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"Nanna" Flannagan MP (deceased)

..... Flannagan MP (deceased)

..... Flannagan MP (deceased)

? Flannagan MP (deceased)

? Dooley (Flannagan) MP (deceased)

? Flannagan MP (deceased)

Flannagan MP (deceased)

A Flannagan MP (c.1885 - d.)

Adaline Elizabeth Collum (Flannagan) MP (1824 - d.)

Agnes Donna Flannagan MP (1921 - 1924)

ID: I029922 Name: Agnes Donna Flannagan Sex: F Birth: 6 DEC 1921 in Union Township, Delaware County, Iowa Death: 19 FEB 1924 in Union Township, Delaware County, Iowa Burial: FEB 1924 Buck Cre...

Aidan O'Flannagan MP (c.1855 - c.1871)

Aileen O'Flannagan (Quinn) MP (c.1853 - c.1876)

Aileen Rita Hay (Flannagan) MP (1925 - 2016)

Aisling O'Flannagan (Hughes) MP (c.1808 - c.1850)

Alfred Flannagan MP (deceased)

Amanda Caroline Flannagan MP (1843 - 1946)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Mar 9 2016, 5:21:05 UTC * Residence : District 68, Wythe, Virginia - 1850* Residence : District 7, Hawkins, Tennessee, United States - 1860** Reference:...

Ambrose Flannagan MP (1710 - d.)

Amy Flannagan (Cordeiro) MP (deceased)

Ann Alley - Irving - Flannagan - Chapman (Marsh), convict "Lady Juliana" 1790 MP (1767 - 1823)

ANN MARSH by Judy Williams, a descendant. Contact: Ann Mash or Marsh, born on July 16, 1767 in Buckland Brewer, Devon, UK., was the sixth of the seven children of John Marsh a...

Ann Connors (Flannagan) MP (deceased)

Ann Flannagan MP (1844 - d.)

Ann Flannagan (Pitt) MP (1826 - d.)

Anna Flannagan MP (1867 - d.)

Anne Flannagan MP (deceased)

Anne Mabell Flannagan MP (deceased)

Annie Flannagan MP (1891 - 1953)

annie flannagan MP (deceased)

Annie Flannagan MP (1854 - 1890)

Annie Climson (Flannagan-Leith) MP (deceased)

Annie Schofield (Flannagan) MP (deceased)

Anthony Flannagan MP (deceased)

Anthony (Tony) Flannagan MP (b. - 2006)

Antonia Flannagan (Laubmeister) MP (1908 - 1998)

Arhhur Flannagan MP (deceased)

Barbara (Hegarty) Flannagan MP (deceased)

Benjamin Collins Flannagan MP (deceased)

Bernard Flannagan MP (deceased)

Bernard Grover Flannagan MP (deceased)

Bernard Flannagan MP (1868 - d.)

Betty Flannagan MP (1939 - 1939)

Beulah S. Flannagan MP (1906 - 1987)

ID: I039166 Name: Beulah S Flannagan Sex: F Birth: 25 APR 1906 in Delaware County, Iowa Death: 25 APR 1987 in Dubuque, Dubuque County, Iowa Social Security Number: 479-68-9369 Iowa HintsA...

Bill Flannagan MP (deceased)

Bobbie Flannagan MP (deceased)

Brendan Gerald Flannagan MP (411 - d.)

Brendan Gerald Flannagan MP (1917 - 1992)

Was based at RAF Station Montrose during WWII as a medical dispenser, Leading aircraftsman. Married by RAF Chaplin Arthur Friel in St Margarets Roman Catholic Church, Montrose. Witnesses were Gordon ...

Bridget Bonney (Flannagan) MP (1833 - 1903)

Bridget Flannagan came to Australia aboard the "Lady Peel" Ship at age 16 from the UK on 3rd July 1849.

