPons. Some accounts posit Pons (I) as son of Guillaume FitzRichard de Normandie, Co...

Ralph FitzWilliam MP (c.1170 - 1227)

Richard I, 'The Fearless', Duke of Normandy MP (933 - 996)

Richard I 'Sans-Peur' FitzWilliam Duc de Normandie English: Richard the Fearless, Duke of Normandy Parents: Vilhjálm Langaspjót & Sprota de Senlis Spouse: Gunnor de Cré...

Richard FitzWilliam MP (1505 - 1541)

Richard FitzWilliam, Sheriff of Yorkshire MP (1415 - 1478)

Thomas Clarell born about 1375 England, married Elizabeth Scrope who was born about 1379 at Upsall, Yorkshire; she was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Strathbogie) Scrope. It is believed she died M...

Robert FitzRobert FitzWilliam (died young), of Gloucester MP (c.1151 - 1166)

WILLIAM FitzRobert , son of ROBERT Fitzroy Earl of Gloucester & his wife Mabel [Matilda or Sibylle] FitzRobert (23 Nov [1112]-23 Nov 1183, bur Keynsham Abbey, Somerset). His birth date is confirmed b...

Robert Fitzwilliam, de Hastings MP (c.1132 - c.1186)

Robert de HASTINGS was born 1143 in Little Easton, Essex, England. He died 1190 in Little Easton, Essex, England. Parents: William de HASTINGS born 1102 in Little Easton, Essex, England. He died 1162...

Theresa Evelyn Vilunza Fletcher (Wentworth-FitzWilliam) MP (1875 - 1963)

Thomas FitzWilliam, 4th Viscount FitzWilliam MP (b. - 1704)

Wikipedia contributors. " Thomas FitzWilliam, 4th Viscount FitzWilliam ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

Thomas FitzWilliam, of Sprotborough MP (c.1195 - c.1266)

From A Supplement to the Four Volumes of the Peerage of England by Arthur Collins: This Sir Thomas in 10 Henry III. confirmed the Grant, which Albreda his Grandmother made to the Priory of Haverholme o...

Thomas FitzWilliam, Esq., of Mablethorpe MP (1392 - 1479)

Source: Thomas Fitzwilliam Found 10 Records, 10 Photos and 489,688 Family Trees Born in Marblethrope, England on 1392 to Thomas Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Aske. Thomas married Margaret Dym...

Thomas FitzWilliam MP (1481 - 1529)

Thomas FitzWilliam, Of Aldwark MP (c.1448 - 1495)

Thomas FITZWILLIAM of Aldwark (Sir) Born: 13 Jan 1448, Aldwark, Yorkshire, England Died: BEF 1490 / 29 May 1495 Father: Richard FITZWILLIAM (Sir Knight) Mother: Elizabeth CLARELL Married: Luc...

William de Vaux (FitzWilliam), Prior of Pentney MP (c.1146 - d.)

William FitzWilliam, Baron Halton, Constable of Chester; childless MP (1105 - d.)

Sir William Fitzwilliam, Kt. MP (1417 - 1474)

William Charles Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, styled Viscount Milton MP (c.1812 - 1835)

William Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, 8th Earl Fitzwilliam MP (1910 - 1948)

William Henry Lawrence Peter Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, 8th Earl Fitzwilliam, DSO (31 December 1910 – 13 May 1948), styled Viscount Milton before 1943, was a British soldier and aristocrat.

Sir William Fitzwilliam MP (1440 - 1534)

William Fitzwilliam (Sheriff of London) Sir William Fitzwilliam (c.1460 – 9 August 1534) was a Merchant Taylor, Sheriff of London, servant of Cardinal Wolsey, and a member of the council of He...

William Wentworth Fitzwilliam, 4th Earl Fitzwilliam MP (1748 - 1833)

William Wentworth FitzWilliam, Viscount Milton MP (1839 - 1877)

William Wentworth Fitzwilliam, Viscount Milton (27 July 1839 – 17 January 1877) was a British politician and explorer. Milton was the eldest son of William Wentworth-FitzWilliam, 6th Earl Fi...

William FitzWilliam (FitzThomas) MP (1275 - c.1340)

William FitzWilliam of Emley1 b. circa 1254, d. 1342, #33981 Father William FitzThomas2 b. circa 1242, d. before 1295 Birth* circa 1254 William was born circa 1254 at York, England.1 Birth ...

Sir William Fitzwilliam, Kt. MP (c.1346 - 1398)

Pictured - Cowdray House- purchased 1529 He was Sheriff of London

William Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, 7th Earl Fitzwilliam MP (1872 - 1943)

"William ("Billy") Charles de Meuron Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, 7th Earl Fitzwilliam (25 July 1872 – 15 February 1943 Wentworth Woodhouse) was a British aristocrat. He was born in Pointe de Meuron, ...

William Fitzwilliam, 1st Baron Fitzwilliam of Lifford MP (1578 - 1644)

William FitzWilliam, l,de Sprotborough MP (1174 - 1218)

Sir William Fitzwilliam, being sent ambassador to William, Duke of Normandy, accompanied that prince to England as marshal of his army and for his valour at the battle of Hastings, the Conqueror presen...

William FitzWilliam, 3rd Earl Fitzwilliam MP (c.1719 - 1756)

Fitzwilliam (1493 - d.)

- Fitzwilliam (deceased)

? Fitzwilliam (deceased)

? Fitzwilliam (1318 - d.)

Ada Princess of Scotland Fitzwilliam (deceased)

Agnes FitzWilliam (deceased)

Agnes Fitzwilliam (Baroness Dudley) (c.1070 - d.)

Agnes FitzWilliam (deceased)

Agnes Fitzwilliam (Betram) (c.1196 - d.)

Agnes FitzWilliam (c.1296 - 1348)

Agnes Butler (Fitzwilliam) (deceased)

Agnes FitzWilliam (c.1070 - d.)

Albreda Vernon (Wentworth-Fitzwilliam) (b. - 1891)

Albreda FitzWilliam (1222 - d.)

Alice Louisa Wentworth Fitzwilliam (Anson) (b. - 1879)

Alice Mary Williams-Wynn (Wentworth-Fitzwilliam) (deceased)

Alison FitzWilliam (deceased)

Alison Fitzwilliam, mar 1524 to Christopher Ussher and had issue. by this marriage Donnybrook (then only lands, no castle) passed into the Ussher family, though the Fitzwilliams retained the profitab...

Alvia Roger De Gressinghall (FITZWILLIAM) (c.1055 - d.)

Amabel Fitz Duncan Fitzwilliam (deceased)

Amabel FitzWilliam (deceased)

Amice Clare (FitzWilliam) (1160 - 1225)

Amice FitzWilliam (1160 - d.)