Opal Hays MP (deceased)

Bridget Flannagan MP (deceased)

Bridget Flannagan MP (deceased)

Bridget Flannagan (Hill) MP (deceased)

Bridget McKeegan (Flannagan) MP (deceased)

Bridget Walker (FLANNAGAN) MP (deceased)

Carol (Sullens) Flannagan MP (1900 - 1979)

Caroline Flannagan Wolcott MP (deceased)

Caroline Kate Flannagan MP (b. - 1866)

Catherine Flannagan (Brakean) MP (1765 - d.)

Catherine Flannagan (McKeon) MP (deceased)

Catherine Flannagan MP (1889 - 1967)

Catherine Clair (O'Flannagan) MP (deceased)

Catherine Kelly (Flannagan) MP (1828 - d.)

Catherine Mary O'Connor (Flannagan) MP (1814 - 1887)

catherine campbell (flannagan) MP (c.1922 - c.1982)

catherine campbell (flannagan) MP (1922 - 1982)

Catherine Flannagan MP (1854 - d.)


Catherine Porter (Flannagan) MP (deceased)

catherine flannagan MP (deceased)

Catherine Shirley Flannagan (Calverley) MP (1935 - 2012)

Catherine Ellen Wapp (Flannagan) MP (deceased)

Catherine Flannagan (Hunt) MP (deceased)

Catherine Ellen Wapp (flannagan) MP (1908 - 1979)

Cecilia Tichy (Flannagan) MP (deceased)

Charles Watson Flannagan MP (deceased)

Claire O'Flannagan MP (c.1874 - c.1890)

Clara Flannagan MP (deceased)

Clark Anthony Flannagan MP (1953 - 2009)

Clodagh O'Flannagan-Sullivan (O'Flannagan) MP (c.1831 - c.1872)

Clyde Campbell Flannagan MP (deceased)

Colin Raymond Flannagan MP (1924 - 1995)

Just before his death Colin contacted my father Anthony. He told us that he (Colin) was actually adopted.

Coll O'Flannagan MP (c.1848 - c.1890)

Coll O'Flannagan MP (c.1807 - c.1849)

Coll O'Flannagan MP (c.1828 - c.1873)

Conor O'Flannagan MP (c.1873 - c.1891)

Daisy Maude Brannagan (Flannagan) MP (1916 - 1987)

Daniel Francis Flannagan MP (1909 - 1988)

ID: I46524 Name: Daniel Francis Flannagan Surname: Flannagan Given Name: Daniel Francis Sex: M Birth: 16 Aug 1909 in Delaware County, Iowa Death: 3 Dec 1988 in Hopkinton, Delaware, Iowa B...

David Flannagan MP (1949 - 1985)

Dawn O'Flannagan MP (c.1852 - c.1874)

Dean Flannagan MP (deceased)

Deborah Flannagan (Kenney) MP (1828 - d.)

Deirdre O'Flannagan MP (c.1826 - c.1851)

Deirdre O'Flannagan MP (c.1856 - c.1871)

Delilah Flannagan (Amacker) MP (1806 - d.)

Dennis Flannagan MP (b. - 2008)

Dennis Flannagan MP (deceased)

Dennis Flannagan MP (deceased)

Desmond Flannagan MP (deceased)

Diarmid O'Flannagan MP (c.1870 - c.1891)

Donald Michael Flannagan MP (1927 - 1931)

Doran Patrick Flannagan MP (1911 - 1997)

ID: I72008 Name: Doran Patrick Flannagan Surname: Flannagan Given Name: Doran Patrick Sex: M Birth: 19 Oct 1911 in Hazel Green, Delaware Iowa Death: 15 Jan 1997 in Hopkinton, Delaware, Iowa...

Dorothy Belle Flannagan (Hogg) MP (1910 - 1999)

ID: I46517 Name: Dorothy Belle Hogg Surname: Hogg Given Name: Dorothy Belle Sex: F Birth: 18 Mar 1910 in Union, Delaware, Iowa Death: 31 Jan 1999 in South Fork Delaware, Iowa Burial: Buck...